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Creating a Lorath

If wanting information about the Lorath in a non-CCG context, go here: Lorath

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A Brief Explanation Of The Lorath

The Lorath are a humanoid race with Bird-like wings. Not many can fly though, due to their exile of 5,000 years underground. It was only recently that they have resurfaced, and taken back the world from the other race of Lor, the Helashio. Through the bloody conflict, the Lorath were able to coerce their will upon the above world race. The race that had lost became the Lorath's slaves, serving those that they had driven out from fear so long ago.

The Lorath are human in appearance (Except for the Bird-like wings, and the varying heights). But although they mostly look human, some have changed. The Fyunnen house for example, is very imposing. Usually ranging in areas of six and a half to seven feet in height, they are in every aspect a solid muscle. The Lmanel house is the middle of the two, a decent height and a decent build from being in nature for so long, doing the more laboring tasks of the race. The New Tur'lista (Formerly Occhestian) house on the other hand, is the smallest and physically weakest of the race. But making up for their small stature, none can match the New Tur'lista house in matters of technology or diplomacy. The New Tur'lista house is the primary supplier of technology for the race


Names among the Lorath culture are unique. A longer name then most, if not all of the other known races, Lorath names are broken down into four different parts. First a title or name of rank, if a person has achieved note within the Lorath culture, they are given a title. “Xiaah, High Priest, High General, Lumuham” The titles can be give in two different ways. The second part of the name is the formal, on world way to speak to one another. Heavy with vowels and apostrophes. An example would be “Harr'Ikke, Sen'ythy or Lrenc'Cdyn.” The third name is a informal off-world used name, normally something significant about the person. “Fate, Destiny, Obelisk, Rain, Breeze, Soul Seeker.” They are simple English words. The last name is by far the simplest part. You simply choose which house you are from. Tur'Lista, who is the ruling family. Fyunnen for the warrior caste. Llamenl for the Shaman caste. New Tur'Lista for the Psionic caste.

Examples Communications Specialist Juela 'Dico' Nessa New Tur'lista Commander Sy'lped 'Heartbreak' Gilith Fyunnen Agriculturalist Khy'zih 'Green-Thumb' Rezan Lmanel

General Information


The Lorath race are an avian humanoid race whom most of have lost their ability for flight. Dedicated to regaining that flight through any means nessecary, the race has pushed its aviation programs to new heights in order to gain the skies. The race is constantly expanding due to their mastery of their planets through multiple means.

Age Scale

Due to the nature of Lorath biology, the Lorath live far longer than Nepleslian individuals. Thus, Lorath individuals can possibly live to be approximately two-hundred-fifty years of age. For the sake of simplifying the chronological age to physical age, a simple system of dividing the actual age by two is utilized to state the 'aged' appearance of an individual.

Example: A Lorath which appears to be 25 years of age in comparison to Nepleslian age indicators, would actually be fifty years in age.


Both male and female Lorath are quiet common. Male New Tur'listans are seen more then female, while Female Fyunnen are seen more then male. Both Tur'Listan and Llamnel houses have a healthy mix of male and female, so the death rates and exposure rates are rather mixed.


Family structure is a large part of Lorath society. While it mostly falls to the individual house, the general fact of Lorath culture is that the elders are highly revered, older generations venerated and always remembered for their knowledge and their insight. For the Fyunnen, families are rarely solitary or secretive. The house is all communal, more like barracks then an actual house. The Llamnel house falls to however the animal they are bonded with live. If they are pack animals, they live in packs. If they are solitary creatures, then they live on their own. New Tur'Lista and Tur'lista live like most normal familes, parents, children, houses and the such.


Lorath can be employed by anyone they want. Whether it be the Matriarchy, Nepleslia, Yamatai, or independent groups. So long as they can get to the faction and the faction will accept them, they are free to do as they please.


An individual's rank depends on which nation or faction a Lorath is following, and if they are in the military. If not, they are considered civilians.

Current Assignment

The Lorath race as a whole are not unified, and as a result, can have drastically different assignments depending which faction they follow. At the moment, they can be found within [the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and it's Northern Territories. 1)

Physical Characteristics



Both male and female Lmanel differentiate with their heights in accordance to the animal they are bonded too.

New Tur'Lista

Both male and female New Tur'Lista usually hit at the norm around five and a half feet, though some have been seen as tall as six foot.


Males in the house usually are usually around 6'3“. Meanwhile, females have been seen as tall as an unusual maximum of 9', though never any shorter then 5'10”; their typical height is 7'.



