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Levia (Planet)

Type: Terrestrial, forested world
System: Nesha System
Stellar Radius: 8.23 AU's from the star
Surface Gravity: 1g
Length of Day: 31 hours
Length of Year: 445
Population: 509 Million1)
Satellites: 2
Orbital Stations: 1
Affiliation: Kingdom of Neshaten

Also known as Levia'Trecaste, it was named after the explorer who discovered it. It is the eighth and final planet in the Nesha System

Weather Patterns

Levia has a tropical monsoon like climate with the winds being exceptionally high during most of the year and tempering off only for a few weeks in the middle of the year, these high winds have resulted in cities and structures neededing to be heavily reinforced in order to stand the winds.

Background History

Settled in ER 687, Levia serves as the launching platform for FTL ships into deep space. It houses a starbase in orbit and one of the gates that takes ships from the edges of the Levia Star System to the inner planets, such as the capital. Levia is only eighty percent fully colonized, with its surface having only a few small cities and start up towns and villages. Levia is plagued by powerful winds, which have caused the Neshaten to reinforce every structure on the planet but have also prevented them from constructing orbital elevators due to the risk of high winds destroying the tethers.

The planet also serves as the primary training base for military personnel, it is for this reason that it also possess several shipyards that orbit the nearby moon.


Forben - capital of Levia. Forben is the main city, it's a decent sized city that is mainly composed of commercial and residential areas. It has an orbital elevator in the center of town that was in the mist of construction before being destroyed by the planets high winds, the structure remains as a reminder of natures fury. Because of this, a large starport was constructed at the location of one of the elevator's original tethers.

Vectes - A city located on a tropical island, Vectes is a combined military/civilian city with several bases that serve as the primary training base for the Neshaten. There are various training facilities for the volunteer military's every occupation.

Ureca - Ureca is located on the planets north polar region and serves as an industrial city for the planet.

Virete'na - Virete'na is an entertainment city, designed from the ground up to serve that purpose.

Points of Interest

Seu'vuria Garden - Seu'vuria Garden is the name of a famous mostly all glass restruant located in the city of Vectes. The garden is six stories tall. Each floor between the top and first is an observation lounge for people to come and relax, while the top floor houses the Graden.

The Garden's roof and walls are all glass, allowing customers the perfect view over the city. There are three elevators and a series of stairways that permit access to all floors.

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