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Activity Expectations

This article covers Star Army's expectations for participants on the site.

For Players

The site-wide expectation for activity is logging on and posting a roleplay plot at least once in the last month or 30 days, typically measured by the date. For example, if today was the September 26th, the staff may look for a post since August 26th to check for participation. These checks are typically done silently and as needed. If you're inactive, your characters may be removed from a roleplay plot. For example, your character could be transferred to an NPC ship or moved into the Star Army Reserve until you return and become active again.

Game Masters may have other more frequent posting expectations of their own on their plot pages, depending on the pace of the plot. This depends on what the needs of the GM and players are and what they decide on.

If you are gone for over a whole year without logging on the forum, your characters might be adopted by other players depending on if you opted in or out of the adoption policy.

For Game Masters

Game Masters running an RP are expected to stay active and not leave players hanging.

GMs are required to complete a Roleplay Review a few times a year, which typically is a list of items such as updating wiki pages with information about what happened in the RP.

For Managers of Factions and Other Settting Elements

Management of parts of the setting is often delegated to members.

If you manage something OOC, you're expected to provide related RP for it. For example, Wes manages Star Army Personnel Command, so he provides recruiting center RPs and orders threads. The minimum expected activity is one RP thread a month. If you're unable to meet this, staff may, at our discretion, ask you to release management of the setting element.

OOC Management of setting elements may occasionally be redistributed by staff to whoever is doing the most related RP for that element.

This Rule applies to:

Players who retired from RP or haven't logged on the forum for over a month will be removed from managing setting elements.

OOC Notes

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