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Creating a Character

This guide will help you create a character to play in the Star Army setting. It is focused on making a character page on the wiki for your character and getting that wiki page approved as part of the site's Canon. Note that characters do not have to be on the wiki to appear in Open Roleplaying Forum threads, but for elsewhere in Star Army RP, they do.

Starting Out

Before you start, we suggest deciding on two things: plot and species.

You may want to look at Characters Wanted to see who is recruiting and what types of characters people want to join their RPs!

Choose a Plot

First, you should look at the currently active Plots and see if there's one you want to make a character for. Try to figure out what plot you're aiming for and build a character that fits. Since a plot has an existing GM, story, and characters, there will be people and characters immediately available to interact with. You may also want to look at the list of wanted characters.

Please note that some plots accept “military exchange” characters from other factions (ask the plot's GM).

If you do not see an active plot that interests you, you can also create your own RP thread. New RPs all start in Open RP. If you make your own RP thread, we suggest first making an interest check in the OOC forum first to see if other people want to roleplay with you.

Grab a Veteran?

It might help if you get the attention of one of the other Star Army members that can help you as you work on writing up your character. Why not find somebody on the Discord server who can provide character advice and/or recommendations of RP threads to join? A faction manager or game master from your chosen faction can be a great resource to help you make your character because they're experts on Star Army lore. Doing this also helps you build a relationship with other community members.

It Doesn't Need To Be Perfect

Our goal is to help you get into the RP quickly and smoothly. Our wiki is very deep. Don't drown in it by getting overwhelmed by obscure details. Much of the background and history presented in this wiki is not strictly necessary for creating a character. Just focus on making a character you like.

It's okay to submit an imperfect biography; if adjustments are needed, other members will help you tweak your character to fit the setting during the character's review. The best way to avoid mistakes is to get another member to help. Make friends!

Character Templates

We recommend you start with the character template open in a separate tab or window and fill it in as you go through the Character Creation Guide. Choose any of the following methods:

Namespace Templates

Creating a new page in any of the characters namespaces will automatically load a blank template you can fill in. There are factional namespaces that provide access to factional structured data schemas.

  • characters:
    • characters:yamatai (use for all Star Army of Yamatai characters)
    • characters:ndc
    • characters:nepleslia
    • et cetera

For directions on how to move your character page, see: Moving Wiki Pages

Wiki Template

  • Character Template - copy and paste then fill it in
    • Basic model for the character template.

Forum Post

Specific Guides

These are creation guides written specifically for each species, giving you all the details you need when you make your character.

Main Species

These core species are recommended for new players because these species have a wide playerbase and a variety of plots to choose from.

Chibi Art Creation Guide Species Faction Description
Nekovalkyrja Create a Nekovalkyrja Nekovalkyrja: NH-33 Flag of Yamatai Yamatai Star Empire Exclusive to Yamatai's military, the Nekovalkyrja (pronounced Nay-ko-wul-ku-ree) are an all-female species of bio-engineered cat-eared warriors that make up the bulk of the Star Army of Yamatai. Being a Nekovalkyrja is an exploration of what it means to be a person, what it means to be a soldier, and following a woman's transition from a mass-produced killing machine to becoming a unique and whole individual.
Song Weizhi Create a Yamataian Yamataian: Minkan Flag of Yamatai Yamatai Star Empire Another artificial species (and cousins to the Nekovalkyrja), Yamataians make up most of the civilian populace but are also common in Yamatai's military. They're like humans, but better, and with much more customization options.
Nepleslian Create a Nepleslian Nepleslian, Human, ID-SOL, Jiyuuian, Geshrin Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Nepleslians are mostly human, but might have mutant, alien, or ID-SOL DNA mixed in, as well as cybernetics. Mostly male, Nepleslians are known for their love of guns, alcohol, and pretty much vice in general.
Create a Norian Norian Flag of Yamatai Yamatai Star Empire An elf-like species from another universe who underwent great hardship to reach their new home in the Yamatai Star Empire.
Neshaten Create a Neshaten Shukaren Myleke Kingdom of Neshaten After a terrible Civil War nearly causes their species to become extinct, the Neshaten have spent the past seven hundred years rebuilding their civilization, and are ready to see what is out there in the universe… knowing full well that other civilizations, both allies and foes, await them.
Separa'Shan Creating a Separa'Shan Separa'Shan Flag of Yamatai Yamatai Star Empire These Lamia-like people come from one of Yamatai's many member worlds.
NDC Character Creation Guide Operator NDC flag New Dusk Conclave Sentient military androids designed to 'operate' starships, fighters, mecha, etc.

In addition to the above factions, your character can also have the option of joining Origin Industries or being independent.

Alternate Species

These are less-frequently-used species that are available to play but are less supported due to low faction activity or other issues.

Chibi Art Creation Guide Species Faction Description
Hetzer Johannes Thalberg Creating an Abwehran Abwehrans abwehran_flag2.jpg Abwehran Star Empire A humanoid, heavy-gravity species with a long history of warfare. Males have four arms. :!: Note: Currently under revision, red links maybe found. :!:
Freespacer Create a Freespacer Freespacers Various Sub-Cadres & Independent Groups. A prolific culture of cyborg space nomads, known for their reliance on complex AI systems, vessels that can operate in complete independence for years at a time, and the sprawling 'polysentience' virtual network that binds them all spiritually. Chaotic, free-thinking, and infinitely resilient.
Qaktoro Creating a Hidden Sun Clan Character Qaktoro, Tula Hidden Sun Clan Flag Hidden Sun Clan Feline aliens who live by a warrior code. After centuries of hiding, hunting and salvaging, they have emerged to take their place in the sector.
Iromakuanhe Create an Iromakuanhe Iromakuanhe Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth An isolated group of empaths that have recently come out of their system in order to talk politics. They are also fighting a war with splinter groups, specifically played out by the Setareh Wing, which fight with giant living mecha.
Elysian Creating an Elysian Elysian Flag of Elysia Elysian Celestial Empire Winged and cultured, Elysians live within Yamatai and its neighbors. Elysians can enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai or Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Additional Minor Species

General Guides

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