Both male and female again are based upon their bonded animal.

New Tur'Lista

Both male and female are generally smaller than Fyunnen Lorath, usually around the 170 to 200 pounds at the heaviest.


Being much more built, the Females of the house usually hit anywhere from 200 to 270 pounds. The Males of the house, being smaller, usually are around 190-230 pounds.



Again, these size dimensions vary depending on their animal bond.

New Tur'Lista

The average size of a healthy female of this caste's hips is 30 to 40 inches, waists usually range from 25 to 30 inches, chest measurements often range from 30 to 40 inches. The average size of a healthy male of this caste's hips is 25 to 30 inches, waists usually range from 20 to 30 inches, chest measurements often range from 25 to 32 inches.


The average size of a healthy female of this caste's hips is 35 to 42 inches, waists usually range from 30 to 35 inches, chest measurements often range from 35 to 45 inches. The average size of a healthy male of this caste's hips is 28 to 32 inches, waists usually range from 22 to 32 inches, chest measurements often range from 28 to 34 inches.

Bra Size

The average bra size of most Lorath tends to centralize around a large C cup, however D cups are common. The Fyunnen household, as well as certain aspected L'manel, can have (much) larger cup sizes.

Build and Skin Color

The Lorath have a palish, sometimes bordering grey skin coloring. This was from the years of exile underground, though many of the newer Lorath generations have been taking out a slightly tanned coloring. Again, the build depends on the house.

Facial Features and Eye Color

Lorath facial features are rather normal and unassuming save for the Lmanel house. The face is pretty simple, heart shaped most of the time or one with a strong chin for males.

A Lorath's eyes are unique in that due to the genetic manipulation they have forced upon their race, the eye color gamit now runs from the normal blue green black, to anything from red, to violet, green, yellow and everything else. The norm for the race if Yellow though.

Hair color and Style

Hair color for the Lorath is naturally a white color, another effect from the exile underground. Due to this, the dye market has skyrocketed to the point of a rather wealthy business. Because of this, the Lorath are able to color their hair however they wish, though most just simply color their hair to their house color.

The hair of the race denotes standing. The longer the hair, the higher the ranking.

Distinguishing Features

Black Wings

The ears and the wings of the Lorath are their distinguishing features of the race. The tips of the wings just reach the hips, and a covered in jet black feathers. Due to the long exile of the Lorath, these wings are vestigial and are not functional for flight. However, Lmanel individuals which have bonded themselves to creatures of flight have been known to be able to physically shift the structure of their wings to allow for flight.

Ear Structure

Within the Lorath race genes play a specific role in every aspect of life, this does not leave out even the aspect of the structure of the ear. Due to the selective breeding within each house, ears are a method of telling a member of one house, from a member of another. Fyunnen are often known to have ears that have a point to them; their appearance is much like that of a human ear other than the two additional inches at the tip of the top of the ear. Members of the New Tur'lista house are known for their rather plain looking ear, which has nearly an exact same appearance as a human-like ear, except for ear lobes that are not separated from the jaw line. Lmanel, on the other hand, are known for their unusually long ears, which are nearly as beast like as their spirit, the shape of the ear is long and it becomes slender near the tip, where three odd triangular spikes are located, some individuals believe that the ear fits an exaggerated example of a felines ear.

Psychological Characteristics


Most of the time the personalities depend on the person that is born, though Fyunnen tend to be more aggressive, Llamnel act close to their own bonded animal, and the New Tur'Lista house tends to be a little more reserved.


Due to the caste system by which Lorath society is divided into, the likes of an individual may vary greatly depending on which house they belong to. Fyuunen, for an example, are typically fond of more martial practices, such as physical exercise, markswomanship, hand to hand combat, and the like. Meanwhile, the New Tur'lista may favor more cerebral pursuits such as the various sciences. In comparison, the L'manel are known to be particularly fond of nature, as well as their bond animals.


As with their likes, the dislikes of a Lorath are heavily influenced by their caste. Fyuunen, though mentally capable, may greatly dislike things such as politics and desk-work. Both the New Tur'listas' and L'manels' outlook on war can vary from person to person, with the latter being particularly influenced by their bond animals, or having said bond animals represent their own temperment. The New Tur'lista may hate ignorance in particular, while the L'manel abhor needlessly destroying the environment.


