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Clothing within the Star Army Universe is not merely a matter of fashion or function; it's a representation of the diverse cultures, technological advancements, and the ever-evolving nature of life among the stars. In this expansive setting, apparel ranges from the practical uniforms of various military organizations to the traditional garb of ancient civilizations, reflecting both utility and identity.


The evolution of clothing in the Star Army setting parallels the progression of interstellar societies. Initially, designs were functional, meant to accommodate the needs of space travel and combat. As civilizations encountered one another and technologies advanced, clothing became more than just protective wear; it turned into a statement of individuality and cultural expression.


Clothing in the Star Army setting varies dramatically based on environment, function, and culture. Some key categories are listed below:

Personal Clothing/Civilian Attire

From the flowing robes of the Kuvexian merchants to the rugged gear of an Independent Freelancer , civilian clothing is as varied as the populace. High-tech fabrics that self-clean and adjust temperature are common among the affluent, while hard-wearing synthetics are favored in frontier zones.

Characters can find personal clothing wherever there are stores or purchase it online. There are also ways to make it or even spray it from a can such as Star Army Fabric Spray, Type 38.

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Organizational Clothing

It is common in the SARPiverse for groups, organizations, factions, and corporations to have distinctive organizational clothing in the form of designated Uniforms. Precise and practical, military uniforms are engineered for the demands of space and combat. They often incorporate life support functions, adaptive camouflage, and armor. Each faction has its distinctive style, indicating rank and role at a glance.

  • See the Uniforms page for more information.

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Ceremonial Garb

Rich in tradition and symbolism, ceremonial outfits are a spectacle of the setting's cultural richness. They might feature intricate embroidery with historic motifs, holographic elements, or even contain artifacts with storied pasts.


  • Daily Wear: The inhabitants of the Star Army universe don clothing appropriate to their roles, environments, and social contexts, from the simple coveralls of engineers to the elegant attire of intergalactic diplomats.
  • Protective Gear: In hazardous environments or combat situations, clothing serves as essential protection. This includes sapcesuits, armor plating, and radiation shields.
  • Cultural Expression: Festivals, rituals, and social gatherings are opportunities to wear clothing that celebrates heritage and personal expression. These are moments when the most colorful, extravagant, and meaningful outfits are displayed.

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OOC Notes

In the Star Army setting, clothing is not just about covering one's body or protection from the elements; it's a rich tapestry that weaves together technology, culture, and identity. It offers players a myriad of possibilities for expression and exploration within this vast, star-spanning tapestry of civilization.

  • Character Development: Clothing choices can be a powerful tool for character development, providing visual cues to a character's background, profession, and personality.
  • Cultural Worldbuilding: Designing unique clothing for a faction or species can add depth to the setting, providing players with tangible insights into their customs and values.

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