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The price index is a list of base prices, in KS, of items in the SARPiverse. The purpose of this list is to show the purchasing power of money and to have some common ground on what items cost in the SARPiverse; in other words, to have typical price ranges for certain types of items so that creators could price their products more consistently. Note that the prices on this page are obtained from the product articles. If the articles are updated and the price not longer matches, please update the prices here to match, not vice versa. The list is ordered by price, then alphabetically.

1-49 KS

This is the price range for foods and most medical drugs, as well as most small clothing items.

50-99 KS

100-249 KS

This is the typical price range for cheap handguns.

250-999 KS

Specialized kits tend to fall into this price range.

1000-4999 KS

Robots and small utility vehicles tend to fall in this price range.

5000 KS-24,999 KS

This is the price range for most ground vehicles.

25,000-99,000 KS

This is the price range of a small house.

100,000-249,999 KS

Shuttles and smaller ships should fall into this range (?)

250,000-999,999 KS

Mid-size starships may fall into this range.

1 Million+ KS

Huge starships and space stations may fall into this range.

Product ImagePageDescriptionPrice (KS)
S6-ICGRSection Six Incapacitating Capacitive Gel Rounds
S6 Steel Balls AmmoSteel Ball Ammunition for the S6-KAS.
S6-SCPRA self-contained plasma round.
NDC Enlisted Dress UniformNDC Enlisted Dress Uniform
NDC Officer UniformMade exclusively for military officers in the NDC, the Officer Uniform is meant to be a functional statement piece that the Conclave's officers can be proud to be seen in.
hellcat4.jpgBW-RTTS "Bolt"A Rapid Tactical Transport Shuttle built for the NDC.
BW-TC-1A Hellcat-class Tactical DropshipFire Support Dropship
ACE & AMPDrones
Bjornskald RoundsAmmunition for the Bjornskald Coilgun Drone
BW-MSF "Sparrow" Modular FighterA modular starfighter, now somewhat obsolete.
s6-heg.jpgSection 6 High Explosive GrenadeHigh Explosive Grenade
CSW-C3-C2 Ghost ChamberA control system for starships; based on Anima technology.
"Mithril" Military BodysuitThe "Mithril" bodysuit is a protective uniform and environment suit used by the NDC.
Desert Fang Combat KnifeA customized combat knife made for the 44th Fireteam.
EM-K2 Armored TransportA tracked armored taxi
EM-K4 "Zephyr" Air CarA family of fusion powered aircars
EM-K7 - MonorailA maglev monorail for mass transit
Galactic Horizon 12Gauge Shotgun ShellsA variety of 12-gauge, rimless, shotgun shells produced by Galactic Horizon
Ge-Y2-E3300 - Hogosha Quantum Computer SystemHogosha is a artificial intelligence system based on the CIES
Ge-Z1 Series TorpedoesA Torpedo
Goshen Industrial Safety SuitAn Industrial Safety Suit
Osiris Armed TransportA Blockade Runner Armed Transport
Kiosk Console LineKiosk Line for Project Thought
LAMIA KaiPrototype Armor
Multi-Purpose Nanomachines, Type 39Nanomachines
Zero-Gravity Kiosk Console, Type 39A Zero Gravity Console, Connected the Project Thought.
Type 30 Space Yacht
Tai-Pattern Rock-SplitterA rock splitting drone.
Tai-Pattern Rock-SuckerA rock sucking drone.
MT-J2-E3500 Molecular Circuitry NodeThe basic building block in all of [[corp:murasaki_keiretsu:murasaki_technologies]] [[|artificial neural network]]-based computer systems.
NovaCorp Small BridgeSmall bridge for Novacorp designs.
NH-M-M4 "ARCO"An adaptive cockpit system.
NH-M-M1 "SCALE"A SCALE (Shaped Containment Armor Layer Element) is a small device that looks like a scale-shaped piece of plastic. It is capable of creating a small energy containment field around itself, shaping that field to an extent, and projecting power into the field it has created. Multiple SCALEs together are able to replicate the effects of traditionally devoted systems, such as basic beam weaponry, boosters, and shield projectors.
Cerebral Echo Memory Implant System (CEMIS)Nepleslian Red system of storing basic personality and memories of clone progenitors.
Hyperspace Fuel GeneratorA power/fuel generator designed by Osman Heavy Industries, with the secondary capability to generate fuel.
Skylyte/T11 Tanuki
SnS 35mm Guass Rounds35mm Guass propelled rounds
Hacking CommlinkEWAR/ECCM
'Mega' Macro MissilesSnS Medium tier missiles
All-Terry Class Mecha TankHigh-mobility medium mecha tank
Shasta No Sekai Brawler Class MechPsuedo-heavy medium class close-range combat mecha.
Dynamiteon Class MechUltra-light anti-infantry mech platform
Fire Ant MechLight, Radioactive napalm spewing mech for war crimes on the go
Flyswatter Class MechLight-class anti-air Mech platform.
SnS Highwayman Medium MechMedium class weapons platform mech.
Shasta No Sekai Lancer Class MechLight Class anti-armor mech that fires armor-penetrating rocket drills
Moon Spider Class MechMedium class missle-support mech.
Pathfinder Class MechLight class anti-armor mecha
SnS Skirmisher Class MechShielded medium class frontline combat mech.
Sun Scorpion Class MechMedium class ambush mecha.
Devils Death Bell 'Unguided' Tactical NukeLow-grade tactical nuclear weapon
SnS Macrowave PanelsMicrowave/Radiation mecha weapon
SnS Plasma BreakerMecha grade plasma shotgun
Shasta no Sekai Pulse WeaponryMecha-grade pulse weapon technology
Sns Guass HammerGuass mass driver mech weapon
Super Rocket GunMecha missile gun that shoots drills.
Ejes Virein TasuKuvexian computer system
Yugumo Fleetworks
Shiori Style Standard ArmoryA standard starship armory
Yugumo Standard BridgeYugumo Standard Bridge describes the Yugumo Fleetworks standardized stations and components in bridge design for the Yugumo Corporation. While each class of ship tends to have its own unique bridge design these are the common things found on the bridge as of YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Combined Launch BayThe Combined Launch Bay is a vital and well-organized section of a Yugumo Fleetworks designs, It facilitates the deployment and retrieval of various small craft, drones, and equipment, including power armor like the Yoru no Tenshi 'Tenshi II' Light Mechanized Power Armor. The launch bay is generally strategically located within the vessel, typically toward the aft and/or ventral positions for ease of access and operational efficiency.
Yugumo Standard Fabrication and Factory AreasThe factory and fabrication area on a Yugumo Fleetworks vessel is a crucial facility where various manufacturing and assembly processes take place to produce and maintain components, equipment, and systems necessary for the functioning of the ship. This area is often a hub of activity, combining technology and skilled Engine Rating Crew and Engine Officers to ensure the ship remains operational, efficient, and adaptable during long journeys through the Kagami Galaxy.
Yugumo Standard Interior Transportation SystemsThe standard shipboard and space station transit systems for the Yugumo Corporation. Introduced in YE 45. Includes Passageways, Lifts and Light Rail Transit.
Yugumo Standard Laundry FacilityYugumo Standard Laundry Facility is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Licensed Crew QuartersThe Yugumo Licensed Crew Quarters are a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Modular Crew Entertainment LoungeA modular compartment devoted to crew entertainment. It is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Rated Crew BunkroomThe Yugumo Rated Crew Bunkrooms are a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Rated Crew Showers and BathhouseYugumo Standard Rated Crew Showers and Bathhouse is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Shipmaster's CabinThe Yugumo Shipmaster's Cabin is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard WardroomYugumo Standard Wardroom is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Celestial OasisThe Celestial Oasis is a breathtakingly beautiful aquatic paradise, its design seamlessly merging advanced technology with natural aesthetics. The pool itself is vast, stretching over several levels of the station, accessible from a moon pool. The water's hue shifts between mesmerizing shades of deep azure and cosmic indigo, mimicking the ever-changing colors of the universe outside the station's windows. Fiber-optic stars are embedded in the ceiling, creating a celestial panorama that seems to extend into infinity.
Misha-Class BridgeAn advanced 6+1 starship bridge
Yugumo Harmony of Paper and StarsThe Origami Observatory is a breathtaking and unique space within the Tengumo-Class Space Station, designed to celebrate the art of origami in a modern manner.
Yugumo Nohscape OdysseyThe Nohscape Odyssey is a Noh Theatre developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45 for the Tengumo-Class Space Station.
Yugumo Sakura Serenity HavenThe Sakura Serenity Haven is a breathtaking and tranquil oasis within the Tengumo-Class Space Station. This exquisite space has been meticulously designed to replicate the serene beauty of a traditional Yamataian garden, complete with cherry blossom trees (sakura) that are in full bloom several times a year due to a carefully managed environment.
Yugumo NBY Banking BoothThe Yugumo NBY Banking Booth connects to the National Bank of Yamatai through KAIMON's SYNC/PANTHEON connection module. It became active in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Adaptive Gravity GymThe Yugumo Standard Adaptive Gravity Gym is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard ArmoryThe Yugumo Standard Armory is a secure and highly specialized compartment or area within a spaceship designed for the storage, maintenance, and distribution of various weapons and related equipment. It serves as a crucial component of a starship's defensive and offensive capabilities, ensuring the crew has access to the necessary tools to protect the ship, engage in combat, or defend against potential threats during their interstellar journeys. Armory compartments are sold empty to non-Yamatai Star Empire clients unless special agreements state otherwise.
Yugumo Standard Cargo BayThe Yugumo Standard Cargo Bay is a crucial and versatile space designed to store and transport various goods, equipment, and supplies across the vast expanse of the Kagami Galaxy. It serves as the logistical heart of the starship or space station, ensuring that essential materials and resources are readily available for missions, trade, exploration, and survival in the depths of space. The cargo bay is typically located in the central or lower section of the starship, often near the ship's center of mass for stability.
Yugumo Standard Damage Control AlcovesA standard damage control alcove used by the Yugumo Fleetworks that was first produced in YE 44. It was updated in YE 45. They replaced the lockers. Alcove sizes and their inventory vary by ship or base design.
Yugumo Standard Dining HallYugumo Standard Dining Hall is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard First Aid LockersA standard first aid locker
Yugumo Standard GalleyYugumo Standard Galley is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Housekeeping ClosetsA standard housekeeping closet
Yugumo Standard Housekeeping LockersYugumo Standard Housekeeping Lockers on a starship serve as storage spaces dedicated to the organization and maintenance of cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools necessary to keep the ship clean and well-maintained. These lockers are a crucial part of ensuring the health, safety, and overall functionality of the vessel. They are utilized by Support Staff.
Yugumo Standard MagazineA standard magazine for starship weapons
Yugumo Standard Medical BayThe Yugumo Standard Medical Bay (Medbay) is a starship interior developed by the Yugumo Corporation in YE 45.
Yugumo Standard Survival LockersA standard survival locker
The Pillars Of CommunityVariant of the Daikoku.
Mōkin-Class Patrol Craft (1B)A fast patrol craft that is agile, armored, and surprisingly comfortable.
Mozu-Class Starfighter (1B)A fast, unexpectedly luxurious starfighter optimized for performance, endurance, firepower, and agility.
Forcefield-Nested Isolation DoorsForcefield-Nested Isolation Doors are a security door system equipped with forcefields.
Hoshi II Series Turbo Plasma DrivesA series of Turbo Plasma Drives for starships and other craft.
ELECTRAAn electronic warfare add-on for KAIMON0.00 KS
