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New Dusk Conclave

Founded in YE 40 by rebels, outcasts, and refugees, the New Dusk Conclave wants to create a better society for all sentients - one free from the harsh totalitarian regime that its leaders left behind and one that would provide a worthy place for all sentients who would call it home.

A young faction, the NDC has grown considerably from its roots as Section 6, an organization that was focused on cutting-edge research and covert operations. Section 6's legacy lives on in many ways, such as the faction's focus on highly-trained, highly-capable soldiers and civilians, its continuous push for more advanced technology, and its standard black-and-red color schemes.

Led by the capable leadership of Archduchess Neera Pine and Archduke Mark Oaklen, as well as a growing noble class of planetary and system administrators, the NDC aims to expand its reach into the galaxy while maintaining good relations with its neighbors, so that all might prosper together.

New Dusk Conclave
Capital Sirris VI - Obsidian City
Population ~20 million
Heads of State Neera Pine and Mark Oaklen
Government Type Diarchic Aristocracy
Formation YE 40
Currency Duskerian Script (DS)


Originally created from a division of the OSO in YE 38, called Section 6, they grew and expanded. When they could grow no longer and had done all they could for the place of their conception, in YE 40, Section 6 took a long and harrowing exodus in search of a new home. A world and system to call their own to build the ideal future for their people that for so long they had worked for. Little did they know that such a trip would cost them as with the loss of ST technology with their departure they could not revive those who had passed away. Because as they left they were struck with a terrorist attack from agents of Psychopomp LLC then later even more in a direct assault on the S6 fleet. Over 500 lives were lost in the journey and it would take over three months to build their first city; the capital of what would become the New Dusk Conclave. Even before landfall they had formed their council and drafted the outline of their new government. But it was not considered complete or felt as genuine until the city was completed. The day of completion was marked with the unveiling of a monument to those who had perished in the exodus: a large black wall filled with graphene orbs forged from the fallen. They had finally found a home in the Sanctum star system on the world dubbed Sirris VI and their new capital city named Obsidian City.

With this new government, the organization had to restructure and set a form of governance. The governing body came in the form of the council formed of the original department heads and the two founders. The Pine bloodline became nobility and Jack Pine, with his brother Mark Oaklen, ruled as lords at the head of this council. Only their bloodline's descendants could ascend to the thrones if either of the founders passed.

In YE 42, lord Jack Pine was assassinated and his adoptive daughter Neera ascended to the throne. Throughout YE 42, the NDC made advances in technology and expanded its territory, further securing holdings in SX-01 “Vale” and SX-02 “Nephis” despite setbacks, and introduced new methods for creating synths and integrating synthetics further into the fabric of Duskerian society.


The NDC's culture is heavily influenced by its Section 6 heritage and the growing Synthetic population.

The core of the NDC's cultural beliefs is that everyone contributes in a meaningful way. Much of a citizen's social position is derived from their ability to contribute and, indeed, an entire social lattice exists focused around the concept of contribution. Due to this, the NDC is an extreme meritocracy in many ways.

Much of this belief in contribution originated from the professional nature of the faction's founding population. When the faction began creating clones, and later AIs and androids, this belief was deeply instilled. As the 'Synthetic'1) population grew, the influence of their conditioning spread across the faction as a whole and created the contribution-focused society that exists today. An unintended side effect of this cultural shift has been that Naturals2) are often discriminated against by the Synthetic population in varying degrees.

Culture Overview


Another side-effect of the growing Synthetic population has been the creation of Cadres. Something like faction-spanning unions, Cadres collect nearly the entire population of the NDC into groups based on their trade. The Warrior Cadre is by far the largest, representing the NDC's Legion, Fleet, domestic protections, mercenaries, and more.

Cadre members exist within a master/apprentice ladder, continually seeking to grow their skills under more and more capable teachers. The success of the Cadre as a whole, and thus the NDC, is the primary goal - so nurturing newcomers is an absolute necessity.

Rank within the Cadres is entirely based upon an individual's capabilities, with the exception of the Cadre leaders themselves who are democratically elected by the body of the Cadre.

Cadres Overview


To solidify the faction leader's hold over their growing populace and in the face of the growing influence of the Cadres, a new noble class was created to formally tie the authority of territorial managers back to the Archduchess and Archduke.

Nobles are given considerable power over their territory and are expected to develop it to be the best of their ability. A noble position is gained, and held, by merit - corruption, sedition, or lack of capability are sure ways to be stripped of the title and replaced with someone more worthy. Despite this, nobles enjoy an elevated social position and relatively opulent lifestyle.

Aristocracy Overview


All players are welcome within the New Dusk Conclave. Please review our Active Plots (top of the menu on the left) to see what best fits your interests. You can also RP as an independent, spin up your own plot, or participate in an Open RP thread at any time.

Join Us!

Interested in making a character within the NDC? Check out our Character Creation Guide.


Additional useful information about the innerworkings of the New Dusk Conclave and its peoples are below.

Incorporated Species

A full list of the species commonly found within the NDC is available on the NDC's Population page.


The NDC's government is a Unitary Aristocracy, helmed by the Archduchess Neera Pine and Archduke Mark Oaklen. Leadership of the two major branches of the nation's military is split between the two rulers, with the Conclave Aerospace and Fleet Forces under the Archduchess' direct authority and the NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion" led by the Archduke.

The remainder of the NDC government is broken into six major departments, each led by a member of the Council of Six.

Treaties and Diplomacy

Despite the nation's young age, they have already made strides towards friendly relations with the other nations; having already made a successful alliance with another young nation. Talks with other powers continue and hopefully, their bonds with those of the Kikyo sector will grow.


#FlagPagePlace NameDescriptionPopulation
1Draco Eridanus SystemDraco EridanusThe Main system of the Mining Guild.900,700
2DX-01 “Newhaven”DX-01 “Newhaven”A frontier system of the New Dusk Conclave, settled in YE44 under the rule of Duke Emile Liselotte.250
3SanctumSanctum SystemThe capital system of the New Dusk Conclave.
4SX-01 “Vale”SX-01 “Vale”
5SX-02 “Nephis”SX-02 “Nephis”
    ∑ 900,950

Great Things About This Faction

This is what players had to say about this faction:

“Lonely little Star Bois.” -Dragon_God
“More active than me.” - Air Admiral
“One of my favorite places.” - Charaa

OOC Notes

DescriptionFounded in YE 40 by rebels, outcasts, and refugees, the New Dusk Conclave wants to create a better society for all sentients - one free from the harsh totalitarian regime that its leaders left behind and one that would provide a worthy place for all sentients who would call it home. FM: Alex Hart Co-FMs: In question
OOC ManagerAlex Hart
OOC ThreadOOC Thread
Purpose-made individuals, such as clones, AIs, or Androids who are inherently good at what they do
Organically-born individuals who have been raised through normal means

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