Though all Lorath typically wish to see their people prosper, an individual's own goals likely ties in with their own occupation in life. As most Lorath occupations are closely tied in with their caste, their goals are typically seen to align with them. A typical Fyuunen is in the military, and will likely wish to rise in ranks, become a better military specialist, or be the best riflewoman or swordswoman around. A New Tur'lista in comparison, may hope to make great scientific discoveries or create huge works of engineering. Meanwhile, a L'manel may aspire to become one with nature, or find peace and tranquility between all peoples. As with all people, their personal goals may differ widely from just these examples.

Additional Information

Most information about the Lorath can be found here.


Social and Political Structure

Important Locations

Lorath Military

The 'Helashio' - A Slave Race To The Lorath

Highly Suggested Skill Sets

Lorath house dependant skills will be contained in three skill area packages. These skills will be bundled depending on house traits. Each of these packages will use four (4) available skill areas. These skill packages are void if the player decides to enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai. (Balancing the skills between Yamatai's requirements and the caste requirements is near impossible.)

Fyunnen Caste

members of the Lorath Fyunnen House are obligated to learn essentials to a Fyunnen; these essentials are a combination of the Fighting, Domestics, Leadership, and Survival and Military skill areas.

  • Fighting; Fyunnens must be skilled in advanced hand-to-hand tactics, melee weapon tactics, and various forms of martial arts, additional training in “Fighting” is encouraged.
  • Domestics; Fyunnens must be trained to be able to handle their own home affairs, this includes preparing their own meals, handling their own laundry, providing for their children, and keeping their living space clean and efficient. Additional training in domestic affairs is encouraged for male members of the Lorath Fyunnen House and for female members that are assigned to permanent command positions or other administrative positions.
  • Leadership; Fyunnens must be trained in the workings of a leadership role; they must be able to command individuals on a one on one level, or be able to lead a full company if needed. This involves being able to converse with large groups, gathering intelligence, being able to seek out a diplomatic solution if it is apparent that it is needed for survival, and being able to direct their subordinates out of a dangerous tactical position.
  • Survival and Military Skills; Fyunnens must be trained for individual survival, they must be able to find their own food and water, be able to construct makeshift weapons, navigate by use of landmarks and stars overhead that are visible, construct shelters, signal for assistance, and conceal their positions. Additional training is encouraged.

New Tur'lista (Formerly Occhestian) Caste

Members of the Lorath New Tur'lista House are obligated to learn essential skills for a scholar. These essential skills are a combination of Humanities, Knowledge, Communications, and Technology operation.

  • Humanities; individuals in the New Tur'lista house are expected to learn psychology, sociology, diplomacy, anthropology, and philosophy. To aid in their empathic readings of individuals and aid in their relation to other individuals, also to assist individuals or groups that are in psychological distress. These skills are also used to aid in diplomatic relations with hostile individuals. Additional experience and training is encouraged.
  • Knowledge; members of the New Tur'lista house are expected to be well acquainted with the history of law, science, and technology. They are also expected to have an excellent memory and ability to recall information at a moment's notice. The sharpening of psionic Lorath's ability is highly encouraged and expected.
  • Communications; psionic Lorath are expected to be able to converse with excellent ease, this involves being able to operate devices that aid in communication, understand new languages with minimal effort, communicate their thoughts verbally and in written form, and also be able to decipher coded messages.
  • Technology Operations; all members of the New Tur'lista house are expected to have an ability to operate most technology belonging to the Lorath. Also they are expected to be able to operate new forms of technology when given enough time to learn the workings of the device.

Lmanel Caste

Members of the Lorath Lmanel House are obligated to learn the essential skills for one that is to live in nature. These essential skills are a combination of Physical, Art and Vocations, Knowledge, and Biology.

  • Physical; Members of the Lmanel house are expected to maintain their physical strength and stamina, they must be able to run, walk, climb, swim, or even fly (If their animal bond allows), for an extended amount of time.
  • Art and Vocations; Lmanels are expected to be able to construct their own clothes, bags, and other goods. They are expected to make these goods with a high enough quality to be considered the work of an experienced artisan.
  • Knowledge; members of the Lmanel house are expected to know of the bulk of written and verbally passed down information of the Lorath race; Lmanels are also expected to be able to recall information about plant life and animal life.
  • Biology; Lmanel Lorath are expected to learn as much as possible about biology. They are expected to learn about everything from micro-organisms to extinct pre-historic beasts. They are also expected to apply this knowledge to their practices of bonding with nature. Additional training is highly encouraged

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