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Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing

Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing, commonly called 'Default', is a guild within the New Dusk Conclave. It constructs buildings, cities, and space stations. In recent years, it has expanded its business to create rugged and effective construction tools for its own manufacturing force - and the broader market.

Formed in early YE 41, it expanded its operations to formally become a tools manufacturer in YE 43.

Company Statistics
Established YE 41
Leadership Markus Default, CEO
Associated Factions New Dusk Conclave
Headquarters Hephaestus-class “Brooklyn”, Sanctum System
Product Symbol DEF
Slogan “Pros default to Default.”, “When you want to build it right, we're the Default choice”

About Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing

In the early days of the New Dusk Conclave, Markus Default, a keen businessman with experience in the construction field, saw an opportunity to establish a new business in the fledgling faction. What followed were years of booming profits as the new 'Default Construction Company' secured contract after contract in the construction of Obsidian City, Dawn City, and even many of the new space stations.

As its workforce grew, so too did its need for newer, more job-appropriate tools for the larger and larger tasks that the company was charged with. Many of its field technicians got into the habit of taking existing technology, duct taping it onto decommissioned power armors or industrial vehicles, and making do.

That practice was not exactly safe.

Fearing the eventual lawsuits that were surely to come, Markus began to invest in hiring engineers to more formally develop and source tools to ensure that his company's workers were appropriately equipped. Much of their efforts remain inline with the earlier ones - that is, using existing technology to solve construction problems - but they now use actual engineering best practices and extensive field tests to ensure safety and durability.

Today, Default has grown such that a surprisingly large portion of its business comes from the manufacture and sale of these tools. While the lion's share of its business will always be focused on construction, the company rebranded itself in YE 43 to respect this new, profitable market as “Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing”.


Default holds no particular territory or shipyards of its own, but holds an interest in all of the NDC's territories.

Job-site Tools

In addition to using its own products, Default also uses:


The following is a list of Default's product lines. All are readily available on the market.

For consumer or contract grade tools, see Default's subsidiary company, Manley Space Tools.

Research and Development


Default is pleased to work with inventors of all kinds from across the sector. Got an idea for a new tool? Been using something special on your own jobsite? Let us know!

Default Dev

Default uses a high-visibility, high-contrast color scheme that is well suited to the job site.

Default Yellow: Rough, 96 87 15

Default Dark Yellow: Metallic, 100 76 15

Black: Rough, 15 20 25

Metal: Metallic, Various default grays

Blue Glowy Bits: High or Low emission, 60 90 100

Green Glowy Bits: High or Low emission, 0 70 15 (Used sparingly)

Tools should avoid hard edges, but have a Tonka-truck like quality that makes them look resilient and weighty. Default designs are practical and not typically cutting edge. New applications for existing tech gets bonus points.

Since Default tools are largely intended as background elements, their articles don't need to be overly thorough. Describe the basics of what they do, how they do it, and how they are to be used. Keep it short and sweet!


The below is the transaction history of significant or noteworthy purchases.

Order Requested By Amount Additional Details

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