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The Star Army setting has an enormous number of products in the setting! This list automatically includes any product marked with a price. Note that some products may have their availability limited to certain purchasers (e.g. the military) or factions.

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Please note that only products with prices (in their struct data) will appear on this list. See Products Database.

#Product ImagePagePrice (KS)DescriptionManufacturerProduct Categories
1Conclave Cola0.50 KSA soft drink.Black Wing Enterprisesdrinks
2Dr. Poppy0.50 KSLovefruit-flavored Yamataian sodaKetsurui Zaibatsudrinks
3Gun Oil Cola0.50 KSA dark brown carbonated soft drink which has a sweet flavor characterized by strong notes of kola nuts, citrus oils, spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, and vanilla. Identifiable by its green label with white monogrammed logo.Gun Oil Coladrinks
4Splooj0.50 KSLime-flavored citrus soda - Star Army's Favorite Fizz!Sploojdrinks
5Tokyo Brewing Company's Soda Pop Shoppe0.50 KSAn assortment of soft drinks made by the Tokyo Brewing Company.Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
6Eggs0.50 KSEggs from from variety of sources in the Star Army universe.foods
7Lovefruit0.99 KSFruit from Yamatai and NatariaKetsurui Zaibatsufoods
8pale_ale.jpg1.00 KSThe Forty-Two Yamatai Pale Ale is a smooth drinking pale ale. It has a very dry and crisp flavor profile with a refreshing finish thanks to the Yamatai Special Hops.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
9gunship_lager.jpg1.00 KSGunship Lager is named with the mighty gunships of the Star Army of Yamatai past in mind; like the Sakura-class Light Gunship and Irim-class Heavy Gunship and features images of these two ships on their labels. Gunship Lager is a hearty deep flavored brew with undertones of peppery flavors from the blend of Nabari and Koukotsu Hops.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
10lager_generated_with_dalle-mini.jpeg1.00 KSA strong-willed Star Army of Yamatai Chujo with a long and distinguished service record deserves a beer that is equally as potent. In celebration of the retirement of Star Army Personnel Command's Director, Chujo Ketsurui-Chinomai Minori the Tokyo Brewing Company has formulated a power blend of hops for this brew that is fragrant and herbal in flavor and packs a punch that will send any other beer into retirement.