Sorakagami Aerospace Operations SuiteAn aerospace operations suite consisting of navigation, sensors, and communications for both small craft and the ships that support them.
Umikagami Subsurface Operations SuiteAn underwater operations suite consisting of propulsion, navigation, sensors, and communications.
Kaminari Quantum Foam GeneratorsQuantum Foam power generators for starships and other craft.
MIARA Ground Mobility SystemA ground mobility system intended for use by legged mecha and power armor.
MIKO Electronics SuiteNon-Sentient AI and Computing Suite for Yugumo Corporation Vessels.
Mizu II Series Continuum Distortion DrivesA series of CDD Propulsion Systems for starships and other craft.
Yugumo Fabrication SystemsThe heart of Nanomanufacturing on Yugumo Fleetworks vessels. Nanofabrication machines used on starships are highly advanced and sophisticated devices designed to create and manipulate matter at the nanoscale. These machines are crucial for a variety of purposes, ranging from repairing equipment and manufacturing spare parts to generating specialized materials and constructing intricate components. Nanofabrication machines are incredibly compact, making efficient use of limited onboard space. They are designed to fit within the confines of a starship while still offering versatile functionality. Fabrication chambers vary in size and construction.
Yugumo Standard Emergency SystemsEmergency and damage control systems for starships.
Yumeoibito Hyperspace Fold DriveA series of hyperspace drives for starships and other craft
Midnight InfinityThe Galaxy's Greatest Idols
Albion-class Battle CarrierA battlecruiser for the NDC.
BW-SS2 Scythe CruiserA lightly armored heavy cruiser used by the New Dusk Conclave
Erebus Class Missile FrigateA small missile frigate with several variants designed for escort use.
Spectre-class Stealth CruiserA stealth cruiser.
NDC-SS1A lightly armored and armed heavy frigate used by the New Dusk Conclave.
Golem Assault Armor
Cobra GunshipShort-Range patrol craft, Rapid troop deployment
Na-W/P-08 Heavy Automatic Sidearm
12.7mm High-Power Infantry RifleA devastating, accurate anti-materiel rifle, chambered in Nepleslia's own 12.7x100mm round.
AufwachenAn ampakine-based stimulant, the new Aufwachen is a relatively new drug created in AF 260 (YE 32) to replace the older Amphetamine-based stimulants. Unlike the older stimulant, Aufwachen has very few dangerous side effects: such as the sleeplessness and 'shakes' Amphetamine caused. Instead, Aufwachens side effects are along the lines of headache and nausea when taken in either large quantities or over long periods of time.
ClarityThis drug allows you to see through problems with clarity, removing most of the emotional attachments that are needed in the problem.
CloqualA beverage, somewhat green in coloration, that holds chemicals that are related to caffeine, though of alien origin.
Gas Mask
Jerrycan Jug
Star Army Concussion Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Flashbang/Stun Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Fragmentation Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Incendiary Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Scalar Pulse Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Signal Smoke (Colored) Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Gas Grenade, Sleeping, Type 30
Star Army Smokescreen Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Tear Gas Grenade, Type 30
Star Army Training Grenade, Type 38
Collapsible Rapid Deployment ModuleThe Ke-P1 (Series) Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module is a portable habitat module with the ability to fold up for transport.
Compact Collapsible Rapid Deployment ModuleKe-P2 (Series) Compact Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module is a user-configurable module with the ability to fold up for transport.
H BunkerThe "H-Bunker" (named for [[character:ketsurui_himiko|Empress Himiko]]) is a type of underground supply cache distributed throughout planets of the [[faction:yamatai_star_empire]].
Ke-P3 Series Defense TowersThe Ke-P3 Shi-rudo (Shield) defense towers are for the protection of critical planetary installations; they became available in [[timeline:ye_31]].
Star Army Spire, Type 32The Spire is a class of planetary megastructure built by the [[faction:yamatai_star_empire]] beginning in [[timeline:ye_32]]. These symbols of power serve as bases for [[stararmy:start|Star Army Legions]] units and some Star Army space fleets.
Type 33 Prefab Outpost ModulesThe Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules were developed to allow Star Army forces to establish outposts quickly, they became available in YE 33.
Star Army Aerospace Flight Suit, Type 32
Armor Storage Rack (Type 31)The Armor Storage Rack is a sturdy metal frame with robotic components which holds a power armor like the [[stararmy:start|Star Army]]'s [[stararmy:mindy_power_armor|M2 Mindy]] or the [[stararmy:equipment:daisy_m6_infantry_power_armor|M6 Daisy]] upright.
Backup Integrated Electronics SystemThe BIES system, based on the same concept as the [[stararmy:systems:megami]] quantum computer, is a network of sensors, communications, and fire control all built around a small centralized computer system.
Camouflage FabricThis fabric is the latest in concealment for immobile objects. Its purpose is to protect resources when manpower has to leave it behind. The fabric is intended to work against visual detection and also reduces detection of objects via infrared.
Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES)Kessaku Electronics’ Compact Integrated Electronics System is a network of sensors, communications, and fire control all built around a centralized computer system. CIES is built for supporting vessels – frigates, corvettes, gunboats, and shuttles.
Corona Heavy Gunship, Star Army VariantThis is the Star Army variant of the Corona Heavy Gunship.
Encrypted Laser TransmitterThe ELT is a communication device built for SAINT agents that are undercover available in YE 30.
Star Army Engineering Protective Jumpsuit, Type 31
Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit, Type 41The Type 41 Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit, commonly referred to as ‘The SACS’ or simply ‘The Shinobi’
"Enkei" Visual Enhancement Visor, Type 41The Type 41 Enkei Visual Enhancement Visor, more commonly referred to as ‘The Enkei’ or ‘The Eevee’, is a milspec collection of visual enhancement sensors bundled into a package the size of some binoculars that was designed and developed by [[corp:galactic_horizon]] in [[timeline:ye_41]] before they sold the manufacturing rights off to [[corp:ketsurui_zaibatsu]] to produce for the [[stararmy:start]].
Star Army Holiday Kit, Type 36Comfort kit contains things for celebrating Year-end Yule traditions
Ke-D7-M3900 Chiaki Pylon Modulethe Chiaki Pylon Module is a modular component designed for use on multiple ships in spite of its nomenclature.
Type 40 Plate Bearing Vest
Ke-M12-P4600 Heavy Lift Teleportation Unit
Ke-M2-1H "Mindy" Power ArmorUpgrade from the old Mindy
Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" Power ArmorThe Mindy 2 is an atmosphere and space capable power armor which became the standard of the Star Army until its replacement with the Mindy 4 circa YE 41.
Ke-M2-3A "Mindy" Power ArmorThe Mindy M2-3A Power Armor was designed in YE 30 for use in YE 31, but only saw limited usage before being replaced by the Mindy M2-4 series in YE 41.
Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" ArmorThe Ke-M2-4 series are self-powered personal combat armor suits created by Ketsurui Fleet Yards for the Star Army of Yamatai.
Ke-M2-G3200 Fusion GeneratorDesigned for use when the risk of Aether Detection is too high, and stealth is the main concern, or when extra power that can't be provided by a capacitor is in order.
Harpy M5 Scout ArmorKetsurui Fleet Yards Ke-M5-1A High-Agility Reconnaissance Power armor, Yamataian (Harpy)
M6-2A "Daisy II" Planetary Power Armor
Ke-S3-F4200 Hangar Deck Package
Ke-V10-E3900 Multirole Sensors PodThe Ke-V10-E3900 was developed for use on the [[stararmy:small_craft:ke_v10_mamushi_multirole_fighter]] and became available in [[timeline:ye_39]].
Ke-V9-E3301 Unified Tactical Sensor Array / FTL AnsibleUnified Tactical Sensor Array / FTL Ansible was developed for use on the //[[stararmy:small_craft:ke-v9_nodachi_assault_fighter]]
Ke-M2-A3100 - Kinetic Energy Absorbing Armor
Keiko Thought Armorthe Keiko is the second Thought Armor developed by [[stararmy:ranks:chusa]] [[:character:kage_yaichiro]] with [[corp:kage:project_thought:project_thought_plan]] and uses the [[corp:kage:project_thought:type_33_pilot_pod]] as a cockpit.
Kirie Thought ArmorThis is a unit developed for performance more than cost effectiveness, and is thus a limited production model for those with high levels of skill and higher-than-normal reaction times.
Reprisal Defense SystemThe Reprisal is a self propelled, self cooling, gauss rifle weapon system. For rapid movement and deployment it lowers the pylon and uses a lower profile for higher speed.0.00 KS
SAINT Operative Field Suit, Type 31Stealth body armor suit
Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31Backpack or footlocker style survival kit for planetary use
562131_lin2.jpgType 41 Hard Suit
Ke-T8 "Kuma" Multi-role Shuttle
Ke-V6-1D "Hayabusa" StarfighterA combat and nimble starfighter used by the Star Army of Yamatai with two seats and six rotating turrets to fire in almost any direction. Made to fight swarms of drones and missiles.
Ke-V6-2A "Hayabusa II" Starfighter
Ke-V7 "Ginga" Bomber
Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter
Ke-V9 "Nodachi" Assault Fighter
Type 31 Dropship
Star Army Escape Pod, Type 35 "Seizonsha"
Star Army Escape Pod, Type 41 "Kodate"
Amatsuotome Expeditionary Command Cruiser
Arashi-class Escort
Ayame Layer-class Logistics Ship
Azusa-class Light Gunship
Chiaki-class (1A) Escort Destroyer
Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer
Chiharu-class Flagship
fuji_class_scene.jpgFuji-class Expeditionary Gunship
gsskuroshi.jpgFuushigi no Umi-class Escort
Hayai-Class Gunboat
Heitan-class Carrier
Heitan-Class (1B) Carrier
Henry Chen-class Training Ship
Himiko-class Light EscortType 29 Nekovalkyrja Experimental Escort
Iori-Class Star FortressOlder Star Fortress design with 16 huge starship construction bays
Irim-class Heavy GunshipOlder ship with heavy assault energy weapons and power armor support
izanagi_001.jpgIzanagi-Class DreadnoughtEnormous starship that is essentially a mobile star fortress, usable as the hub of an entire Star Army of Yamatai fleet.
Kainushi-Class Tug Vessel
Kaseron-class Heavy LifterA medium sized utility ship designed to carry things almost twice its weight and able to operate within an atmosphere or in space
Ketsueki-class EscortEarly runabout-sized KFY starship, used in combination with the larger Ayame-class (which it attached to and used as a hub).
Kyaa-class Search and Rescue Vessel
Kyoto-class CarrierLarge ship used to transport huge numbers of power armor infantry soldiers (mini nekos)
yss_junpu.jpgMidori-Class Scout ShipScout craft used by the Star Army of Yamatai
Nougaku-Class Agriculture VesselCommon hull design configured for use as a mobile farm for extending the range/duration of expeditionary fleets
Nozomi-class ScoutScout craft used by the Star Army of Yamatai
Odori-class Medium FreighterCargo transport craft formerly used by the Star Army of Yamatai
Plumeria-class (2E) Medium GunshipUpdated gunship with more room and more capabilities
Plumeria-class (2D) Medium GunshipReliable heavily armed medium gunship design used by the Star Army of Yamatai (Note: there is a newer version, the 2E)
eikan_aft.jpgSuper Eikan-class Heavy CruiserThe Star Army's main heavy cruiser
Sydney-class Infantry CarrierTransport ship for moving planetary forces
Yamashuto-class Colony Ship
Yamato-Class FlagshipReplacement for the Chiharu-class Flagship
Yui-class ScoutEarly scout ship design used by the Star Army of Yamatai
Yui 7-class ScoutUpgraded version of the Yui 5 scout ship used by the Star Army of Yamatai
Zodiac-Class Star FortressStar Fortress/starbase used by the Star Army of Yamatai
Nodal Liquid Conduit SystemIn YE 42, the planned successor to the Hemosynthetic Conduit System and the Nodal System was finally was brought into service on Star Army of Yamatai ships and bases.

