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S6-TBOM "Swarm" Rocket Pod System

The Swarm was created by the Department Of Engineering in YE 41, for use by NDC Ground Forces "Duskerian Legion" of the New Dusk Conclave.

About the Swarm

In YE 41, the military of the New Dusk Conclave knew they needed to expand their arsenal given their growing list of foes. So as part of their effort to fight back against significantly powered armored units, the BW-MBT-1A "Centaur" was created, and along with it the “Swarm”. Using a simple yet robust system of electric ignition, and minimal parts within the system, the Swarm is made of very few components, yet still very effective at the role it fills. Mostly in part to its 80mm rockets which come in 9in mini rockets, and 30in long rockets, which all come in a variety of payloads for additional effects called for in a tactical situation.

Nomenclature Information

Here is the manufacturing data on the Swarm.


The Swarm is very blocky in appearance, as it is basically a large box with ballistic cover flaps over each tube which flip open when fired. A box with a laser sits built into the top to offer basic target acquisition for the system itself before the rockets are fired towards the target, and the rear of the weapon module is open to allow exhaust to escape when the rockets are fired.

Discharge Information

Here are the characteristics of the Swarm when fired.

  • Muzzle Flash: none
  • Retort: A whooshing sounds as the rocket flies out.
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: A rocket flying out in a blur of motion and faint smoke trail from its flight path.
  • Effective Range: 2,000km
  • Rate of Fire: 180rpm if fired in sequence, or 60rpm if firing a whole layer at once.
  • Recoil: Small rockets only cause negligible recoil to the vehicle, and a heavy backwards pull if using the full three layer length rockets.


Below is the information on the Swarm's damage and munitions.

  • Ammunition S6-80mm Rockets
    • Purpose: T5 if mini rockets, and T6 if long rockets
  • Round Capacity: 18 long rockets, or 54 mini rockets
80mm Rocket Damage Quickchart
Type Purpose
22.8cm Length Rockets
22.8cm Standard T5
22.8cm HE T5
22.8cm Plasma T5
22.8cm Airburst T3
22.8cm Sensor Relay T0
22.8cm Smoke/Chaff Mix T0
76.2cm Length Rockets
76.2cm Standard T6
76.2cm HE T6
76.2cm Plasma T6
76.2cm Micro Hellfire T3
76.2cm Surveillance Node T0

Weapon Mechanisms

Below here is the information on the inner workings of the Swarm.

  • Firing Mechanism: Electrical rails with hinged prongs line all four sides within the tube, and are separated into three segments which all swing towards the center inside the tube. The rockets push these against the sides to also act as racks the rocket sit upon. Small rockets push one aside no matter the layer it's loaded in. The prong on the rail closest to the end of the rocket is not pushed back and when triggered sends a arc of electricity to ignite the ignition primer in the end of the rocket's exhaust. There are three layers, each one, one rail deep. Please note that the casing of each mini rocket, is made of Aegium with a Graphene heat resistant outer layer to prevent detonation from the rocket in front of it. Longer rockets of higher damage, range, and yield slide all three rails aside. The prong on the third and final rail is not pushed aside, and is the igniting unit.
  • Loading: Weapon system is loaded manually, or via mechanical resupply system back at base in the vehicle hangar.
  • Mode Selector: There is a switch on the control stick for whatever vehicle the swarm is mounted to for choosing.
  • Firing Modes: Rockets are fired in sequence, or all at once.
  • Safety Mechanism: none
  • Weapon Sight: Non-smart munitions are fired at the target pointed to by the laser targeting module atop the pod, which coincides with the optical target acquisition system installed on the vehicle. Smart munitions are linked to the targeting systems onboard the vehicle which provides lock on data for targeting for timed detonation via remote signal.
  • Attachment Hard Points: none


Below here is the pricing for the weapon system itself, it's components, and it's munitions.


  • S6-TBOM “Swarm”: 20,000DS

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Electric Rails: 1,000DS
  • Frame: 1,000DS
  • Housing: 2,000DS
  • Laser Targeting Module: 2,000DS


80mm Rockets Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Hardened Crate)
30in Rocket(Any Payload) 6,000DS
9in Rocket(Any Payload) 2,000DS

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