Full Barrel Keg (59L) - 700 KS / Quarter Barrel Keg (29L) - 430 KS / Bottle (755mL) - 2 KS / Can (325mL) - 1 KS
Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
11Liquid Bandage1.00 KSEmrys Industriesmaterials, medical
12AquaGenesis Fluid (Suaryoradone)1.00 KSArtificial amniotic fluid used in a variety of medical uses from a medium to grow clones to a base for healing bodies.Advancer Enterprisesmedical
13Protogenesis Fluid1.00 KSProtogenesis Fluid is a proprietary, nutrient-rich biogenic fluid and nanite medium used by the Nepleslian Reds in their development and growth of human clones.Nepleslian Research and Manufacturingmedical
14delivery_nanite.jpegDelivery Nanites1.00 KSNanites designed to encapsulate a drug and deliver it to the precise point in the body.Advancer Enterprisesmedical
15Coffee1.00 KSThe bean juice that humans cravedrinks
16Dusk-gizer1.00 KSAn energy drinkBlack Wing Enterprisesdrinks
17Milk1.00 KSMilk: Nature's original energy drink!drinks
18Tokyo Brewing Company Beers1.00 KSAn assortment of Beers brewed by the Tokyo Brewing Company.Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
19Bread1.00 KSClassic staple food. Great with butter or for making sandwiches.foods
20Star Army Kanpan1.00 KSHard tack crackers used by the Star Army and other groups. Civilian versions widely commercially available.Ketsurui Zaibatsufoods, survival
21Mining Probe1.25 KSMining ProbeBlack Wing Enterprises, Mining Guildelectronics
22TheraGel (Suaryoradone-2)1.50 KSTheraGel is a nanite and nutrient rich material used to rapidly heal wounds. Designed primarily for humans and species similar to human biology.Advancer Enterprisesmedical
23sarp-speed.jpgSpeed!1.50 KSA carbonated energy drink.AwesomeCorpdrinks
24Thrust!1.50 KSA carbonated energy drink.AwesomeCorpdrinks
25Socks2.00 KSPair of matching socksKetsurui Zaibatsu, Bravemart, Origin Industries, Emrys Industriesclothing
26Orange Juice2.00 KSA breakfast favoritedrinks
27Contraveisalgia Tablet2.00 KSA pill to cure a hangoverEmrys Industriesdrugs
28Suolaifen2.00 KSSuolaifen is designed to provide relief from mild pain and fevers. It operates by inhibiting the enzyme cyclooxygenase, thereby reducing the production of prostaglandins, which are responsible for inflammation and pain.Advancer Enterprisesdrugs
29Plasma Jet2.50 KSPopular citrus and berry flavored liquor that glows a shade of deep blue.Black Wing Enterprisesdrinks
30T-Shirt2.50 KSGeneric T-ShirtKetsurui Zaibatsu, WickedArms Industries, Emrys Industries, Bravemart, Origin Industriesclothing
31Star Army Undershirt2.50 KSBasic T-shirts used by the Star ArmyKetsurui Zaibatsuclothing, uniforms
32Instadrunk3.00 KSAn intoxicant with reduced side effectsEmrys Industriesdrugs
33Skinseal Sunscreen3.00 KSNorian sunscreen meant to protect their skin from the effects of infrared radiation.Lo'ken Institutedrugs
34Sushi3.00 KSOriginally created as a means of food preservation, the wrapping of raw fish in rice and seaweed has evolved into a culinary art form using a wide range of ingredients and styles. Popular in the Yamatai Star Empire.foods
35Mineral Scanner3.50 KSMining Guildtools
36Endurance4.00 KSDrug designed to improve pain tolerance.Emrys Industriesdrugs
37Cranth Medical Field Kit4.99 KSA medical kit by Cranth.Cranth Munitions and Servicesmedical
38Laundry Bag4.99 KSA cloth sack with a drawstring used to hold dirty clothingKetsurui Zaibatsucontainers, military equipment
395.00 KS10 x 280mm Borosilicate Capillary Bleed Tubes. 10 per pack.scientific
40s6-fg.jpgS6-FG5.00 KSA simple fragmentation grenade that was available as a hand grenade or as a launchable 40mm cased grenade.Black Wing Enterprisesweapons: grenades
41Emrys Emergency Rations5.00 KSEmrys Industries started creating Emergency Rations for civilian organizations and customers. They are similar to the Star Army Field Rations, Type 30. EERs come in reusable plastic containers.Emrys Industriesfoods, kits, survival
42Ionic Adhesive5.00 KSThe Emrys Ionic Adhesive is a two part product that binds objects at a molecular levelEmrys Industriesmiscellaneous, tools
43Kagayaki - Tsuya Nail Polish5.00 KSLong-duration nail polishKagayaki Cosmeticscosmetics
44RaiNE OS5.00 KSRyu Heavy Industriessubsystems
45Moon’s Nectar5.00 KSA delicious drink made of fermenting apples and honey.Yugumo Corporation, Tokyo Brewing Companydrinks
46Puraliberry Juice5.00 KSA delicious drink made in the NDC and in a way imported thanks to the Mining Guild.Black Wing Enterprisesdrinks
47Oxyazine5.00 KSOxyazine is a detoxifying medication used in the treatment of severe intoxications. operates by forming complexes with harmful toxins present in the bloodstream and liver. These complexes are then metabolically transformed into non-toxic compounds that can be safely excreted through the kidneys. Great for treating acute cases of drug overdose, alcohol poisoning (we know what you did last night), and exposure to hazardous industrial chemicals.Advancer Enterprisesdrugs
48Viroxetine5.00 KSViroxetine is an antiviral medication designed to target and inhibit a wide range of viruses. It is formulated to disrupt viral replication and inhibit the spread of viral infections within the body. It interferes with viral attachment and entry into host cells, thereby preventing the virus from infiltrating healthy cells and initiating infection (key during initial and early infections).Advancer Enterprisesdrugs
49Canteen5.00 KSA watertight container that allows a person to carry a supply of waterKetsurui Zaibatsumilitary equipment, survival
50Jerky5.00 KSMeat jerky: A galactic treatfoods

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