The Nodal Liquid Conduit System is used for medical applications, recycling matter, conducting repairs, and fabricating some of the materials needed on Star Army of Yamatai ships. The science behind it is based on Hemosynthetics.
Star Army Standard Life Support SystemsLife Support Systems used by the Star Army of Yamatai.
Turbo Aether Plasma Drive
Star Army Campaign Hat
Star Army Ceremonial Sash, Type 34
Star Army Coverall, Type 36Coverall for maintenance work, etc.
Star Army Dress Uniform, Type 23
stararmy_male_duty.jpgStar Army Duty Uniform, Type 22Classic original Star Army of Yamatai uniform. (Note: Replaced by the Type 35 Duty Uniform, which is a refined version of the Type 22)
Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30A visually more complex spin on the original Star Army uniform, replaced in YE 35 by the Type 35
Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30AA short sleeve uniform with a sort of breastplate like appearance
Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30BA visually more complex spin on the original Star Army uniform, replaced in YE 35 by the Type 35
Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30CAuthorized in YE 37, this update combined the style of the discontinued Type 30B Duty Uniform with the colors and standards of the Type 35 Duty Uniform. Good for cold weather.
exercise.jpgStar Army Exercise Uniform, Type 29T-shirt and swim shorts combination for workouts
Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 38T-shirt and shorts combination for workouts
Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22Classic bodysuit uniform for female soldiers. PRODUCTION DISCONTINUED.
Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 30
Star Army Female Jumpsuit, Type 30
Star Army Field Uniform, Type 31
Star Army Field Uniform, Type 37
Star Army FootwearSelection of Star Army footwear. See page for details.
Star Army Tricorne
Star Army Utility Belt, Type 32Utility belt for working uniform
Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31Also known as the working Uniform Type 32
Enclosed Surface Terrain Vehicle
Type 30 Light Utility Truck
Type 30 Surface Terrain Vehicle
Cargo STV
Type 31 Light Utility Truck
utility_truck.jpgOld Standard Utility Truck
STV Wrecker
Type 30 Cargo Truck
Type 30 Tankette
Artillery Trailer, STV, Type 31
Type 31 "Troll" Tank
Yusou Type 33 Grav-APC
Utility STV
Zodiac Light Rail System
Ke-S3-W3102 Star Army Anti-Fighter Turret, Type 31
Ke-M19-W4300 Aether Beam CannonAn Aether Beam Canon for the M19
Ke-M2-W2901 Aether Beam Saber-RifleAn Aether beam rifle with a built-in aether blade
Ke-M2-W2908 Offensive Augmentation PodsA missile pod capable of firing potent anti-power armor missiles
aspr.jpgKe-M6-W2921 Atmospheric/Space Plasma RifleA basic plasma rifle used by the Star Army
Ke-M6-W3000 50mm Gauss BazookaA gauss bazooka for power armor usage, effective against power armors and light mecha
Ke-S2-W3000 Main Weapon ArrayIrim Gunship main gun
Ke-S2-W3002 Missile LaunchersAlso called WickedArms Corporation WA-06i
Ke-S3-W3020 Main Weapon ArrayMain aetheric weapon array for Plumeria Gunship
Ke-V9-W3300 Turbo Aether CannonA turbo Aether cannon for starfighters and bombers
Ke-W5-1A Light Armor Tactical Rifle
Ke-M2-W3703 Special Operations-Derived Combat Knife
Multi-Mode Aether Shock ArrayMain cannon system used by the Star Army of Yamatai.
type_31_heavy_anti-starship_turret.jpgType 31 Heavy Anti-Starship Turret
Ke-S3-W3101 Type 31 Secondary Anti-Starship Turret
Type 32 Medium Anti-Armor Turret
Type 35 Automatic Grenade LauncherThe Type 35 Automatic Grenade Launcher is a man-portable weapon used by the Star Army of Yamatai
Conclave ColaA soft drink.0.50 KS
Dr. PoppyLovefruit-flavored Yamataian soda0.50 KS
Gun Oil ColaA dark brown carbonated soft drink which has a sweet flavor characterized by strong notes of kola nuts, citrus oils, spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, and vanilla. Identifiable by its green label with white monogrammed logo.0.50 KS
SploojLime-flavored citrus soda - Star Army's Favorite Fizz!0.50 KS
Tokyo Brewing Company's Soda Pop ShoppeAn assortment of soft drinks made by the Tokyo Brewing Company.0.50 KS
EggsEggs from from variety of sources in the Star Army universe.0.50 KS
LovefruitFruit from Yamatai and Nataria0.99 KS
pale_ale.jpgThe Forty-Two Yamatai Pale Ale is a smooth drinking pale ale. It has a very dry and crisp flavor profile with a refreshing finish thanks to the Yamatai Special Hops.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
1.00 KS
gunship_lager.jpgGunship Lager is named with the mighty gunships of the Star Army of Yamatai past in mind; like the Sakura-class Light Gunship and Irim-class Heavy Gunship and features images of these two ships on their labels. Gunship Lager is a hearty deep flavored brew with undertones of peppery flavors from the blend of Nabari and Koukotsu Hops.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
1.00 KS
lager_generated_with_dalle-mini.jpegA strong-willed Star Army of Yamatai Chujo with a long and distinguished service record deserves a beer that is equally as potent. In celebration of the retirement of Star Army Personnel Command's Director, Chujo Ketsurui-Chinomai Minori the Tokyo Brewing Company has formulated a power blend of hops for this brew that is fragrant and herbal in flavor and packs a punch that will send any other beer into retirement.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
1.00 KS
Dusk-gizerAn energy drink1.00 KS
Liquid Bandage1.00 KS
AquaGenesis Fluid (Suaryoradone)Artificial amniotic fluid used in a variety of medical uses from a medium to grow clones to a base for healing bodies.1.00 KS
Protogenesis FluidProtogenesis Fluid is a proprietary, nutrient-rich biogenic fluid and nanite medium used by the Nepleslian Reds in their development and growth of human clones.1.00 KS
delivery_nanite.jpegDelivery NanitesNanites designed to encapsulate a drug and deliver it to the precise point in the body.1.00 KS
CoffeeThe bean juice that humans crave1.00 KS
MilkMilk: Nature's original energy drink!1.00 KS
Tokyo Brewing Company BeersAn assortment of Beers brewed by the Tokyo Brewing Company.1.00 KS
BreadClassic staple food. Great with butter or for making sandwiches.1.00 KS
Star Army KanpanHard tack crackers used by the Star Army and other groups. Civilian versions widely commercially available.1.00 KS
Mining ProbeMining Probe1.25 KS
TheraGel (Suaryoradone-2)TheraGel is a nanite and nutrient rich material used to rapidly heal wounds. Designed primarily for humans and species similar to human biology.1.50 KS
sarp-speed.jpgSpeed!A carbonated energy drink.1.50 KS
Thrust!A carbonated energy drink.1.50 KS
SocksPair of matching socks2.00 KS
Orange JuiceA breakfast favorite2.00 KS
Contraveisalgia TabletA pill to cure a hangover2.00 KS
SuolaifenSuolaifen is designed to provide relief from mild pain and fevers. It operates by inhibiting the enzyme cyclooxygenase, thereby reducing the production of prostaglandins, which are responsible for inflammation and pain.2.00 KS
Plasma JetPopular citrus and berry flavored liquor that glows a shade of deep blue.2.50 KS
T-ShirtGeneric T-Shirt2.50 KS
Star Army UndershirtBasic T-shirts used by the Star Army2.50 KS
InstadrunkAn intoxicant with reduced side effects3.00 KS
Skinseal SunscreenNorian sunscreen meant to protect their skin from the effects of infrared radiation.3.00 KS
SushiOriginally created as a means of food preservation, the wrapping of raw fish in rice and seaweed has evolved into a culinary art form using a wide range of ingredients and styles. Popular in the Yamatai Star Empire.3.00 KS
Mineral Scanner3.50 KS
EnduranceDrug designed to improve pain tolerance.4.00 KS
Cranth Medical Field KitA medical kit by Cranth.4.99 KS
Laundry BagA cloth sack with a drawstring used to hold dirty clothing4.99 KS
10 x 280mm Borosilicate Capillary Bleed Tubes. 10 per pack.5.00 KS
s6-fg.jpgS6-FGA simple fragmentation grenade that was available as a hand grenade or as a launchable 40mm cased grenade.5.00 KS
Emrys Emergency RationsEmrys Industries started creating Emergency Rations for civilian organizations and customers. They are similar to the Star Army Field Rations, Type 30. EERs come in reusable plastic containers.5.00 KS
Ionic AdhesiveThe Emrys Ionic Adhesive is a two part product that binds objects at a molecular level5.00 KS
Kagayaki - Tsuya Nail PolishLong-duration nail polish5.00 KS
RaiNE OS5.00 KS
Moon’s NectarA delicious drink made of fermenting apples and honey.5.00 KS
Puraliberry JuiceA delicious drink made in the NDC and in a way imported thanks to the Mining Guild.5.00 KS
OxyazineOxyazine is a detoxifying medication used in the treatment of severe intoxications. operates by forming complexes with harmful toxins present in the bloodstream and liver. These complexes are then metabolically transformed into non-toxic compounds that can be safely excreted through the kidneys. Great for treating acute cases of drug overdose, alcohol poisoning (we know what you did last night), and exposure to hazardous industrial chemicals.5.00 KS
ViroxetineViroxetine is an antiviral medication designed to target and inhibit a wide range of viruses. It is formulated to disrupt viral replication and inhibit the spread of viral infections within the body. It interferes with viral attachment and entry into host cells, thereby preventing the virus from infiltrating healthy cells and initiating infection (key during initial and early infections).5.00 KS
CanteenA watertight container that allows a person to carry a supply of water5.00 KS
JerkyMeat jerky: A galactic treat5.00 KS
Star Army Disposable Surgical Scrubs, Type 32Disposable surgical scrubs set5.00 KS
Star Army Field Rations, Type 29Diverse set of rations including canned, boxed, and vacuum packs.5.00 KS
2023_damiusa_energy_juice_placeholder_by_wes_using_dalle3.jpgDamuisa (Energy Juice)6.00 KS
OxyethcinOxyethcin is a preventative antibiotic that is specifically formulated to halt the growth of small infections in their early stages. The drug is particularly effective against most types of bacterial illnesses. It operates by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis, effectively halting their growth and reproduction.6.00 KS
NioriprofenNioriprofen is an over-the-counter analgesic medication commonly used to treat minor to mild pain, inflammation, and high fevers. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that works by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins, which are responsible for pain.7.00 KS
Star Army Insignia Set, Type 41Arm patches for Star Army uniforms7.00 KS
Sinus Alleviation SprayEffective against nasal congestion8.00 KS
VigourAphrodisiac/enhancement8.00 KS
PizzaAt least some great things from Earth survived into the far future setting of Star Army! Pizza, consisting of sauce and cheese on a flatbread crust and adorned with a wide variety of optional toppings, is widely available.8.00 KS
Star Army Prisoner Uniform, Type 33Neon pink bathrobe for prisoners8.00 KS
KAIMON/Ascendant: Nightshade Stealth Quadcopter8.50 KS
PiafyrcainePiafyrcaine, a highly diluted version of Gailiamine, is used primarily in the management of insomnia and anxiety disorders due to its slower, more gradual sedative effects. it operates by modulating neurotransmitter activity in the brain, thereby inducing a calming effect.9.00 KS
ZolirinZolirin is a potent central nervous system (CNS) regulator, often employed in the management of epilepsy and seizures. With its unique mechanism of action, Zolirin offers a valuable treatment option for those suffering from these debilitating conditions.9.00 KS
NMX Field Ration, Type 45NMX-issued field ration meant for a day in the field. Includes canned meat and vegetables, a bag of hard tack, and some accessories9.00 KS
Microvolume pipet tips for Pipettors.10.00 KS
evap_dish.jpegBorosilicate Evaporating Dishes - 150mL, 200mL and 300mL volumes. 5 pack.10.00 KS
s6-pg2.jpgS6-PG Plasma GrenadePlasma Explosive10.00 KS
EM-G16-2a First Aid KitBasic consumer first aid kit10.00 KS
Dommuk Vuol10.00 KS
25mm Autocannon roundsA family of 25mm rounds designed for anti-power-armor and light anti-armor use10.00 KS
Falcon Light Tactical VehicleThe Falcon Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) is designed with mobility and protection in mind. While not designed for direct combat, it ensures its occupants get from A to B in all types of terrains a wheeled vehicle can reasonably navigate.10.00 KS
Starshield AstralBlaze FoamIt is a multipurpose fire-suppression foam for use on starships, space stations, and other facilities.10.00 KS
Starshield Portable Power SolutionsThe Yugumo Corporation produces several versions of its high-energy capacitors as well as its portable quantum power generation systems.10.00 KS
BeltGeneric belts10.00 KS
Scarf10.00 KS
DroksinIncreases blood production10.00 KS
VenalineVenaline is a specialized medication that acts primarily on the venous system, particularly beneficial in managing venous insufficiency and related conditions. he drug aids in the improvement of blood flow back to the heart, reducing venous stasis and subsequent complications like varicose veins, leg ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis.10.00 KS
Komorebi Foods Individual Sustainment Field Ration10.00 KS
Star Army Field Rations, Type 31Primitive dry rations easy to manufacture in cottage industry10.00 KS
Star Army Belt, Female, Type 22Belt for Star Army bodysuits, dresses, etc10.00 KS
Star Army Belt, Type 35Pistol belt for Duty Uniform Type 3510.00 KS
Star Army Exercise Bra, Type 40Sports bra for female soldiers10.00 KS
Star Army TightsTights for duty uniform10.00 KS
Rectal Infuriator Hot SauceThe Galaxy's Ultimate Hot Sauce! "The taste that'll make your guts dance!"11.99 KS
ApiabinApiabin is primarily used to treat extreme agitation. It works by inducing a mild sedation effect, which effectively calms down the user to baseline levels.12.00 KS
