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Darso is a star system located in in the Kikyo Sector about 12 light-years from Yamatai in grid 1513.

Darso has one habitable planet, Darso VII, which is known for its coliseum.


Darso was formerly controlled by the Qel'noran, but was claimed by, the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia following the Mishhuvurthyar evacuation from the sector. The Nepleslian government refers to the world as SC-1, although it is still called Darso by most of its inhabitants. In YE 31, Darso was occupied by the NMX, who wiped out most of its inhabitants. In YE 34, the Yamatai Star Empire removed the NMX from the system.

System Data


  • Type: B9 V Blue-white Main Sequence
  • Radius: 5.13 x 10^6 km (7.36 x sol)
  • Mass: 4.17 x 10^31 kg (20.95 x sol)
  • Temperature: 11100 K
  • Luminosity: 6.56 x 10^30 W (17134.08 x sol)


  • Type: Chthonian Planet
  • Orbital Radius: 4.75 x 10^8 km (3.17 AU)
  • Period: 1.08 x 10^4 hours (1.24 earth years)
  • Gravity: 37.96 m/s2 (3.88 x earth)


  • Type: Chthonian Planet
  • Orbital Radius: 9.03 x 10^8 km (6.03 AU)
  • Period: 2.83 x 10^4 hours (3.24 earth years)
  • Gravity: 14.20 m/s2 (1.45 x earth)


  • Type: Asteroid Belt
  • Orbital Radius: 1.36 x 10^9 km (9.10 AU)
  • Period: 5.24 x 10^4 hours (5.99 earth years)


  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Orbital Radius: 2.19 x 10^9 km (14.66 AU)
  • Period: 1.07 x 10^5 hours (12.26 earth years)
  • Gravity: 11.40 m/s2 (1.17 x earth)
  • Special: Electromagnetic storms, large moon


  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Orbital Radius: 3.90 x 10^9 km (26.06 AU)
  • Period: 2.54 x 10^5 hours (29.06 earth years)
  • Gravity: 29.72 m/s2 (3.04 x earth)


  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Orbital Radius: 7.60 x 10^9 km (50.80 AU)
  • Period: 6.91 x 10^5 hours (79.10 earth years)
  • Gravity: 23.77 m/s2 (2.43 x earth)


  • Type: Terrestrial World
  • Orbital Radius: 1.51 x 10^10 km (100.77 AU)
  • Period: 1.93 x 10^6 hours (220.98 earth years)
  • Physics: Large iron/silicate
  • Gravity: 16.06 m/s2 (1.64 x earth)
  • Hydrosphere: 3 % water, 1 % ice
  • Atmosphere: Dense breathable
  • Biosphere: Prokaryotic microbes
  • Special: Heavy radiation

Darso VII

Planet Darso is a high-gravity world (1.64 G) with very little water, and the only native life is microbial. However, the world is the homeworld of the Baheel and the Qel'noran brought plants and insects to the world, which can be found around their settlement areas. The average temperature is about room temperature but during the summer the equator can have deadly heat.

Of note, there is a rare crystal found here that has psionic amplification properties.

Colosseum City

Originally Darso was inhabited by the reptilian Qel'noran who lived in scattered mining settlements around the planet until the war with the Yamatai Star Empire forced them to evacuate. In one of the settlements there exists a huge Colosseum where people of all species and cities were captured and brought to fight to their death for entertainment of a man known as “Shadow,” who created the Baheel and later worked with the Mishhuvurthyar (YSS Ongaku plot) where they brought various species to “test” them through torture and fights to the death. The Colosseum is the City's centerpiece and namesake.

When the Star Army of Yamatai eventually liberated the planet, they didn't stay. Due to the Mishhuvurthyar's extensive kidnappings, the city has become a mixing pot for all species, particularly for people who don't want to be found. It's a rough, dirty place and most people are very poor. Most buildings are 1-3 stories and made of reddish stone in sprawling maze-like configurations. The population of the city is roughly 40,000 people and is actually growing rapidly, due to the excellent political climate for unsavory elements.

Health problems persist in the city due to radiation levels and issues with availability of Food and Water, leaving many people skinny and desperate. Water is sometimes used as a secondary currency. The rust-colored dust is also a health hazard, as it gets into everything. Luckily the gravity keeps it close to the ground. Visitors. especially larger ones, often are fatigued by the heavy gravity. For example, a person that weighs 200 lbs (90.7 kg) in 1G would weigh 328 lbs (148.8 kg) on Darso VII. This also means most buildings tends to be only one or two stories tall and their rooms are often cramped.


The spectacle of deadly combat in the arena continues and is watched by thousands each time it occurs. These days there are two types of people that compete in the Colosseum: Criminals and warriors. Warriors compete to prove their toughness in tournaments that raise vast sums of money from watchers and advertisers. Criminals are sent in against sadistic opponents and beasts to be publicly executed for whatever crimes the locals find them guilty of. There is always a demand for more executions, and the Colosseum Boss finds victims wherever he can.

The Colosseum itself is a vast arena made of huge stones and concrete and is somewhat like a sports area in design. In the center is a circular field of white sand (the better to see the blood against) with a circular stone platform in its center that is about a meter tall.

The Colosseum was run by Lenwe Veneanar.


The city's small starport is owned by a group of Nepleslians (reds) and Delsaurians. In addition the landing area it has a group of sweaty shirtless men who move small cargo, an amateur starship mechanic, a small hospital, an abandoned warehouse where travelers and the homeless sleep, and a Bravemart. Security consists of large numbers of combat robots and local rules include a restriction on unattended children. There is an Origin Industries ship docked and it has a tent set up with products on display. Trinary Star Shipping also has a small office here.


There is a tavern near the spaceport called Buried Treasure. It is partially buried in the ground with a large domed ceiling. Available drinks tend to be quite strong. The bar is infamous in the area for having an actual electric chair supposedly used to execute patrons that fail to pay their tabs. Inside there is a roughly-carved statue of a Kohanian monk and the place features a collection of military gear from various eras along the walls. The bartender is a brainy female Nepleslian with golden cyborg eyes and gray hair who carries a Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol. Her name is Nicole Bristow and she is an ex-marine.

Planetary Data


  • Type: Large iron/silicate
  • Radius: 10610.06 km (1.66 x earth)
  • Surface Area: 1.41 x 109 km2
  • Land Area: 1.39 x 109 km2 (9.31 x earth)
  • Mass: 2.72 x 1025 kg (4.55 x earth)
  • Density: 5.44 g/cm3 (0.99 x earth)
  • Composition: 47.7% iron, 32.2% oxygen, 15.3% silicon, 3.1% other metals, 1.7% other elements


  • Gravity: 16.06 m/s2 (1.64 x earth)
  • Escape Velocity: 18.46 km/s


  • Period: 17.64 hours
  • Axis Tilt: 56.19 °


  • Water: 3 %
  • Ice: 1 %


  • Type: Dense breathable
  • Pressure: 288.51 kPa (2.85 x earth)
  • Composition: 87.3% argon, 12.7% oxygen, trace other gases


  • Type: Standard
  • Min Temp: 251 K (-22 °C; -7.6° F)
  • Avg Temp: 296 K (23 °C; 73.4° F)
  • Max Temp: 348 K (75 °C; 167° F)


  • Chemistry: Carbon
  • Lifeforms: Prokaryotic microbes

Special Features

  • Heavy radiation
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