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NDC Standard Issue (Starting Equipment)

All members of the New Dusk Conclave's various military forces are assigned the same basic starting kit. From there, they specialize based on the unique needs of their Occupation.

Members of the military are allowed to customize their equipment to a certain extent, so long as their basic kit is present. Customizations that make it hard to tell their role or loyalty, or impede their ability to fulfill the needs of their occupation, are not acceptable.

Basic Kit

Image Item Description
Dog tags
Tank Top, Black
Jeans, Red
Socks, Black
Boots, Combat Leather, Black
NDC Enlisted Dress Uniform
NDC Exercise Uniform
"Mithril" Military Bodysuit
BW-CP "Shade" compact 10mm Pistol
S6-Long Combat Knife “Cross”

Wiki Code

Characters starting within the NDC's various military branches begin with:

  * 1x NDC dog tags with I.D. number and name, metal-tungsten
  * 2x NDC black tank tops
  * 2x Red jeans
  * 8x Black socks
  * 1x Black steel-toed boots
  * Standard Issue Uniforms (NDC)
    * 1x [[corp:bwe:clothing:ndc_dress_uniform|NDC Dress Uniform]]
    * 1x [[corp:bwe:clothing:ndc_exercise_uniform|NDC Workout Uniforms]]
    * 1x [[corp:conclave_ship_works:uniforms:mithril]]

**Weapons & Gear**
  * [[corp:bwe:guns:shade|]]
  * [[corp:bwe:melee:bw-lck_cross]]

  * [[faction:ndc:technology:geist_implant_2.0]]
  * [[wip:faction:ndc:equipment:aegle]]

Occupation-specific Gear

If your character's NDC Military Occupations provides additional starting equipment, the Occupation's page will specify it.


Independent characters within the NDC should select their own starting gear. Keep in mind that most characters should not be particularly wealthy, so please keeping your gear limited to something reasonable. A G1-N2 "Geist" Advanced Interfacing Implant 2.0 is recommended and is available for free to any of the NDC's civilians.

Regardless of occupation, your GM should help you understand what you might need. As a general rule, we don't manage inventory or wealth, so think of these as 'RP helpers'.

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