BaipilineBaipiline is an analgesic medication used in the management of mild to severe pain. It works by centrally on the nervous system, targeting specific receptors involved in pain perception.12.00 KS
CnalsiumCnalsium is a central nervous system (CNS) regulator with broad applicability in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. By acting on various neurotransmitter systems and promoting neural health, Cnalsium offers a novel approach to managing these challenging conditions.12.00 KS
OxydexanilOxydexanil is a potent medication formulated for the treatment of oxygen deprivation in tissues. It enhances the blood's oxygen-carrying capacity and optimizes cellular oxygen utilization. Useful for surgical work and as a performance drug.12.00 KS
Star Army Love Day Kit Type 43A special tin of goodies produced for Love Day YE 43.12.00 KS
.460 Deidre Special AmmunitionAmmunition for the HHG .460 Deidre Special.12.50 KS
NAM Infantry Grenades12.50 KS
Web BeltClassic pistol and canteen belt12.50 KS
HemaspanolHemaspanol is a hematological agent used to stimulate the production of red blood cells (RBCs) in individuals suffering from anemia. It functions by stimulating the production of erythropoietin, a hormone secreted by the kidneys that triggers RBC formation in the bone marrow.13.00 KS
ZuopitranZuopitran is a broad spectrum medication designed to calm and focus individuals with hyperactive behaviors and thoughts, rigid thinking patterns, anxiety, and depression. It acts by modulating neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine, thereby improving mood, focus, and overall mental well-being.13.00 KS
A novelty mug made with borosilicate glass beaker-style. Add Ship Logo for +5KS. Comes default with Hinomaru.15.00 KS
Kagayaki - Diva DotsSkin LEDs15.00 KS
Kagayaki - Hea GelNanomachine hair extension gel15.00 KS
BlissBliss creates a state of bliss, extreme pleasure, by stimulating a careful selection of parts of the brain.15.00 KS
CalmEmotion suppressant15.00 KS
OxironeOxirone is a highly potent respiratory agent, specifically designed to manage and alleviate symptoms of respiratory distress. It's used primarily in emergency situations where rapid and effective response is needed.15.00 KS
RuomilineRuomiline is an analgesic medication designed for the management of severe, often debilitating pain typically resulting from severe injuries or conditions. it operates by inhibiting the transmission of pain signals to the brain, effectively reducing the perception of severe pain.15.00 KS
ThermazineThermazine is a powerful metabolic drug designed to stimulate thermogenesis. It functions by enhancing the body's metabolic rate and stimulating the production of heat through brown adipose tissue (BAT). The drug is effective as a weight loss drug and for individuals exposed to extreme cold conditions, as it aids in maintaining body temperature.15.00 KS
Star Army Field Rations, Type 38Tray ration with meat and grain, includes flameless ration heater. Desserts added in YE 45.15.00 KS
Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 40Uniform for exercise & workouts, sleep15.00 KS
SerenityDrug that creates a sense of peace and happiness in the user, a feeling of being truly content and happy.16.00 KS
CiozainoCiozaino is a psychoactive medication developed to increase neuroplasticity in individuals who exhibit extremely rigid thinking patterns. It works by modulating synaptic connections and strengthening neural pathways, thereby enhancing the brain's inherent plasticity.18.00 KS
BroplarineBroplarine is an advanced synaptic stimulant and nootropic that is engineered to improve synaptic transmission. It functions by enhancing the efficiency of synaptic transmission, the process by which neurons communicate. This results in a cascade of cognitive benefits, including but not limited to, increased mental acuity, enhanced focus, better memory recall, and accelerated learning capabilities. The drug also promotes neuroplasticity, aiding in the development and survival of neurons and synapses.19.00 KS
bio_assay_dish.jpegBorosilicate BioAssay Dishes - shallow profile, 255mmx255mm. Packs of 50.20.00 KS
NDC Exercise UniformA unisex recreational/training uniform20.00 KS
lavendar_spray_by_bing_image_creater.jpgLavandula StardustIntroducing our enchanting Lavandula Stardust Body Spray - the ultimate relaxation and fragrance experience that will transport you to fields of blooming lavender with just one spritz. Embrace the soothing essence of lavender as it caresses your senses and elevates your daily routine.20.00 KS
Pants (Trousers)Generic pants20.00 KS
Reflective Safety Vest20.00 KS
AruonabinAruonabin is a psychoactive medication, primarily used in the treatment of mood disorders, hallucinations, and various forms of psychosis. The drug works by modulating levels of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that are crucial for mood regulation and perception.20.00 KS
Age Retardant DrugBased upon a modified version of the enzyme telomerase, this drug can retard the aging process significantly - especially through keeping skin rejuvenated - and even speeds up the healing of wounds beyond the normal level.20.00 KS
FocusDrug designed to help user focus on a single task or point of reference.20.00 KS
GailicaineGailicaine is a potent, fast-acting sedative primarily used in the medical field to prepare patients for surgery. It's known for its ability to rapidly induce a state of sedation with minimal memory loss. It works by depressing the central nervous system, thereby reducing anxiety, inducing sleep, and causing a loss of consciousness if necessary.20.00 KS
KardivinKardivin is a cardiovascular medication specifically designed to increase the contractile force of the heart. By stimulating the myocardium, it increases the strength and efficiency of each heartbeat. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with heart conditions and to reduce the fatigue of individuals in "high octane" situations.20.00 KS
MetabovinMetabovin is a potent metabolic medication designed to regulate and improve overall metabolic processes. It operates by stimulating various metabolic pathways, including those involved in energy production, nutrient absorption, and waste elimination. The drug is particularly effective in optimizing the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, thereby increasing energy levels and promoting weight loss.20.00 KS
ZuetaseZuetase is an anti-toxin enzyme designed to purge toxic particles within the bloodstream and organs. It operates on a molecular level, binding to toxic particles and rendering them inert. It works on heavy metals, narcotics, and certain venoms.20.00 KS
Fire Extinguisher 🧯Basic fire extinguisher used by any/all factions20.00 KS
Star Army Toiletry KitStandard-issue toiletry/hygiene set used by the Star Army of Yamatai20.00 KS
Star Army Field Rations, Type 30MRE style ration with meat, grain, dessert; no heater pack.20.00 KS
Star Army BeretGreen beret for Rikugun soldiers20.00 KS
Star Army Cap, Type 32Sailor cap for the Star Army of Yamatai duty uniform20.00 KS
Star Army Skirt, Pleated, Type 35Pleated skirt for duty uniform20.00 KS
Star Army Skirt, Type 35Straight skirt for duty uniform20.00 KS
SynaptineSynaptine is an advanced neural drug specifically designed to boost the synaptic transmission in the brain. It operates by augmenting the production of neurotransmitters, thereby facilitating more effective communication between neurons. It is used to treat cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases. It is also used as a nootropic by healthy individuals seeking cognitive enhancement without cybernetics.22.00 KS
Zen Armaments Combat Knife Type 0822.99 KS
Star Army Feather Duster, Type 36Hemosynth-grown feather duster used by Star Army service androids, maids, and caretakers.23.00 KS
S6 Travel BackpackA backpack.24.50 KS
Beaker Tongs, Various Sizes. Non-reactive alloy.25.00 KS
Yeger Armaments .45 GryzunSpecialty ammunition.25.00 KS
AxalirineAxalirine is a cardio-stimulant that has been designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system. works by enhancing the contractility of the heart muscles, thereby improving cardiac output. It used in emergency medical scenarios to stabilize erratic pulse and fluctuating blood pressure. It can also be used a performance drug.25.00 KS
BronkalithBronkalith is a respiratory agent specifically formulated to treat conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It functions by relaxing bronchial muscles, thereby facilitating better airflow and reducing symptoms like wheezing and shortness of breath.25.00 KS
NeuropazineNeuropazine is a specialized neurological medication designed to improve nerve conduction and overall nervous system function. The drug is particularly effective in managing conditions characterized by nerve damage or dysfunction, such as neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, and certain forms of dementia by promoting the production and maintenance of the myelin sheath.25.00 KS
RageDrug creates an immunity to pain, allowing for dangerous use of muscles, and releases huge amounts of adrenalin and other natural hormones that make the user feel, and effectively is, unstoppable.25.00 KS
SiariacineDrug developed to delay brain death in severe trauma or during complex neurological procedures.25.00 KS
ViapanaseViapanase is a powdered anti-toxin medication designed to purge toxins trapped within the mucous lining of the respiratory system. It operates by enzymatically breaking down toxins (such as heavy metals and volatile organic compounds) lodged in the mucous lining of the respiratory tract.25.00 KS
Xenolite RationsStandard packs consists of 6 rods of Xenolite rations. Xenolite rations are compact and rod-shaped that slightly narrows at one end (and even both ends). It is designed to be a combat food ration and emergency writing tool.25.00 KS
sonic_pulse_grenade_generated_by_wes_using_dalle-mini.jpegSonic Pulse GrenadeA sonic pulse grenade.25.00 KS
Star Army Hammock25.00 KS
Star Army Cargo Pants, Type 22general-purpose tactical pants (trousers)25.00 KS
Star Army Dress Pants, Type 35Dress pants for use with duty and formal uniforms25.00 KS
ViequirilViequiril is a bioengineered, fast-acting growth factor used specifically to combat bone and muscle mass loss. It operates by stimulating the production of osteoblasts (bone) and myoblasts (muscles) to counter traumatic injuries and disorders.27.00 KS
Interchangeable High-Volume Capacitor30.00 KS
Duffel Bag30.00 KS
Onaiziasiane(For burns) Onaiziasiane is designed to tackle severe burns and facilitate skin regeneration. It employs a multi-faceted approach to healing, including the degradation of damaged skin cells, promotion of new cell growth, and stimulation of collagen synthesis and angiogenesis.30.00 KS
Oriemelin(Anti-Radiation) Oriemelin is an anti-radiation medication, designed to counteract the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. It operates on a molecular level, binding to DNA structures and thereby shielding them from ionizing radiation. It is effective in mitigating the acute symptoms of radiation sickness and reducing the long-term risk of radiation-induced cancers.30.00 KS
Advancer Boost Cardiovascular SuperchargerA synthetic drug that can be released into the bloodstream on command. Supercharges the body's muscles, but creates large amounts of waste heat.30.00 KS
Star Army Medication Anti-RadiationStar Army Anti-Radiation Medication30.00 KS
Star Army Emergency Ration PillEmergency Ration Pills for the Star Army and Citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire.30.00 KS
Star Army Jika-Tabi, Type 38Ninja boots30.00 KS
Skel-class FrameA basic but easily customizable high-end frame from Noval.32.50 KS
Kagayaki - Day to Night Eye ShadowColor-changing eye shadow35.00 KS
Kagayaki - Digi-nailsColor-changing display nails35.00 KS
Kagayaki - Omoi-nailsColor-changing mood nails35.00 KS
Kagayaki - Star Dust Perfume35.00 KS
Cowboy Hat35.00 KS
Njord Slayer's MeadA mead made by Tacho for the Knuckleheads in the Iron Company.35.00 KS
Prostadir(Organ regeneration) Prostadir is a organ-regenerative medicine that aids in the recovery and regeneration of various organ tissues. It operates at a cellular level, activating stem cells and directing them to replace damaged or diseased cells in targeted organs (with the use of delivery nanites or injection).35.00 KS
RyaliamacinRyaliamacin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, highly potent against a variety of bacterial infections. It's specifically designed to treat severe conditions such as wound infections, organ infections, and septicemia. It interferes with bacterial cell wall synthesis, disrupting their growth and proliferation. Its broad-spectrum action makes it effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.35.00 KS
WickedArms TA-13 Medical KitOld surplus medical kit from the Star Army's early days39.97 KS
Nepleslian Medical Kit (Type 31/Gen 1)Old version of the Nepleslian Medical Kit from the Second Mishhuvurthyar War era. Available as military surplus.39.99 KS
Yarvex Protective Gloves for Scientists. Package of 5.40.00 KS
Recoilless Graviton HowitzerHowitzer that fires graviton pulses, intended for long range combat.40.00 KS
Nigori SakeIce Queen SakeIce Queen Sake is a small-scale sake maker located at the base of the Ice Queen mountains on Yamatai.40.00 KS
Eye-III Class Stealth Corvette40.00 KS
MyazakascinMyazakascin is a gaseous antibiotic that can be used to disinfect both the exterior and interior of the body owing to its non-toxic nature when appropriately diluted. It functions by disrupting bacterial cell walls, leading to bacterial cell death. It is particularly effective in treating respiratory tract infections, skin infections, and wound sterilization.40.00 KS
Prime40.00 KS
hellhound2.jpgBW-VTOLT "Hammer"Utility Transport and heavy lifter45.00 KS
Combat Vestmilitary-style vest designed for holding ammunition magazines, grenades48.00 KS
CoverallsBasic coveralls49.99 KS
Wool BlanketA blanket made of wool49.99 KS
