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Time is ongoing sequence of Events in the SARPiverse. The passage of time is an important aspect of the roleplay as it gives characters opportunities to grow personally and professionally through experiences, and for the Setting to experience historical change.

Relationship to OOC Time

In the Star Army RP, our norm is to assume that in-character time will continue to pass at a steady rate. Historically the changing of in-character year has been based on the OOC year, which allows us to coordinate fun holiday events that roughly sync with their real-world counterparts. Until 2017, this was usually done on a yearly basis, but since then Star Army has explicitly provided the in-character date on a monthly basis. Some IC months get more OOC time than others to help make room for holiday RP. The precise schedule chart can be found on the year pages.

Measuring Time

The standard for time in Star Army is the Yamataian Calendar, which is fairly similar to the Gregorian Calendar we use in the real world, but with only 315 total days in the year (so in-character years are a bit shorter than OOC ones, which is why the Star Army recruits at age 21 instead of age 18). The 315 days are divided equally into nine months that are each 35 days long, which is five weeks of seven days. Some factions or star systems may have their own β€œlocal” calendars.

Events & History

Star Army's rich history is, according to member surveys, one of the primarily appeals of the Star Army Roleplaying Community, and particularly that most of the major events of Star Army were actually roleplayed out which gives them a certain feeling of authenticity. It's vital to continue making this history and to record what is happening in roleplay.

Where To Find/Record Events & History

On the Star Army wiki, there's multiple places to record or read about history:

  • History is recorded year by year on the years pages such as YE 43.
  • Events pages are about specific events in history, such as major battles.
  • Most setting articles on this wiki have a history section as the first section header after the title and overview.
  • There may also be dedicated history articles for factions or organizations with large histories


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