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Site Rules

These are Star Army's community guidelines (not to be confused with the Terms and Conditions which deal more with legal stuff). The staff and administration are responsible for interpreting and enforcing these.

Basic Rules

  1. Register only one account.
  2. Follow our Roleplay Guidelines.
  3. Respect the rights of other players (See: Player's Rights)
    1. It's not permissible to control other people's characters or versions of people's characters (e.g. simulated versions, clones) without permission
  4. Art for your characters should be original, commissioned, or something you have permission to use1).
  5. Content guidelines for language, violence and sexuality are on the site as a whole are 2-1-2 in public areas and 3-3-3 in the non-public forums marked as 18+. Posting guidelines can also be set by individual GMs.
  6. It's a sci-fi setting; no magic please (see Telepathy and Magic Rules).
  7. Work-in-progress wiki articles go in the WIP: namespace. Keep your hands off other people's WIPs unless you have their permission to edit them.
    1. Exception: It's always okay to fix typos or broken links on the wiki.
  8. Do not hotlink images (such as imgur) from other sites on the wiki. All wiki images should be locally hosted. This does not apply to the forums.
  9. If you need to leave the RP, see Leaving a Plot or The Community for how to exit gracefully.

See Chat Guide for chat rules. There are also some additional rules for making and operating factions and submitting things to the setting.

Code of Conduct

We want the community to be enjoyable to its members and to be a fun place where members feel welcome.

  1. We expect and require respectful behavior.
    1. Profanity is allowed in roleplay posts. It doesn't belong in discussion threads.
    2. Personal attacks or insulting others (“flaming”) is not permitted.
    3. Deliberately causing drama (“trolling”) is not permitted.
    4. Racist, bigoted, or other hate speech is a violation of the Terms and Conditions.
    5. Harassment will not be tolerated.
    6. Respect user privacy and don't post other people's personal information. (See also: Privacy Policy).
  2. Deceptive member behavior such as false ages, sock puppeting, and impersonating other members is not permitted.
  3. Copyrighted content is not permitted on the wiki unless you have rights to put it there. On the forums copyrighted content such as news articles should be presented as part of a discussion about it. Do not post full articles (use excerpts only, preferably 1/6th or less of the article) and always provide credit and link to the source. Promoting piracy and warez is forbidden. See Terms and Conditions for info on copyright.
  4. Adult content is not permitted except in designated areas (18+ forums and the NSFW wiki namespace)
    1. No sexual content of any kind, including text, featuring minors.
  5. Spam advertising is prohibited, and will be reported to blacklisting services
  6. Do not quote or repost content that violates the rules.
  7. Do not get into “edit wars” with admins or mods on the forums or wiki, or vandalize the wiki.
  8. Do not share private conversations without the permission of those involved.
    1. Note: It's okay to share private conversations with site staff, or screenshots of them, if it's part of a report.
  9. Members may not purchase, use, or share artwork that uses another members' character(s) in an adult situation without the permission of the character's owner. This may be considered sexual harassment and can be grounds for removal from the community.


Violations of the above rules will typically result in a forum warning. Your content may be edited to remove content that violates the community guidelines. Multiple warnings, or severe violations, at discretion of the admins or staff, will result in a ban.

See: Ban Policy

Enforcement Guidelines

Forum Moderators:

  • Moderators should edit posts to remove the problem content, replacing it with a notice like: “This post has been edited to remove content that violated the Star Army code of conduct. ~~Moderator Doshii Jun.”
  • When a user commits a violation, they should receive a notice that explains why they were in the wrong and what action we took. This can be automated or via conversation.
  • Discussions of specific rule violations should occur in private conversations, not on the forums. Attempts to “rules lawyer” moderator actions should be locked.

Mod Guidelines For Editing Posts

  1. Posts with rule violations will be generally edited to remove the violating content and leave the rest. If the whole post is an issue, the whole post will be removed.
  2. Posts with errors in spelling, grammar, or BBCoding are sometimes edited to fix those errors when spotted. If a moderator edits a post, there is usually an automated notice at the bottom right that will say that a moderator edited it. Sometimes an admin may “silently” edit which does not show a notice.
  3. Character actions and dialogue should not changed without prior discussion except for the error correction noted above.
  4. Some forums, like the announcements and the news forum, are exceptions that are moderated to review or improve content before it is visible to the public, because they are the “voice of the site.”
Note: We can help you find an artist or even pay for art for your character. Contact admin Wes for info!

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