Single or Multi-Channel Pipettors. - Available in single, eight, and twelve channels. Volume is set by a traditional thumb wheel on manual models. Volume ranges from 0.2μL to 1000μL.50.00 KS
Non-reactive reusable spatulas. - come in a rounded and flat spoon.50.00 KS
Culture Dishes - Can be produced with a variety of user-specified mediums. 60mm x 60 mm standard size.50.00 KS
50 mL and 250mL Borosilicate Sample Vials with Scanner Interface Lid. Replacements for the Type 43 Science Pad and Kit.50.00 KS
Lab Forceps. Non-reactive alloy. Various Sizes.50.00 KS
Various Utility Clamps, Non-reactive alloy.50.00 KS
generator-drive_core.jpgBW-PC-1A Plasma CorePlasma Power Core50.00 KS
BW-PC-1B "PowerPak"Plasma Power Cell50.00 KS
EM-G8 Type 33 DatapadCivilian portable computer/data pad50.00 KS
Cordoba Combat MechaA flexible highly performance mecha50.00 KS
Surface Penetrator-Artificial Diamond RodA munition for FMS graviton weapons that channels their pulse into a diamond penetrator to allow the weapon to penetrate light cover and heavy armor.50.00 KS
Miner Undersuit50.00 KS
Mole Claws50.00 KS
Starshield Nanoflare BarrierFire Blankets with nanomaterial-based fire blankets that incorporate cutting-edge nanomaterials designed to provide superior protection against intense heat and flames.50.00 KS
Ginger-Lime Crab Cakes with Five-Spice AioliThese crab cakes are a delightful fusion of flavors and textures. The succulent crab meat is enhanced with the zesty punch of ginger and lime, creating a refreshing and tangy profile. The exterior is golden and crispy, while the inside remains tender and flavorful. The five-spice aioli adds a layer of complexity with its aromatic and slightly sweet undertones, making it a perfect complement to the crab cakes. The dish is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern flavors, making it a favorite for many, including Katsuko.50.00 KS
Zen Armaments 'Liberator' PistolA cute, incredibly inexpensive little pistol50.00 KS
Field JacketMilitary-style jacket with a timeless design50.00 KS
AniuzalineAniuzaline is an advanced haemostatic drug, developed to control excessive bleeding, especially in traumatic injury scenarios. It works by accelerating the body's natural clotting mechanisms, specifically enhancing platelet aggregation and the activity of clotting factors. Designed for emergency medicine.50.00 KS
ArievadineA complex, groundbreaking medication primarily designed for the treatment of severe traumatic injuries. It stimulates the production of essential proteins like collagen and fibrin, which are crucial for tissue repair and blood vessel regeneration. Designed for emergency medicine.50.00 KS
PlateletinePlateletine is an advanced hematological agent developed to stimulate the production of platelets in individuals dealing with thrombocytopenia. The drug acts on the bone marrow, encouraging the production of platelets—tiny blood cells essential for clotting.50.00 KS
XiorisinXiorisin is a readily available over-the-counter cough medicine. It acts by inhibiting the cough reflex at the central nervous system level, providing relief from incessant coughing.50.00 KS
Combat HarnessA set of equipment for carrying military gear; consists of a belt, suspenders, and accessory pouches50.00 KS
Traditional Flak VestBulletproof wool vest50.00 KS
Military Cleaning Kit, Type 33 (SAOY/DION)50.00 KS
Star Army Datapad, Type 33Portable computer tablet50.00 KS
Star Army Step Ladder, Type 42High-quality step ladder with standing platform50.00 KS
Star Army Poncho, Type 38Field rain poncho50.00 KS
Type 41 Gym ShoesStar Army Regal Blue Exercise shoes with hinomaru emblem50.00 KS
Star Army Survival Knife, Type 40Multipurpose knife used by the Star Army50.00 KS
Bootsgeneric leather boots60.00 KS
Juimosil Juimosil is an incredibly complex medication primarily used in the treatment of intricate mental disorders. Each dose is typically custom tailored to the individual, taking into account their unique biochemistry, genetics, and specific diagnosis.60.00 KS
Sleeping BagYour basic sleeping bag60.00 KS
EM-G4-1 Filter Mask (Basic)65.00 KS
EM-G4 Emrys Filter Mask65.00 KS
Star Army Medical Kit, Type 31Standard Star Army Medical Kit from the Second Mishhuvurthyar War69.99 KS
Needle Canister ProjectileCanisters filled with needles for the purpose of converting graviton weapons into shotgun styled weapons.70.00 KS
AlioradoneAlioradone is a complex medication known for its regenerative properties. It is a unique medication that is activated by low temperatures, specifically those cooler than 170K. Once activated, the drug stimulates cell regeneration at an accelerated pace.70.00 KS
Star Army Norian UndersuitA cooling undersuit for Norian Star Army personnel.70.00 KS
Borosilicate Volumetric Flasks - Come in 1mL to 4L sizes, graduated. +Option to add Interfaced Scanning.75.00 KS
Yeger Armaments Biven 10 Gauge Shotgunsimple side by side double barrel shotgun chambered in 10 gauge shells, can be easily modifie.d into a rudimentary 20mm grenade launcher75.00 KS
Starshield Programmable Matter MultitoolA multitool produced by the Yugumo Corporation in late YE 45.75.00 KS
Flashlight, Floating, Type 32The Type 32 Flashlight is a hands free light source. It became available late in YE 3275.00 KS
Star Army Field Jacket, Type 37Field jacket, single color75.00 KS
Tamahagane Ta-W2-4a - Wakizashi (Mini)80.00 KS
Canteen and Jerrycan with Hemosynthic FiltersStar Army water containers and filtration systems that utilize hemosynthetics80.00 KS
MedicaGelMedicaGel is a multifaceted wound treatment gel composed of peptides, stem cells, antibacterial agents, nano-machines, and a numbing agent called Endurance. The gel-cream accelerates natural healing, disinfects wounds, numbs pain, and self-degrades as the wound heals, eliminating the need for bandage changes.88.00 KS
Plasma Cutter/Torch90.00 KS
RiopiavireRiopiavire is a specially engineered virus used for gene editing in patients who exhibit allergic reactions to nanites. This makes it a pivotal tool in genetic therapies where nanite-based methods are not applicable.90.00 KS
Subutai Murano Hi-Gloss Black Oxford Shoes are black and have a red silk interior lining.99.99 KS
Zen Armaments 'Little Killer'Dangerous, but not exceedingly so. It's a good holdout pistol, easy to draw quickly, effective in short-range engagements99.99 KS
Replacement Yarvex Sample Envelopes with Scanner Interface. For Type 43 Science Pad and Kit.100.00 KS
Borosilicate Erlenmeyer Flasks - Come in 50, 150, 250, 500 and 700mL volumes. Also 1L and 4L.100.00 KS
AwesomeCorp DataJockeyA datapad.100.00 KS
heater.jpgBW-HU-1AA plasma space heater.100.00 KS
Otomo Hover TrayA hover tray for serving food.100.00 KS
HEC ProjectilesA projectile for FSCorp graviton weapons that delivers a high-yield explosive charge to enemies at long range.100.00 KS
IIS "Barkskin" Hardening Spray100.00 KS
NanoInk VeilA body art concealment and creation tool.100.00 KS
ODM Compact 10mm Pistol100.00 KS
Standard Energy PistolA basic, discontinued energy pistol100.00 KS
Advancer Enterprises Type 45 Individual First Aid KitDeveloped by Advancer Enterprises' Mechanics Division under the White Lion Brand, with consultation with the Yugumo Corporation, the Type 45 Individual First Aid Kit is designed for basic treatment purposes.100.00 KS
Advancer Enterprises Type 45 Smart TourniquetThe Type 45 Smart Tourniquet efficiently provides emergency blood flow mitigation for non-[[species:nekovalkyrja]] species.100.00 KS
Westech Trench ShotgunA basic, conventional shotgun100.00 KS
OrchidGear Backpacks and ToolbagsOrchidGear Backpacks and Toolbags are created for carrying gear, tools, and other materials. They are used like any other backpack or toolbag with zippers and internal compartments. The bags are coated in Varihue which allows customers to customize the colors of the materials.100.00 KS
Combat BootsBasic leather combat boots100.00 KS
Traditional Military BlanketA rectangular blanket of bulletwoof wool100.00 KS
7.62 x 51mm Ketsurui Zaibatsu100.00 KS
S6-10mm100.00 KS
gp1blue.jpgGP-1 Assault Rifle7.62mm Assault Rifle100.00 KS
WickedArms TA-17 Survival Kit100.00 KS
Star Army Officer's Cap, Type 36Peaked cap for Star Army officers100.00 KS
Star Army Coat, Type 32Silk-lined black wool overcoat with 10 buttons on front, 2 on back100.00 KS
Star Army Jacket, Type 35Top for Duty Uniform, Type 35100.00 KS
Mass Production Pistol, Type 28A classic, inexpensive Yamataian pistol100.00 KS
EM-G4-2 Filter Mask (Advanced)Filter Mask105.00 KS
Kagayaki - Moon Dust Perfume105.00 KS
Yeger Armaments Volkodav Sporter CarbineA bolt-action rifle.125.00 KS
Star Army Cluster Grenade, Type 29125.00 KS
Star Army NCO Saber, Type 39Saber or cutlass125.00 KS
Daikoku-Class Agricultural ShipAn enormous agricultural ship.149.90 KS
BW-V-StarbreakerOne of the best Fighter craft in the NDC, and now the mining Guild Contingent.149.90 KS
S6-P1A pistol.150.00 KS
Watch CommunicatorA watch communicator by Cranth.150.00 KS
EM-W4 Stun Baton150.00 KS
Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm QuakeA potent, hard-hitting subsonic round designed to be paired with the GH-ISAC to maximize its covert potential.150.00 KS
Star Army Science Scanner, Type 31150.00 KS
Padded Armour Layera simple padded bodysuit designed and developed by Galactic Horizon in YE 40 to be worn underneath armor and act as a kinetic buffer that lessens the effects of impacts on plated armor175.00 KS
Starshield GelStarshield Gel is a self-expanding hull sealant nanogel that is used to seal small hull breaches, punctures, and fractures. It is sold by the cartridge which fits in an applicator gun.175.00 KS
10 x 51mm Sakura10x51mm Sakura Ammunition180.00 KS
Jinkan 2A Escort185.00 KS
Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes - Comes in 3, 5, 10, 15, 30mL options. 100 per pack.200.00 KS
S6 6mm BulletsA standard 6mm rifle round.200.00 KS
BW-CP "Shade" compact 10mm PistolA 10mm caliber compact pistol.200.00 KS
IIS "Headband of Protection" Pain DampenerThe "Headband of Protection" is a pain dampener made by [[corp:iis]]. It is a headband that is worn and reads the user's cerebral activity. After calibration by pinching yourself in various places, it finds the user's pain centre. It can be configured for various levels of dampening, up to and including total suppression.200.00 KS
Knucklehead Standard-Issue Battle RifleStandard Issue Battle rifle for the Iron Company200.00 KS
Starshield Nanofabric Hull PatchesNanofiber Reinforced Repair Patches (NRRPs) are advanced materials used in the maintenance and repair of starship hulls. These patches are designed to provide structural reinforcement and sealing capabilities to repair damage, such as breaches, cracks, or impact points, on the outer hull of a starship.200.00 KS
VoaxiesanarVoaxiesanar is a hormone-based medication used primarily in emergency medicine for the treatment of severe cardiac conditions. It acts by modulating the electrical activity of the heart, thereby normalizing cardiac rhythm and protecting other organs against hypoxia.200.00 KS
Star Army Coverall, Type 01Bulletproof wool protective coverall200.00 KS
Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35Uniform, complete set200.00 KS
General Service Pistol, Type 2810mm handgun authorized for Yamataian government and military use200.00 KS
'Midir' Grenade LauncherA grenade launcher made by Deidre's Huge Rack of Guns.225.00 KS
Advancer Enterprises Type 45 Vehicle First Aid KitType 45 Vehicle First Aid Kit is a larger kit designed for medics and emergency personnel in mind.225.00 KS
Zen Armaments Assault Rifle vz. 1225.00 KS
Zen Armaments .357 Pistol225.00 KS
Military Uniform, CommonGeneric uniform design usable by any faction or organization (COMPLETE SET)249.99 KS
Borosilicate Glass Culture Tube with non-reactive screw cap. - Comes in 3, 5, 10, 15, 30mL Options. 100 per pack.250.00 KS
Galactic Horizon 7.62x51mm Sport Shot Hunting Rifle250.00 KS
Galactic Six 6mm Caseless Electronically Fired RoundsAmmunition for the Covert Assault Rifle.250.00 KS
Steiner Era UniformsThe standard issue Iron Company Uniforms.250.00 KS
RECORM BotsRemote Controlled Robotic bodies created to enhance Employee safety, and efficiency.250.00 KS
ANT Power Armor250.00 KS
'Pioneer' Standard Rifle250.00 KS
OrchidGear Gravity BootsGavity Boots designed originally for use with the RHI Type 43 "Megumi" Environmental Skinsuit. The design utilizes layered Kinugoshi-ko and polymer as well as thin Durandium Alloy plates for reinforcement.250.00 KS
Zen Automatic Rifle Compact Type 39250.00 KS
Zen Armaments .45 Caliber PistolAn incredibly solid, ubiquitous pistol250.00 KS
GP-2 7.62mm Machine Pistol250.00 KS
Star Army Bodysuit, Type 42Updated bodysuit uniform with volumetric features250.00 KS
Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42Uniform Complete Set250.00 KS
Star Army Duty Uniform, Maternity, Type 43Maternity variant of the Duty Uniform, Type 42250.00 KS
EM-J4 MARI Series Drone275.00 KS
Star Army Field Jacket, Type 37AFire-resistant uniform top jacket & part of Utility Uniform Type 37275.00 KS
GP-13 Pulse PistolOld Star Army of Yamatai sidearm299.99 KS
GP-5 MASER Pulse RifleMicrowave Laser Assault Rifle299.99 KS
"Judge" Variable RevolverA variable caliber revolver, able to switch its configuration in about 10 seconds300.00 KS
S6-MWS1-MAVERICKA modular weapon system.300.00 KS
BW-6AS "Sickle"Infantry assault rifle.300.00 KS
S6-Long Combat Knife “Cross”Combat Knife300.00 KS
Type 45 FSDF Dress UniformDuty uniform for the Fujiko Self Defense Force/Nepleslian Reds.300.00 KS
IIS "Orb of Disintegration" Self-Destruct ImplantThe "Orb of Disintegration", or "Duster" is a self-destruct mechanism made by [[corp:iis]]. It is an implant that is injected into an individual. Once the implant does not detect a heartbeat, it activates and spreads a "grey goo" of nanites which eats and destroys everything it touches for 10 seconds. With the rate of expansion, this is tuned such that an average humanoid will be entirely consumed, along with their equipment. After this, it harmlessly deactivates and disintegrates.300.00 KS
Tamahagane Ta-W2-2a - Wakizashi (Ceremonial)300.00 KS
