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Bravemart is a chain of convenience stores that primarily sells generic supplies for space travelers and adventurers. It is operated by the Nepleslian Reds and began expansion in YE 36 from its home in the Rufusland star system.

Bravemart Logo Flag of Rufusland

In addition to selling basic gear, Bravemarts are also places to find jobs, which are often posted in their entrances on bulletin boards and public computer terminals.

Bravemart stores tend to be cluttered, and are often located around civilian spaceports. They accept payments in KS or DA.



Most Bravemart stores are built to a common design. In the entrance, there is an area with tables and couches that create a sort of lounge for customers to plan their adventures. In this lounge there is a jukebox, vending machines, an a sales window for concessions area that sells fountain drinks and hot dogs for 1 KS. Sleeping is not allowed in the lounge.

Big plans encourage sales, so there are free communications terminals and bulletin boards available for job postings. In the middle part of the shop is the checkout area and restrooms, and a security room. Past those are the rows of merchandise. In the very back is a storage room and loading dock.

Available Items

Here is a list of items available. If you don't find what you need, you can ask for it to be added to Bravemart stores. Some items that Bravemart sells are previously used or sold, but they are always in good and usable condition. If wear is notable, the items are sold at a discount. Bravemart also takes price suggestions. If you think an item's price is too low or high, contact Wes.


  1. 10mm KZ (.40 Pistol): 100-round box for 50 KS
  2. KZ 7.62mm (Rifle) FMJ/AP for GP-1 or GP-2: 100-round box for 75 KS
  3. .45 Zen Armaments, 100-round box for 45 KS
  4. Shotgun shells, 1 KS each


Clothing sold at Bravemart is fairly simple in design and looks rather plain. All leather clothing items are available in black or brown. All cloth clothing items are available in the following colors: Red, Dark Red, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Khaki, Brown, and Orange. Other colors may be available upon request or as special promotions.

  1. Bathrobe: A terrycloth bathrobe. Wearable luxury. 10 KS
  2. Cap, Trucker: Cloth on the front and plastic mesh on the back. 4 KS. Available in various styles:
    2. “Back the fuck up, I'm a BRAVEMART CUSTOMER”
    3. “My other hat is a space marine beret.”
    4. NSMC logo
    5. “UOC Survivor”
    6. “100% Human”
    7. “Elysian War back-to-back Champion”
  3. Coveralls: A loose full-body jumpsuit for work. 35 KS
  4. Do-rag: It covers the head. 1 KS.
  5. Dress: A simple dress. Knee length. 5 KS
  6. Belt, Leather, 20 KS
  7. Boots, Leather, 100 KS
  8. Gloves, Leather, 20 KS
  9. Jacket, Leather. Two styles available:
    1. Biker jacket: 90 KS
    2. Bomber jacket with fur lining, 120 KS
  10. Loincloth: Like a long cloth table napkin; if you're from Yamatai you know how to cover your junk with it. 1 KS
  11. Pants: Cargo pants with pockets on the sides, front, and back. 24 KS
  12. Sandals: Black plastic flip-flops. 2 KS
  13. scarf: 7 KS
  14. Shirt, Tee: 2 KS - Various styles available.
    1. “HANAKO'S HIPS!”
    2. “Makin' Bacon” with image of pigs porking
    3. 3 Kohanian Moon Shirt
    4. Mishhuvurthyar Reproduction Cycle chart T-Shirt (“So…let me get this straight…”)
    5. “Hey Velor…I just banged your sister” T-Shirt with Hanako sipping wine nonchalantly
  15. Shirt, Work: A basic shirt with 2 pockets on the upper chest. Available in long and short sleeves. 16 KS
  16. Underwear: Bravemart has briefs, boxers, and boxer-briefs. 2 KS
  17. Underwear, micro: condom-sized packet contains a G-string. 2 KS
  18. Vest, Utility: This vest is covered in pockets for gear. 10 KS


  1. “BOOM: HEADSHOT!” monthly arms Magazine: 2 KS
  2. Porno mag: 3 KS


Sold at the concessions area in the lounge.

  1. Cheeseburger: 2 KS
  2. Chili cup: 2 KS
  3. Cup of Coffee or hot cocoa: 1 KS
  4. Donuts: 1 KS each or a dozen for 10 KS. Glazed or chocolate covered.
  5. Fountain Drinks: 0.5 KS or free with food purchase
  6. Fries: 1 KS (2 for cheese or 3 for chili cheese)
  7. Hot Dog: 2 KS (3 for chili dog)


Space adventuring can be a tough job. Clean up afterward with Bravemart's hygiene products!

  1. Condoms: 5 for 1 KS. Various types available. Don't trust that alien's genitals!
  2. Deodorant: 5 KS.
  3. Feminine Hygiene Products: 10 KS for 10-pack of pads/tampons
  4. Razor, disposable: 3 KS
  5. Shaving Cream: 3 KS
  6. Soap Bar: 2 KS. Use it.
  7. Soap, Liquid: 2 KS.
  8. Shampoo: 2 KS bottle
    1. Diesel-scented
    2. Floral scents
  9. Towel: 3 KS
  10. Washcloth: 1 KS


  1. Beef Jerky: Available in regular, peppered, teriyaki, and spicy: 2 KS per pound.
  2. Beer: 20 KS per 6-pack
  3. Brave Bar: A slightly caffeinated granola bar coated in chocolate: 1 KS
  4. Bread: 3 KS per loaf. White or wheat.
  5. Breath mints: 1 KS for a bag of 100
  6. Butter: 2 KS per stick
  7. Candy: Mixed flavors of hard candy in a bag of 50 for 5 KS.
  8. Chocolate bar: 1 KS
  9. Eggs: 5 KS for a carton of 10
  10. Fish, salted, 1 KS each
  11. Flour, 6 KS per 5-kilogram bag
  12. Juice, Apple: 2 KS for liter bottle
  13. Juice, Orange: 3 KS for liter bottle
  14. Maple Syrup: 500ml jar: 10 KS
  15. Military Rations: 5 KS each for random surplus/salvaged rations from various military forces
  16. Milk, Cow: 3 KS per liter bottle
  17. Mix, Pancake: Just add water and cook to get a good breakfast: 5 KS per box. Makes 25-35.
  18. Nuts: a bag of peanuts for 1 KS
  19. Rice, dry: 1 KS per kg
  20. SPEED energy/anti-sleep drinks: 9 KS per six pack
  21. Sugar: 2 KS per kg
  22. THRUST bodybuilding soda: 9 KS per six pack
  23. Trail mix: 2 KS for 1 kg bag
  24. Water bottles: 10 KS for a 24-pack of 500ml bottles

Starship Parts

  1. Environmental System: Scrubs CO2 and regulates temperature, humidity. 1000 KS
  2. Sensor Array, Basic: Includes radar and EM sensors. 1000 KS.
  3. Ship Decals: 10 KS

Tools and Gear

  1. Baby Bottle: 5 KS
  2. Blanket, Wool: 20 KS
  3. Blanket, Quilt: 40 KS
  4. Flashlights: Available in handheld and keyboard forms. 2 KS
  5. Duct Tape: 5 KS for a roll.
  6. Lubricant: A spray can of mechanical lubricant for getting things unstuck. 10 KS.
  7. Mattress, Foam: 80 KS
  8. Pillow: 10 KS
  9. Sheet Set: Includes two pillowcases, two bedsheets. 10 KS.
  10. Sleeping Bag: 20 KS


  1. Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol, Good condition: 200 KS
  2. 4x Rifle Scope: 50 kS

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