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New Dusk Conclave Equipment

The New Dusk Conclave is a young nation, but one that has devoted significant energy towards the defense of its territory.

In YE 42, a major effort was begun to modernize the NDC's offerings to simplify maintenance and ensure that its military is using only the best available equipment.

To see what your character would start with as a member of the NDC's military, see NDC Starting Equipment.


Capital Warships

Albion-class Carrier (T14) Dirge-class Battlecruiser (T14, WIP)


SS2 Scythe-class Cruiser (T12) SS1 Frigate (T11) Erebus-class Frigate (T10)
Spectre-class Stealth Cruiser (T12)

Non-military Ships

Mecha and Armor

Ground Forces

Largely taking the place of tanks on the front lines, Ground Frames can wield a variety of weapons across a diverse range of terrains. More resilient than their air- and space- oriented cousins, they can deal just as much damage as they can take.

BW-XA-1a E.A.S.E. (T6) BW-XM1 “Possessor” (T8) OH-M3-2A “Super Spartan”

Variable Frames

Variable Frames can switch between one or more physical configurations to improve their performance. Combining the best qualities of fighters with the versatility of the mechanized frame, Variable Frames are a main stay among the NDC's smaller craft.

NH-VF-1 Banshee-class Strike Frame (T8) VF-41N Sparrowhawk (T8)


While not as mobile as their Frame counterparts, traditional Armor units are a cost-effective way to fortify a position or put large guns at an effective range from a target.

BW-MBT-1A “Centaur” (T8) BW-HBT “Hades” (T9) Hydra Variable Tank (T8)


The ease of operating humanoid machinery with the Anima System has caused a dramatic increase in the use of Frames for commercial purposes. What once was done by cranes or construction equipment is largely done by humanoid machines.

BW-XA-1a E.A.S.E.-C (T6, Civilian, WIP)

Small Craft

BW-MSF “Sparrow” Modular Fighter (T7) BW-V1-2 Starbreaker II


BW-RTTS “Bolt” Transport Shuttle (T8) BW-VTOLT “Hammer” Heavy Transport (T9) BW-TC-1A Hellcat-class Tactical Dropship (T9)



Hibiscus-class Mobile Space Station(T15)

Personal Gear


Mithril (Standard Bodysuit) Standard Duty/Enlisted Officer
Conclave Knight Exercise

Power Armor

Revenant Power Armor Mk II (T5)

Body Armor

Small Arms

BW-CP “Shade” Pistol (T1) BW-P2 “Wraith” Pistol (T1) BW-6SAS “Sickle” Assault Rifle (T2)
BW-?W-1a “Chimera” Carbine/DMR (wip)

Heavy and/or Power Armor Arms

Storm Rifle II Heavy Railgun (T4-6)


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