Type 43 Yugumo Corporation UniformsYugumo Corporation Uniforms300.00 KS
"Mobile Spanner" DroneThis 'bot is able to assess minor damage within a ship and repair it autonomously. Also carrying many functions crucial to a landing party, this drone is exceedingly useful.300.00 KS
Zen Armaments "Room Cleaner" Shotgun vz. 1300.00 KS
Star Army Survivor Kit, Type 33designed to assist a survivor of a disaster or attack until normal infrastructure is restored300.00 KS
Styrling Longbow325.00 KS
Star Army Bunk Bed, Type 40A bunk bed for the Star Army of Yamatai330.00 KS
EM-G11 "Explorer" Field Communicator350.00 KS
EM-G1 Emrys Dusk Suit350.00 KS
EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit350.00 KS
EM-G18-1a Ship Hull Patch Kit350.00 KS
Zen Armaments 10mm Covert Ops Pistol10mm handgun, silencer-ready350.00 KS
Military Equipment, CommonGeneric set of military equipment for available to all groups and factions369.99 KS
Standard Energy Pistol IIOrigin's basic all-around energy weapon375.00 KS
Revolving Grenade Launcher (RGL)375.00 KS
Zen Armaments .357 Submachine Gun375.00 KS
Star Army Tool LockerThis is a rolling container for repair tools that the Star Army of Yamatai uses.399.99 KS
Borosilicate Beakers - Comes in 150, 250, 400 mL, and 1L, 4L, and 6L volumes. Spouted and Graduated. 10 per pack.400.00 KS
AwesomeCorp Volumetric Musical Instrument Simulator "Music Box"A volumetric music box400.00 KS
BW-P2 "Wraith"The Wraith is a pistol with an integrated suppressor system.400.00 KS
BW-MWS2 "Harbinger"A weapon with different configurations - Carbine, Dedicated Marksman Rifle, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Light Machine Gun, and Submachine Gun.400.00 KS
IIS "Eyes of the Eagle" Sensory AssistantThe "Eyes of the Eagle" is a sensor enhancement device, made by [[corp:iis]]. It comes in two parts, which are optional to each other. One is a set of contact lenses with built in cameras, the ability to change opacity and to project images onto the lenses. The other is a set of earplugs which have sensitive microphones and intelligently filter or boost sounds.400.00 KS
IIS "Shocking Grasp" Gloves"Shocking Grasp" gloves are a relatively simple invention from [[corp:iis]]. While being described as gloves, the device is actually designed to be //attached// to a set of conventional or specialised gloves. Electrode pads with positional tracking are added to the fingerpads of a glove to serve as a medium by which to pass incapacitating or potentially lethal arcs of electricity.400.00 KS
Stork-class Personnel TransportMining Personnel Transport400.00 KS
ODM 10mm "Raygun"a retro-stylized chemical pistol made by Origin Defense Manufacturing400.00 KS
Styrling 'M43' Nova RifleLaser-based battle rifle alternative to the m3aws. Obtainable by independents and civilians alike.400.00 KS
Javelin 12ga Assault Shotgun400.00 KS
ames.jpgStar Army Environmental Suit, Type 28 (AMES)The Star Army's standard spacesuit and hazardous environment suit. As a uniform item its use and sale is restricted to members of the Star Army of Yamatai.400.00 KS
Rokheus & Surma Heavy Shotgun, HSG435.00 KS
Talon TSPA pistol produced by Cranth.450.00 KS
RHI Type 43 "Ketsugi" Plate Carrier450.00 KS
Advancer Omni Cardia Stasis PumpReplacement cybernetic heart that sustains its host in a form of medically-induced stasis when in critical condition until they can be revived500.00 KS
ks.jpgBW-KAS "Hailstorm"A kinetic rail shotgun, more often used by Power Armor soldiers500.00 KS
Breaker Automatic Burst RifleAn assault rifle produced by Cranth.500.00 KS
enivron_suit_nep.jpgEM-G7 Emrys Environ suit500.00 KS
Galactic Horizon 18x63mm Bighorn500.00 KS
IIS "Blindsight Dagger" Hacking ToolThe "Dagger of Blindsight", or "Blindsight Dagger", is a tool by which an individual can interface with a vast number or devices. The "Dagger of Blindsight" ensures the host device remains functional but also stages as a "man-in-the-middle" of the electrical connections it physically broke. This allows the user to bypass most external protections and gives them the ability to read and modify the electrical connections inside the stabbed device itself.500.00 KS
IIS "Magic Missile" Homing Knife500.00 KS
Pegasus-Class Starship: Yume no Kaseki (Fossil of Dreams)The Yume no Kaseki Lit: Fossil of Dreams is a state-of-the-art Prospecting and Exploration starship that began as a collaboration between the Mining Guild and Yugumo.500.00 KS
MiniMoto500.00 KS
Surgical NanitesProgrammable molecular scale semi-organic machines intended to perform various non-invasive surgeries.500.00 KS
Kamasu Data ChipPortable storage medium for AI constructs and general data.500.00 KS
SnS Freehold Pattern LaslockLow tech, low capacity, hard-hitting semi-auto laser rifle and fast-shooting but weak laser pistol.500.00 KS
Tamahagane Ta-W1-2a - Katana (Ceremonial)Glorious Yamataian Steel500.00 KS
Yugumo Standard Anthroform Drone BerthBerth for Drones and Subsentient Android Crew500.00 KS
Yugumo Standard Life Support SystemsA Standardized Life Support Subsystem500.00 KS
Ze-J2 "Steve" Combat RobotAn inexpensive combat robot.500.00 KS
Zen Armaments 10mm Submachine Pistol500.00 KS
Star Army Communicator, Type 36500.00 KS
Star Army Footlocker, Type 32Footlocker provides soldiers with a secure-able storage unit for their personal gear when in barracks or tents.500.00 KS
Star Army Sofa, Type 39This is a typical sofa (couch) used by the Star Army of Yamatai.500.00 KS
Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30500.00 KS
Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 29A compact Star Army of Yamatai energy sidearm500.00 KS
Star Army Officer Sword, Type 40Glorious Yamataian Steel500.00 KS
Tamahagane Ta-W2-3a - Wakizashi (Advanced)Short sword with a monomolecular edge510.00 KS
BW-KAS2 “Executioner”Kinetic Assault Shotgun550.00 KS
Barghest Hardsuit550.00 KS
Zen Armaments Marksman Rifle vz. 1550.00 KS
Wasp LSSR-01aA sniper rifle made by Cranth.600.00 KS
Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Automatic CarbineCompact, integrally suppressed carbine firing full-sized rifle rounds.600.00 KS
EM-J5-6a - FARS GP650.00 KS
IIS "Belt of Giant Strength" ExosuitThe "Belt of Giant Strength" is an exosuit designed by IIS. It is a strap-on set of slim-fit hydraulic pistons. By wearing the suit, an individual can vastly improve their athletic abilities. While originally marketed as a way for human-strength people to gain the unusual strength needed to keep pace with more physically inclined species, it can also augment the strength of those stronger species.700.00 KS
Star Army Portable Shelter, Type 30700.00 KS
Wulver 30-06 RifleA rifle produced by Deidre's Huge Rack of Guns.750.00 KS
EM-G16-4a Trauma Kit750.00 KS
RHI Type 43 "Megumi" Environmental SkinsuitAn environmental/pressure skinsuit made to support those with digital minds/cybernetics/technological gadgets.750.00 KS
"Megumi" Diving SuitAn adaptation of the Megumi Environmental Skinsuit, the Megumi Diving Suit has been adapted for usage underwater.750.00 KS
RHI Type 43 "Yuuki" Combat HelmetRyu Heavy Industries combat helmet with an unique look.750.00 KS
Tamahagane Ta-W1-3a - Katana (Advanced)Sword with a monomolecular edge750.00 KS
Zen .45 Kendo SpecialA magnum handgun capable of firing both regular .45 caliber rounds as well as the longer .45 Kendo Express ammunition, a heavy pistol with a lot of stopping power.750.00 KS
Sakura Type 43 “Bushi” Compact Carbine750.00 KS
Ke-M3-W3001 “Kalamari” Manipulator Arm System750.00 KS
Star Army Rifle, Type 41750.00 KS
Avenger Plasma RiflePlasma Assault Rifle, used by the New Dusk Conclave infantry800.00 KS
HHG .460 Deidre SpecialThe HHG .460 Deidre Special Pistol .800.00 KS
Type 45 Standardized Field Medical KitThe Type 45 Standardized Field Medical Kit is designed to give medical practitioners the tools to operate in away from hospitals800.00 KS
Mugen Armories E1 Energy PistolA energy pistol sidearm.800.00 KS
Star Army Rifle, Type 33800.00 KS
S6-AHEH Anubis Hazardous Environment HelmetPower Armor Helmet850.00 KS
Starshield Graviton Clamp AnchorsGraviton Clamp Anchors are specifically engineered to function effectively in the absence of gravity. This makes them indispensable tools for repair and maintenance tasks in space, where traditional methods of securing materials and equipment are impractical.850.00 KS
Heavy Infantry Plasma Rifle900.00 KS
Plasma Revolver, Type 46Special duty sidearm for unarmored and power armored use.900.00 KS
EM-G13 "Kuromegane" Communications Visor950.00 KS
Soyokaze/Windbreaker CyclecarA small and inexpensive aircar.950.00 KS
Ze-J6 "Jessie" Combat RobotAn inexpensive and capable combat robot.989.98 KS
BjornskaldAnti-Armour Coilgun1 ,000.00 KS
BW-HPT "Dragon's Breath"A Plasma Thrower1 ,000.00 KS
Emrys Industries Electromagnetic Manacles1 ,000.00 KS
IIS "Everburning Torch" Welding ToolThe "Everburning Torch" is a welding and cutting tool made by [[corp:iis]]. It was designed for usage in metalworking, in particular structural engineering and emergency extrication. It also has uses in combat for breaking through armour plating without causing collateral damage or making much sound as standard weaponry would.1 ,000.00 KS
Pest Tracked DroneThe Pest is a drone, when one can get it to listen makes an excellent scout and light gun platform, though its limited intelligence often means it needs near-constant supervision to ensure its tasks are completed.1 ,000.00 KS
OHI Standard Starship Crew BunkAn advanced starship bunk pod.1 ,000.00 KS
SmAR/Fatboy1 ,000.00 KS
Homeostatic NanomachinesNanites that enhance the immune system.1 ,000.00 KS
"Megumi" Abyssal Underwater Operations ModuleThe Abyssal Underwater Operations Module (AUOM) is engineered to facilitate deep underwater operations with unparalleled safety and efficiency1 ,000.00 KS
Magathiel Mini-Missile CellA multi-purpose mini-missile launcher system, designed to be make modular launch systems such as multi-cell vertical launch systems.1 ,000.00 KS
Fairy Aicute little fairy AI companion that follows you around, can perform simple tasks, and interact with you.1 ,000.00 KS
Yugumo E2 Energy PistolAn energy pistol sidearm.1 ,000.00 KS
20mm Phoenix Pistol1 ,000.00 KS
Scatter Gun, Accelerated Charged Plasma, Type 301 ,000.00 KS
Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 27Star Army of Yamatai sidearm1 ,000.00 KS
Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 28Star Army of Yamatai sidearm1 ,000.00 KS
Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 30Star Army of Yamatai sidearm1 ,000.00 KS
Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33Star Army of Yamatai sidearm1 ,000.00 KS
SiZi Model 38 Special Duty RevolverA heavy plasma revolver intended to provide its user with powerful anti-power armor firepower1 ,100.00 KS
Expresso Biplane1 ,200.00 KS
EM-O1 "Tadayou" Series Drones1 ,250.00 KS
NH-M-M3 "Crescendo"Near-field Power Transmitter "Crescendo" provides power to devices within range without requiring a physical connection.1 ,250.00 KS
"Taihō" Scalable Mass DriverScalable mass driver system1 ,250.00 KS
Starship Chair, Type 35Starship bridge chair with many features1 ,250.00 KS
Nekovalkyrja Submachinegun, Type 281 ,250.00 KS
chaingun.jpgBWE Rotary Chain GunA Rotary Chain Gun.1 ,300.00 KS
CFWEP PackagePower armor kit with uniform, weapon, survival items1 ,400.00 KS
Ge-V1-W3301 - Defensive LASER1 ,500.00 KS
IIS "Wings of Flying" Aerial Movement GearThe "Wings of Flying" is a product to assist [[guide:elysians|Elysians]] or flightless individuals, made by [[corp:iis]]. It comes in two parts, a wing brace which includes thrusters, and a version which features cybernetic wings which have the brace built in, that can be affixed to the body.1 ,500.00 KS
NH-M-M2 "Orchestra"The Near-field Spatial Manipulator "Orchestra" is a device used to simulate a set of 'solar-system like' qualities around itself. The primary applications of this are holding objects in 'orbit' and changing the path of beam weaponry fired within the device's area of influence.1 ,500.00 KS
megumi_cs.jpegRHI Type 43 "Megumi" Combat SuitPersonal protection suit. Suitable for use with infantry equipment, vehicle crew protection, or extreme sports protection.1 ,500.00 KS
VCE ChairChair for VR gameplay1 ,500.00 KS
Starshield Multipurpose Plasma ToolThe Starshield Multipurpose Plasma Tool provides heavy-duty plasma welding and cutting solutions in a portable system that combines advanced plasma technology with ergonomic design, making it an essential tool for engineers, technicians, and fabricators on the go.1 ,500.00 KS
MT-G1-1A - Personal Holographic Computer (PHC)1 ,550.00 KS
EM-G16-1A/1B Medical Kit1 ,750.00 KS
Enhanced Mobility Armor1 ,750.00 KS
"Ernie" Protection Robot1 ,800.00 KS
SSCC-XL Prefab ModulesModular Units1 ,800.00 KS
Isolated Computer PadYE 31 Model1 ,800.00 KS
Isolated Computer PadYE 42 Model1 ,800.00 KS
NH-O-1 "iBot" Maintenance Drone1 ,999.00 KS
MinistructThis multitool can collect and store raw material and use them to fabricate or effect repairs in a manner akin to 3D Printing.2 ,000.00 KS
IIS "Bag of Tricks" Explosive PackThe "Bag of Tricks", also known as the "Bangpack", is a combat device designed by [[corp:iis]]. It was designed as a scalable explosive to be used as a offensive weapon or as a weapon of last resort.2 ,000.00 KS
OHI Mini MissileA mini-missile packing anti-mecha firepower, with surprising range.2 ,000.00 KS
hardsell_coilcannon.jpgHardsell CoilcannonA compact rotary coilgun2 ,000.00 KS
Sakura Machinery Small Forge and Die Kit2 ,000.00 KS
Fantastic Media DroneA media drone for news agencies and entertainment groups. (SANDRA, YINN, YTP)2 ,000.00 KS
P4 UnitA small self-contained potato farm2 ,000.00 KS
Shoulder-Fired Launcher, Anti-Armor Missile, Type 30A missile launcher for shooting down fast-moving power armor2 ,000.00 KS
EM-G19 - Survival Kit2 ,500.00 KS
Advancer TIN SystemA series of cooperating implants and nanomachines that give a human recipient limited empathic and telepathic abilities.2 ,500.00 KS
Zen Armaments Precision Sniper Rifle2 ,500.00 KS
