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The Lorath is a species found in the Kikyo Sector of the SARPiverse. They made their first contact with the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 29.

History and Background

The Lorath evolved on a Yamatai-like planet called Lor in the Lor System. Lor was a terrestrial world, with sixty percent water with extensive landmasses and rich geological history with active volcanism. They evolved alongside the Helashio which outnumbered them twenty to one, which made them the less dominant species on the planet. Wars between the two species eventually pushed the Lorath underground which changed the course of their development and continued on and off for over five thousand years. Deep beneath the ground, the Lorath continued to develop their technology which brought about an age of eugenics and selective breeding that lead to the diversification of the species into the four castes. The four castes are the Tur'Lista, Occhesta, Fyunnen, and Llamnel. When the Lorath emerged from the depths of Lor, they emerged with technological advancements that assisted them in defeating the Helashio.

Before the Lorath were pushed underground by war, they had functional wings and could fly. As a result of the time underground, however, those wings became vestigial and non-functional.

More about the Lorath's history on the Lorath History page.


The Physiology of the Lorath can be divided into four castes.

Common Physiology

Common Physiology to All Lorath.

Although selective breeding has divided the castes of the Lorath, they have some similar attributes. The Lorath are sexually dimorphic with males and females. They all have white hair unless they choose to dye it or apply other forms of manipulation and have pointed elf-like ears. All Lorath have small vestigial wings with black feathers that lost their function during the time the species was forced underground.

Common Physical Attributes
Hands and Fingers The same as Human; five-digits on each hand, opposable thumbs
Teeth Omnivore denture, slightly pronounced canines
Pelage The same as humans, they have hair on their head, the default color is white
Ears They all have pointed Elf-like ears. The number of points defines what caste they are from.
Eyes Human-like eyes; extensive advancement of rod cells for increased night vision due to development underground. Yellow/Gold pigmentation by default, other colors are a result of genetic manipulation.
Wings Small vestigial and not functional wings, black shiny feathers
Height Varies by Caste
Weight Varies by Caste

The Senses

The Lorath have basic senses through which they experience their environment.

Lorath Sense of Sight

The Lorath have an advanced night vision due to the development of their rod cells in their eyes during the time their species spent underground. Bright light causes discomfort and as a species, they tend to enjoy environments with lower levels of illumination.

Lorath Sense of Touch

The Lorath experience the sense of touch similar to other humans.

Lorath Sense of Hearing

The Lorath due to the enlargement and shape of their ear structures have a more advanced sense of hearing and are able to perceive a slightly greater range of frequencies than regular humans.

Lorath Sense of Taste

The Lorath has an advanced and unique sense of taste. They experience the flavors in their food on a much more intense and intimate level due to the chemistry of the flora on the planet they evolved on.

Caste Physiology

The four castes of the Lorath.


The rarest of the castes, the only known members of this caste is Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lista and High Priest Aris'Taeus "Karma" Tur'Lista.

The Tur'Lista is regarded as the purest form of the Lorath; their the least affected by selective breeding and genetic manipulation. They show traits found in all the other castes.

Occhesta/New Tur'Lista

The Occhesta have the smallest builds, they average only 165cm in height and weigh roughly 59kg. The easiest way to identify an Occhesta is by their ears, their pointed elf-like ears have two pointed tips and are swept back conforming to the shape of their head. They have notably more enhanced neurology to achieve empath abilities, tactile telepathy, improved recall, improved cognitive abilities and increased compatibility with neural-link based cybernetic interfaces.


The Fyunnen has the largest build of the different Lorath castes. They are taller and heavier, 214cm tall and weigh on average 120kg and have efficient metabolisms, increased stamina, improved physical recovery, more efficient muscle, denser muscle, and more durable bones than a human of equivalent state and stature. The Fyunnen have long single tipped ears.


The Llamnel have been the most affected by genetic manipulation, their malleable genetics allow them to imprint the genome of an animal and rewrite their cellular structure to replicate features of foreign biology. The degree of physical alteration varies by individual skill and heritage, however, the majority of Lmanel are unable to alter their physical features by more than 1/3rd deviation from the original. Llamnel biology also offers limited empath abilities. On average a Llamnel is 122cm tall and weighs roughly 68kg and have triple tipped points on their ears.

Lorath Life Cycle

The Lorth are sexually dimorphic, there are males and females with the same organs and sexual methods as humans. Lorath females become fertile only after they have their first sexual experience. Lorath females have a menstruation cycle, similar to humans except that they lay actual eggs, the egg appears to be much like a chicken or bird's egg. The egg is laid every two months if it is not fertilized. When the female becomes pregnant and the egg is fertilized as a result of intercourse, the female will carry the egg for four months before she lays it.

The Lorath tend to build nests out of materials found around them like blankets or pillows to provide thermal protection for their eggs. The eggs generally hatch about three months after they are laid. Premature births are common, but with current technology levels survivability for young who spend at least a month in their eggs survive.


Check out a more in-depth look in the article Lorath Culture. It includes information, but not limited to, their food, language, and names.


Traditionally the Lorath were ruled by the Lorath Matriarchy, but following the departure of several members of their government in Project Checkout, the Lorath have been ruled by a temporary council of the Caste Leaders with input from High Priest Aris'Taeus "Karma" Tur'Lista. In YE 43 with the recovery of Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lista, a new government will be formed.

As a protectorate of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, the Lorath have a seat on the senate which is pending a decision from Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lista and High Priest Aris'Taeus "Karma" Tur'Lista.


Prior to YE 42, Lorath Technology was produced mostly by the United Manufacturing Cooperative, it was the decision of High Priest Aris'Taeus "Karma" Tur'Lista that the technologies produced by that company would no longer be the mainstay of the new era. This was ideal because most of the United Manufacturing Cooperative assets departed in Project Checkout. He formed the L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation with the intention of redefining the Lorath's Technological place in the Kikyo Sector in the years to come. The new corporation would preserve still functional technologies created by United Manufacturing Cooperative in the past but would focus its efforts on future designs.


Since the departure of much of their assets in Project Checkout in YE 39, the Lorath have depended on the assistance and economy of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia for support. The local economy on Gryzciki has been mostly dependant on barter and common socialism rather than on currency transactions due to the need for the species to survive. It is hoped that the Lorath economy will improve with the formation of a new government in YE 43.

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