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Submission Rules

The Star Army setting is unique and interesting because it has been built over the years by SARPers. These rules govern the addition of material to the Star Army's setting canon. It was updated in 2021. 1)

PROTIP: If you are a new or struggling creator, check out our Star Army Creator Mentor Program

The Basics

Welcome Creators! Here are some basics before you make your first design. Submissions should:

  1. Use the appropriate Templates. Having all the information required is key to getting through the approval process.
  2. Follow the Style Guide and use the correct Formatting Syntax. They should be corrected to have the right spelling and grammar.
  3. Be in line with the Site Rules and Terms and Conditions.
  4. To create a new species check out the Creating A Species guide.
  5. Use full sentences and paragraphs when possible.
  6. Most submissions should should use the standard product nomenclature. To help keep the wiki easy to browse and link, the article's title should be the submission's name and not include the nomenclature.

WIP Namespace

Submissions should stay in the WIP: namespace until they are approved. However, if a submission is not in the WIP namespace at the time of submission, it is not necessary to move it into the WIP as long as the submission is expected to be approved promptly (no need for extra work).

In general, only the article author may edit WIP articles until the article is submitted, except for technical fixes like spelling, grammar, and fixing broken links. This is to protect authors from unwanted interference, as some authors are sensitive to other people touching their unfinished articles. Please don't alter other people's works-in-progress unless you get their permission first.

Images in the WIP Namespace

If the submission contains images that are in the WIP namespace, the reviewer and/or the submitter need to send a PM to Wes to move the images into their permanent location after the article is approved. Guests are unable to see images in the WIP: namespace. Also, the WIP namespace is occasionally cleaned out which could result in loss of images for articles with images still in the WIP namespace.

Fit the SARPiverse

We have a lot of diversity here on Star Army, but we have a basic set of standards for submissions.

  1. Be rated using the Damage Rating (Version 3) and don't exceed the Weapon Limitations.
    1. As of 02/05/2021 Creators can leave the Damage Rating (Version 3) blank and the Submissions Reviewer will fill it in. 2)
  2. They should have the correct nomenclature so they can be cataloged using the Standard Product Nomenclature System. They should also have pricing.
    1. As of 01/30/2021 Creators can leave the Standard Product Nomenclature System blank and the Submissions Reviewer will fill it in. 3)
  3. All products should have prices (in KS). As of 02/19/2021 creators can leave the pricing blank and request that the reviewer fills in the price for them.4)

What Not To Do

When you make a submission don't include things like:

  • New dimensions or planes of existence
  • New methods of faster-than-light travel
  • Self-replicating super battleships
  • Godlike beings
  • Technologies obviously designed to circumvent or ignore current SARP rules and systems
  • Nanotechnology-based anti-starship weapons
  • Technology that allows objects to pass through other objects (“phasing” etc)
  • Magic, in general
  • Avoid excessive bullet lists and unnecessary subpages.
  1. Articles submitted to the site must not contain:
    1. Copypasta (i.e. paragraphs copied from another page on the wiki; link to a shared article instead)
    2. Copyrighted material or trademarks
    3. Obscenity or excessive profanity
    4. Names of actual persons, living or dead, regardless of historical significance
    5. Hotlinks and/or images hosted on third-party websites (only images on Star Army are permitted)
    6. Second-person language (you, your), unless specifically talking to the reader/player (i.e. instructions).

We also generally won't accept cutting edge or advanced technology for factions that don't have any role-play going on.

<blockquote>Tip: Make an effort to improve on existing designs; we have a lot of good designs that could use some refit or upgrading.</blockquote>

Help the Star Army Community

We are trying to improve our setting:

  1. If you submit a warship, you should also try to submit a civilian ship or non-military article.
  2. Right now we really need non-military articles. Things like Places, Culture and improvements to existing pages.
  3. Listen to what is needed for the community from your Faction Manager and the site Star Army's Staff.
  4. If you're creating for the Star Army of Yamatai check out the Star Army WIPs and Wanted Articles for a list of wanted and needed articles.
  5. Feel free to seek feed back, participate in the Ideas and Suggestions Forum and Setting Discussion.
  6. Ask for help on discord in the World Building Channel.

Roleplay Requirements

Rather than just add stuff to the wiki, we ask that things be introduced through roleplay prior to submission.

Class Submission Types Roleplay Requirements
A Playable Factions A successful GMed roleplaying plot lasting 3 months or more that introduces the new faction through contact with an existing faction
B Species, Starships, Subfactions, Major Corporations, Star Systems 1 RP Thread focused on the submission
C Small Craft, Weapons, Androids, Power Armor, Small Corporations, Nonsapient Species 1 news post or 1 RP post
D Random setting fluff Mentioned by or seen by any character in any RP

For a thread we mean an RP thread with multiple posts and preferably multiple participants. The idea is to generate RP.

Illustrations and Art

When possible try to include art.

  1. Illustrations may be required for approval of articles.
    1. This depends on the faction.
  2. We strongly suggest creating or obtaining illustrations for the following article categories:
    1. Starships and vehicles (anything a character can drive or pilot)
    2. Uniforms (anything a character can wear)
    3. Weapons (anything a character can shoot)
  3. Artwork is always required for new species.
  4. Give credit to artists in OOC section.

Articles for the Star Army of Yamatai require artwork if they're in the following categories.

  • Starships and vehicles
  • Uniforms
  • Weapons of any type, especially handheld weapons

Getting Approval

This the guide our moderators use when Reviewing Submissions. Check it out to see more details as to what is expected.

When your submission is approved, our team will:

  • Move your article out of the WIP namespace.
  • Add Approval Information to the article.
  • Fill out the structured data fields, if applicable. (See: Struct)

After your submission is approved, you are responsible for:

  • Updating the article as standards and Templates change.
  • Updating history and relevant roleplay information.
  • Ensuring it is listed correctly on other pages.
  • Resubmitting it if any major changes are made.

Permission Restrictions & Consequences for not following Submission Rules

  1. Any participant in the Technology and Setting process found in violation of the above rules will be served a 3-7 day permission restriction which will remove their ability to post in the Technology and Setting forum.
  2. Repeated offenders or in cases determined by staff to be serious will be permanently restricted from posting in the section.
  3. Continued abuse of policy may lead to banning.
  4. Do not try to rush the review process. This includes but is not limited to bumping threads and/or harassing the reviewer in chatrooms by spamming the link to your approval thread.


  1. If your submission is denied, it may be locked. At that time it is the submitter’s responsibility to appeal this by contacting the staff/admin who locked and put “not approved” on it. When that staff/admin feels that the topic is ready to be unlocked pending your discussion on the submission, it will be done.
  2. If after the appeal, your submission is still not approved you should consider strongly the advice given by the staff/admin and move on.

OOC Notes

Wes created this article sometime in 2011; updated this article on 2018/04/18 20:14 after receiving approval from Wes on 2018/04/18 16:18.

This article was updated by Andrew after being implemented by Wes in the Ideas & Suggestions Forum on 1/19/2021.

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