Portable Medical Scanner PMS-1MHandheld medical diagnostic tool2 ,500.00 KS
Portable Medical Scanner PMS-2MHandheld medical diagnostic tool2 ,500.00 KS
Star Army Ke-K3 ForkliftA basic forklift2 ,500.00 KS
RHI Type 43 "Paradin" Infantry KitCombat Protection Kit for paramilitary and security forces.2 ,600.00 KS
Tamahagane Ta-W1-4a - Katana (Power Armor)2 ,750.00 KS
Type 34 Multi-Function Bracelet2 ,875.00 KS
raven.jpgRaven SportCivilian Sports Car3 ,000.00 KS
Lying Mirror3 ,000.00 KS
Helstrom Plasma CannonAn Anti-Starship, Anti-Ugly Monstrosity Plasma Cannon based on a fusion torch used by the Iron Company.3 ,000.00 KS
SSCC-XL Passenger Module3 ,000.00 KS
SpectraGuard Visual InterfaceThe SpectraGuard Visual Interface is designed to mimic functionality of volumetric windows.3 ,000.00 KS
Armor Service Gauss RifleThe Armor Service Gauss Rifle is a sturdy, reliable, powerful and accurate weapon intended for mainline Power Armor service. It is decently powerful, with a good availability of different magazines, meant to tackle foes of nearly any size.3 ,000.00 KS
OI-M2-W4000 Spider Pack Unit3 ,000.00 KS
Advancer Iron Bone EnhancementSpecial nanomachine treatment and implant that augments the user's physical strength and resiliency by combining bio-synthetic muscle enhancement with skeletal durandium grafts.3 ,000.00 KS
Chōuryū Torpedo, LightA close-attack subsurface torpedo3 ,000.00 KS
Tsuki BladesA limited production weapon for the Motoyoshi Clan and the First Expeditionary Fleet3 ,000.00 KS
SPINEThe Somatic-Projection Interlinked Neural Ensemble (SPINE) is a groundbreaking control interface system that seamlessly integrates biological and technological elements into the Nekovalkyrja, Type 33. Its placement on the small of their back, along with its direct neural connections and advanced technology, revolutionizes the way these synthetic beings interact with vehicles, providing unparalleled control, efficiency, and safety in various operational scenarios.3 ,000.00 KS
Ke-M2-W3701 Aether SaberThe hilt is a fairly utilitarian handle with a guarded switch to prevent accidental activation or deactivation. While most of the weapon's casing is rubber coated durandium, the blade projector contains a zesuaium edge that allows the Aether Saber to be used to block and parry other Aether Sabers. The blade is a narrow, bright pink beam of constantly seething energy that emits a deep humming sound.3 ,000.00 KS
hap1.jpgKe-M2-W4001 Heavy Aether Pistol3 ,000.00 KS
Emrys Industries Sniper RifleSniper rail gun rifle3 ,300.00 KS
EM-G16-3a EMS Kit3 ,500.00 KS
Galactic Six Munition Fabricating Compact Assault RifleCovert Assault Rifle3 ,500.00 KS
"Tachikaze" Point Defense Cannons Type 43A point defense plasma cannon system.3 ,500.00 KS
Ni-Y1-M3302 - Mining Module4 ,000.00 KS
OHI Standard MissilesA standard anti-fighter missile, propelled via compressed plasma. Able to reach longer ranges than many contemporaries due to its bulk.4 ,000.00 KS
EM-J3-1a "Dennis"4 ,200.00 KS
Mimic Computer, Feline (Mimicat)A feline variant of the Origin Mimic Computer4 ,500.00 KS
"Suzukaze" Mini-Missile Launchers Type 43A missile launcher system and missiles4 ,500.00 KS
Visual Synthetic Aperture Radar (ViSAR)Visual Synthetic Aperture Radar (ViSAR) is a form of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) primarily designed to produce visual data in low observation conditions. Secondarily it can also be used for cartography, search and rescue, and any other application that can make use of its capabilities4 ,800.00 KS
Aetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle, Type 41Heavy sniper rifle not available for public sale.4 ,999.00 KS
Black Rose Anti-Material RifleBlack Rose Anti-Material Rifle is a custom rifle5 ,000.00 KS
CSW-S1-C1 "Daedalus" Fabrication ModuleA fabrication module.5 ,000.00 KS
EM-G17-2a Repair Kit5 ,000.00 KS
Ge-T4-1a - Kumo-Class CTUThe Kumo was built to move SSCC's to and from the freighter.5 ,000.00 KS
Universal Medium Tank5 ,000.00 KS
Genesis BioforgeThe Genesis Bioforge is a self-contained cloning chamber designed to provide an optimal environment for the growth and development of clones and artificial Nepleslians. This advanced bioforge uses a combination of genetic engineering techniques and nanotechnology to facilitate rapid growth and development of clones.5 ,000.00 KS
Desert Wind AutocannonA 25mm anti-power-armor autocannon.5 ,000.00 KS
Hi-Cab5 ,000.00 KS
Ocelot Hover car5 ,000.00 KS
Shin Mental Backup ImplantDeveloped in between YE 40 and YE 44, the Shin (神 in Yamataigo or Shén in Lianjia Speech) Mental Backup Implant (ShMBU) is a neural cybernetic implant designed to work as an as stand-in or supplement for Soul Transfer technology. It does so by assisting the development of short-term memories and speeding the conversion to long-term memories. Also maps and saves key data points to save the personality of the user. It entered the market in YE 45.5 ,000.00 KS
Chōuryū Torpedo, HeavyA standoff subsurface torpedo5 ,000.00 KS
Ke-M2-W2906 Shoulder-Fired Missile Pod5 ,000.00 KS
NH-Y3 Guppy-class Exploration and Utility CraftThe Guppy-class is a small craft made to give an operator access to places that a larger ship cannot reach. It is excellently equipped for exploring caves, derelict vessels, planetoids, and other large structures. It is also well-suited to mining, construction, and repair activities thanks to its set of manipulator arms and resourcing/repair equipment.5 ,200.00 KS
"Ikigai" Type 43 Escape PodStandard Escape Pod for the Yugumo Corporation as of YE 43.5 ,800.00 KS
EM-K1 Emrys Industries Hydrogen CarA hydrogen powered car.6 ,000.00 KS
Orbit Jumper Missile System6 ,000.00 KS
Jilanth T2 Military Shuttle6 ,000.00 KS
OHI Long Range MissilesAn extremely long-ranged missile6 ,000.00 KS
CAMIE M11 Construction MechaThe CAMIE M11 is a Construction Mecha that is 20 feet tall and intended for Military and Civilian use alike.6 ,000.00 KS
Ke-M4-W2902 LASR-SLAGA grenade launcher for the LASR.6 ,000.00 KS
Type 32 Airbike6 ,500.00 KS
OI-M3-W3302 25mm Automatic Gauss Cannon6 ,800.00 KS
50mm Rotary Assault RifleA rifle-configuration 50mm rotary gauss cannon designed for use with mecha7 ,000.00 KS
Hoshi III Series Multi-stage Turbo Plasma DrivesA propulsion system by the Yugumo Corporation.7 ,000.00 KS
Torrent MPRA plasma repeater designed to be handled by mecha7 ,500.00 KS
EM-K6 "Kouteki" Grav-BusA simple anti-gravity bus7 ,500.00 KS
"Yakaze" Series Anti-Starship Turrets Type 43Anti-Starship Anti-neutron turret.7 ,500.00 KS
Ursarus Heavy Support DroneA Heavy Support Drone8 ,000.00 KS
Hawk Guide CraftA hunting hovercraft.8 ,000.00 KS
Ge-T3-1a - Raba-Class Work-PodThe can be used to ferry small groups of personnel to a location. By attaching a pair of manipulators, the Raba can be used to move objects or even perform cutting operations keeping the operator safe.8 ,000.00 KS
Nephilim Defense SystemA nanoforge defense system.8 ,000.00 KS
M Type Fusion DriveRyu Keiretsu implementation of Fusion Plasma Drives.8 ,000.00 KS
Star Army Science Pad and Kit Type 43A kit for Science Officers in the Star Army of Yamatai.8 ,200.00 KS
KAIMON/Ascendant CompanionA multifunction assistant drone issued to Yugumo Corporation employees.8 ,500.00 KS
NH-Y2 Remora-class Utility CraftA shuttle-sized utility craft.8 ,750.00 KS
Hauler-class Logistics ShipThe Hauler is a low-cost civilian cargo and transport vessel.9 ,000.00 KS
EM-K4-2a "Zephyr" Law Enforcement Air CarA police use variant of the Zephyr air car.10 ,000.00 KS
EM-K5 "Sagasu" Enclosed ATVAn enclosed all-terrain-vehicle.10 ,000.00 KS
Ge-T5-1a Cho-Class ShuttleA small shuttlecraft.10 ,000.00 KS
Ge-X3300 - Type 33 Escape PodAn escape pod.10 ,000.00 KS
Ge-F6-1A - Light FreighterA light freighter.10 ,000.00 KS
Magpie-class Industrial Cargo shuttleAn Industrial Shuttle to transport ore and water.10 ,000.00 KS
110mm Tank CannonA 110mm gauss cannon designed primarily for use on tanks10 ,000.00 KS
Multi-Role Science Drone Type 43Multi-Role Science Drone, can be launched from ship or manually.10 ,000.00 KS
Light Surface Terrain Vehicle, Type 42Utility vehicle for planetary use10 ,000.00 KS
Ke-M2-W4300 Aether WhipAn Aether Whip10 ,000.00 KS
t42_krifle.jpgKe-M13-W4272 Heavy Armor Rifle10 ,000.00 KS
OI-M3-W3304 Light Pulsed Plasma Cannon10 ,100.00 KS
hsgt1.jpgBW-MRGT "Hound"Multirole Ground Vehicle12 ,000.00 KS
EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh"12 ,000.00 KS
Lz-AC-02c Lazarus AutoCompFloating robot sphere with volumetric body12 ,000.00 KS
EM-J2-2a Shujuu Android (Advanced)12 ,500.00 KS
Kokū Ken12 ,500.00 KS
Yomawari-Class NavComm BuoyA navigation and communications buoy.12 ,500.00 KS
KAIMON/Ascendant CarrierForklift Robot12 ,500.00 KS
Chōuryū Subsurface Torpedo/Sensor PlatformA launch and control system for subsurface torpedoes12 ,500.00 KS
Service Android, Type 36A "Emma"Specialized model of the Emrys Industries EM-J2-2a Shujuu Android (Advanced) used by the Star Army12 ,500.00 KS
EM-K4-1a "Zephyr" Consumer Air CarA civilian use Zephyr pattern aircar.13 ,500.00 KS
Megumi Mobility Skin15 ,000.00 KS
Aether Gatling RifleRestricted to Use by the Star Army of Yamatai15 ,000.00 KS
Gemstone OrchidThe Gemstone Orchid is a masterpiece that showcases the beauty and elegance of nature. It features a dazzling combination of diamonds and amethysts, carefully crafted to resemble the delicate beauty of an orchid.15 ,100.00 KS
Ge-T1-1A - Transatmospheric ShuttleA basic high-capacity, FTL-capable trans-atmospheric shuttle16 ,000.00 KS
Courier 2B Star Army FreighterMedium freighter; 756 SSCC-XL capacity16 ,000.00 KS
Ge-T2-1C - "Kuma" ShuttleA civilian shuttlecraft.18 ,000.00 KS
Ge-T2-1E "Kuma" Medevac ShuttleA civilian medical evac shuttle18 ,000.00 KS
Hydra Variable TankMain battle tank w/exoatmospheric capability20 ,000.00 KS
Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class StarshipA barebones starship designed for customization20 ,000.00 KS
Dearglass Light Cargoa small cargo-carrying craft designed for short to medium ranged transport of small amounts of cargo20 ,000.00 KS
Spade Drone20 ,000.00 KS
Ke-T7 "Raccoon" Transport ShuttleVersatile transport and supply shuttle common in the Star Army20 ,000.00 KS
ohi_oxen_multipurpose_mecha_on_188604.jpgOxen Multipurpose MechaA general-purpose work mecha.22 ,000.00 KS
Zhenren Human Upgrade PackageA package of cybernetic implants and gene therapy for human and most human-derived species.22 ,000.00 KS
Mocca Cargo Plane23 ,500.00 KS
Ge-V1-1a - Hoshou FighterA civilian fighter craft.24 ,000.00 KS
Ge-T1-2a - Hikiuma-Class ShuttleA reliable shuttlecraft.24 ,000.00 KS
Mule Ultralight FreighterCreated for the little guy, the Mule is the realistic first step into the cargo transport industry, for entrepreneurs with a tight wallet.24 ,000.00 KS
NH-T1 Dragonfly-class Shuttle25 ,000.00 KS
Scimitar Starfighter25 ,000.00 KS
Star Army Cabin, Type 3925 ,000.00 KS
Ke-M4-W2901 Light Armor Service RifleA heavy anti-personnel weapon for use by power armors.25 ,000.00 KS
Ge-Y1-2a - "Henkei" Cargo RunnerA Cargo Variant of the Henkei Starship.28 ,000.00 KS
BW-XA-1a E.A.S.E.Heavy power armor/Small bipedal vehicle30 ,000.00 KS
K-1 Bulldog/Type 41 Main Battle TankA modern Main Battle Tank capable of carrying an infantry complement.30 ,000.00 KS
Ge-Y1-3a - "Henkei" Passenger VariantPassenger Variant of the Henkei Starship31 ,000.00 KS
Ge-Y1-4a - "Henkei" ProspectorA Prospector Variant of the Henkei Starship.33 ,000.00 KS
Ge-T6-1a - Sukuu-Class LifeboatA lifeboat craft.35 ,000.00 KS
Ge-Y1-5a - "Henkei" Patrol VariantA Patrol Starship35 ,000.00 KS
Amatsubame-Class RunaboutA fast, luxurious sport/racing craft optimized for performance, endurance, and agility.36 ,000.00 KS
Spartan General Combat MechaA general use combat mecha that fares better on the ground.37 ,000.00 KS
Ge-E1-1a - Tenba-Class TransporterThe Tenba-Class is a small workhorse spacecraft, larger than most shuttles and smaller than most starships.40 ,000.00 KS
Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo RunnerA cargo runner ship.40 ,000.00 KS
Ge-E1-1b - Tenba-Class TransporterPersonnel transport for the Star Army.40 ,000.00 KS
heavy_mech.jpgCyclops Heavy Combat MechaA heavy combat mech specializing in artillery.42 ,000.00 KS
Super Spartan Upgrade PackageAn upgraded general use combat mecha with additional weaponry.42 ,000.00 KS
Princess Class Yacht45 ,000.00 KS
KAIMON/Ascendant ConsortA highly advanced near-sentient anthroform drone. Out of production but not officially discontinued.45 ,000.00 KS
Yoru no Tenshi 'Tenshi II' Light Mechanized Power ArmorLight Power Armor45 ,000.00 KS
Taka-Class ShuttleA fast, luxurious transport that is agile, armored, and indulgently comfortable, the Taka-Class is easily configurable for a variety of missions.48 ,000.00 KS
Taka-Class Shuttle (1B)A fast, luxurious transport that is agile, armored, and indulgently comfortable, the Taka-Class is easily configurable for a variety of missions.50 ,000.00 KS
M19 Ryoko MechaA mecha developed for the Star Army of Yamatai, designed primarily for fire and close air support roles.50 ,000.00 KS
M4 Garuda IIDesigned by Origin in YE 36, the Garuda II is the successor to the older M1-3A Garuda Anti-armor support Frame.55 ,000.00 KS
Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo RunnerA Cargo Runner ship.60 ,000.00 KS
Star Army Fabrication Chamber, Type 39Fabrication Chamber for the Star Army of Yamatai.60 ,000.00 KS
Starliner65 ,000.00 KS
Yu-M1-2B Series "Molly" Light Mechanized Power Armor65 ,000.00 KS
Justicar Mecha CarrierA small, lightly armed craft designed specifically to carry Powered Frames. It has relatively strong armor and high speed for its small size.75 ,000.00 KS
Ge-Y2-1a - Hanto-Class StarshipA specialty Starship.76 ,250.00 KS
Universal Hemosynthetic Fabrication System Type 43The Universal Fabrication System is a starship subsystem, exclusive to the [[stararmy:start]] that utilizes the new [[stararmy:systems:nodal_liquid_conduit_system]]. It was designed by [[character:shinichiro_tomoko]] at [[corp:ketsurui_zaibatsu|]] for activation in [[timeline:ye_43]].

