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Hydra Variable Tank

A variable mode main battle tank designed for the rough terrain of of 188604, and able to raise the cannon several meters above the surrounding terrain for better line of sight, before returning to cover. Designed in YE 39 based on the input of Jack Pine.

More about Hydra Variable Tank

The Hydra has many features not standard on most main battle tank class armored vehicles.

With its magnetic tread pods and RCS thruster clusters in conjunction with a set of impulse driving thrusters and a presseurized cabin, the Hydra is capable of operating and dogfighting in space combat scenarios, if poorly.

When on rough terrain, the tread pods can be deployed to legs to raise the cannon assembly above cover, to fire off a more accurate line of site shot.

Equipped with the powerful Sutafaia Fusion Shell, this light tank packs quite the punch.

About the Hydra

The Hydra is designed as a true β€œall purpose” combat vehicle, able to operate in deep space, fight, and adapt its form to fire over cover,

Key Features

  • Two modes of movement: treaded and quadripedal.
  • one pilot only
  • zero atmosphere rated
  • underwater rated
  • flight capable for short periods of time.


After Saber's first mission which involved an enemy tank, it was clear that Saber would need something that could be deployed quickly and without a large crew to even the odds in similar scenarios. The Hydra was Section 6's answer, a variable tank capable of treaded and quadrupedal movement. It is armed with a graviton cannon that fires a graviton beam in addition to a newly designed munition, and other solid 40mm munitions. An anti-personnel chaingun, an anti-personnel armored gumdrop turret, and a mini missile launcher module finish it's default loadout. This tank can operate in a wide range of environments, including zero atmosphere, and provides a source of heavy local fire support.


The Hydra has the general appearance of a usual tank, but has a more slanted look to its armor. It has three clearly visible weapon systems, a small topside turret, and boosters. The gap between the main turret and the body is narrower. Thrusters are apparent on the tread sections. Finally, there is only one hatch for crew and openable panels to refill the munitions magazine compartments.

in its secondary mode the treads split towards the center of the craft. With the front and back section transforming into mechanized legs. When deployed, the thick armor plates found on the front and back of the tread sections move down to act as skiff like feet when in quadruped mode.

Statistical Information

Below is the general performance data on the Hydra variable main battle tank

  • Crew: 1 pilot
  • Maximum Capacity: 1 in, 5-10 on
  • Passenger Capacity: (If it has any) 5-10 riding on the outside
  • Length: 9 Meters
  • Width: 3 Meters
  • Height (Compacted): 4 meters
  • Height (Standing1)): 6 Meters


  • Ground speed: 85 mph when in tread mode, and 45 mph max in quadrupedal mode, and 120 mph max when using thrusters in tandem with skiffs.
  • Air speed: 30 mph in atmosphere, and .12cc in space
  • Range: Indefinite
  • Lifespan: 50 years without maintenance, 300 with maintenance

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: tier 8
  • Shields: tier 8


The interior consist of a cramped one seater cockpit with two joysticks, a set of pedals, and screens. Screens consist of a console equipped with a monitor and the curved ceiling of the cockpit acts as a digital view of the outside as if it were glass which also features a HUD. A flippable eye cover on the right side of the pilot seat's head rest gives a aim scope targeting view for the main cannon.

Weapons Systems

Below are the various weapons systems that make up the default loadout for the Hydra. They allow it to be effective in combat from medium to long ranges.

Onboard Systems Descriptions

Listed here are the internal systems of the Hydra variable tank. This includes power, propulsion, computation equipment, safety, and any additional systems.

Cargo Capacity

This tank has no cargo space other that to store munitions.

Standard Equipment

A kit attached to the back of the pilot seat containing:

Three days' worth of full-nutrition ration bars
Three days' worth of water
A medical kit containing bandages, disinfectant, and gauze

OOC Notes

Madi Harper created this page on 2017/10/23 15:37, Jack Pine wrote the article.

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Product Categoriesvehicles
Product NameHydra Variable Tank
ManufacturerBlack Wing Enterprises
Year ReleasedYE 39
Price (KS)20β€―,000.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 8
Standard posture

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