It is generally installed at the same time as the [[stararmy:systems:nodal_liquid_conduit_system]].
90 ,000.00 KS
EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellite100 ,000.00 KS
Ge-L8-1a - Jōkyaku-Class Passenger ShipPassenger Ship100 ,000.00 KS
Warden TechnicianA series of mecha produced for the Iron Company100 ,000.00 KS
Jinshan Class Mining ShipDesigned to function as an independent miner with the use of energy based mining methods.100 ,000.00 KS
Crane Class DropshipRyuK heavy lift dropship.100 ,000.00 KS
Xuanwu Class Trans-atmospheric ShuttleCapable of landing in any terrain and deploying individuals onto cliffs while still in flight, the Xuanwu Class Trans-atmospheric Shuttle is designed to be a medium-lift workhorse.100 ,000.00 KS
NH-Y-1 Mola-class Exploration VesselThe NH-Y-1 Mola-class was designed by Noval to traverse dense asteroid fields and post-battle flotsam. Originally conceived for exploration, its role has grown to include search and rescue and deep space mining.105 ,000.00 KS
Nibasha-Class Heavy FreighterA workhorse transport for containerized cargo119 ,999.99 KS
VF-41 SparrowhawkA variable frame designed with the fighter mode as the foremost consideration120 ,000.00 KS
Mōkin-Class Patrol CraftA fast patrol craft that is agile, armored, and surprisingly comfortable.120 ,000.00 KS
Mozu-Class StarfighterA fast, unexpectedly luxurious starfighter optimized for performance, endurance, firepower, and agility.125 ,000.00 KS
Banshee-class Strike FrameNoval's first answer to the Variable Frame space, the Banshee-class is specifically designed to swiftly close on an enemy ship, deal large amounts of damage, and be out of range before the ship can retaliate. It is extremely fast, but offers little protection to its pilot other than its outstanding maneuverability.140 ,000.00 KS
Ge-L4-1a - Sessou-Class Medium FreighterA medium freighter.150 ,000.00 KS
Courier 2A160 ,000.00 KS
Jinkan-class EscortThe Jinkan Escort is a small craft made by Origin Industries starting in YE 31.200 ,000.00 KS
ke-t10_shuttle.jpgKe-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role ShuttleA new multi-role shuttle with variable configurations became available in YE 43.200 ,000.00 KS
Red Mountain Class Multipurpose Corvette250 ,000.00 KS
Courier 2c 'Collector'250 ,000.00 KS
Minori-Class Hospital ShipCommon hull design configured for use as a hospital ship270 ,000.00 KS
Ge-L7-1a Ekitai-Class Liquid Freighter ShipLiquid Freighter Ship300 ,000.00 KS
Ge-L6-2a - Matsuri-Class (Liner)300 ,000.00 KS
RDRS Ge-L7-2a - Ekitai-Class Liquid Freighter Ship300 ,000.00 KS
RDRS Ge-L6-2a - Jihi Class Freighter300 ,000.00 KS
Ge-L6-1a - Taishita-Class (Heavy Freighter)A heavy freighter.300 ,000.00 KS
Assayer Class Starship star ship designed with more casual space faring in mind300 ,000.00 KS
Misha-Class ExplorerAn Explorer Class of Starship.330 ,000.00 KS
SSCC-XL Living ComplexPrefabricated Buildings392 ,400.00 KS
Kouken-Class EscortAn escort for long-range exploration vessels425 ,000.00 KS
Starchaser III-Class FerryA civilian transport ship designed for PAINT.485 ,500.00 KS
Mobile Assembly PlatformA shipyard facility500 ,000.00 KS
Yūgure-class Merchant DestroyerA merchant destroyer class ship; for pirate hunting and asset protection500 ,000.00 KS
Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler (1B)A medium cargo hauler. A refit of the original Seiza Hauler.530 ,000.00 KS
Caravan Heavy Freightera large freighter designed for carrying bulk goods vast distances600 ,000.00 KS
Nuwa Class Multipurpose FrigateMultipurpose medium starship due to the modules (lower and upper) that can be installed to extend its capabilties.600 ,000.00 KS
Asuga-Class TugAn Automated Logistics Tug Ship.600 ,000.00 KS
Karakoram-class Mecha Carrier800 ,000.00 KS
Shuryoku-Class Super FreighterA Super Freighter with both civilian and Star Army of Yamatai designs.830 ,000.00 KS
Dragon-class Mobile RefineryA massive refinery ship. Its main purpose is to refine ore that was mined without the need for a stationary building.1 ,194 ,444.00 KS
Ge-C1-2a - Ookami-Class Light CruiserCivilian Market Cruiser.1 ,500 ,000.00 KS
Hephaestus Class Industrial VesselA large industrial starship able to mine and refine ores as well as produce goods1 ,500 ,000.00 KS
Mogami Class Cruiser1 ,500 ,000.00 KS
Kagai-Class Assault ShipAn assault ship designed to carry and deploy a Star Army Century1 ,800 ,000.00 KS
Urufu-Class Light CruiserUrufu-Class Light Cruiser1 ,800 ,000.00 KS
Mizumoto-class Frontier Development Vessel2 ,500 ,000.00 KS
Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy CruiserA capital exploration ship with considerable small craft hangar capacity.3 ,578 ,000.00 KS
Ge-H3-1a - Sanza-Class ShipyardA shipyard.5 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Ge-P2-1a - Suribashi-Class Space ElevatorA space elevator5 ,000 ,000.00 KS
NH-H1 Hibiscus-Class Mobile Space StationThe NH-H1 Hibiscus-Class Mobile Space Station is designed to support corporate and manufacturing interests. Hibiscuses can be pre-built and deployed when necessary, simplifying the process of establishing a new outpost or corporate base within a given system. As with all Noval products, its interior is well-made and generally posh.8 ,500 ,000.00 KS
Ke-B3-W3100 Superheavy Turret10 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Nozomi II-class ScoutA versatile, high-speed reconnaissance vessel designed for long-range, autonomous missions, equipped with advanced sensors and armaments, capable of operating independently in deep space and hostile territories.32 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Island Class Mobile ColonyA large mobile space colony designed for settling systems with few or no habitable planets.40 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Ge-H2-1a - Amatsu-Class SpaceportA spaceport.75 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Ge-H4-1a - Hachinosu Rescue Station75 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Ecstasy-Class Recreation Ship76 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Dracrei ShipyardsDracrei Shipyards is the Mining Guild's ship building company.118 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Rikei-Class Science VesselThe main science vessel used by the Star Army of Yamatai. First put into operation in YE 32, it had a major overhaul at the end of YE 44, which will ensure its continued long service.180 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command CruiserExpeditionary Command Cruiser for the Star Army of Yamatai. Design updated to 2A in YE 43.230 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Sharie-class BattleshipThe Star Army's main battleship/battlecarrier550 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Tengumo-Class Space Stationhe Tengumo-Class Space Station is a mobile space station developed by the Yugumo Corporation in late YE 45.850 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Ge-H1-7A - Kōdaina Minato-Class Orbital InstallationA massive space station.925 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Ke-P8-R4600 Teleportation Pad1 ,000 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Kodoku-Class Mining and Processing FacilityA Mining and Processing Starbase1 ,350 ,000 ,000.00 KS
Sentinel Class Control FrigateSentinel-class Control Frigate is the Mining Guild's first Frigate starship, and it is used as a means of improving Miner safety and efficiency.5 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000.00 KS

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