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ID-SOL stands for IDeal SOLdier. First created by large government-contracted entities hundreds of years ago, these highly-enhanced specimens of Nepleslian are relatively common today (about 1 of every 50 Nepleslians is an ID-SOL or related to one in some way).

As the first bio-weapons in the setting, they are the predecessors of the Yamataian Nekovalkyrja. The ID-SOLs were mass produced by the government itself, although production had largely dwindled out several decades before YE 01 along with the mass cloning of normal humans due to overpopulation and the period of peace brought by Empreror Jim Blackman. In YE 41 a revitalization effort of the ID-SOL was established and made public in a News Broadcast.

A notable ID-SOL was Captain Stone, a Uesureyan who played a part in the colonization of Planet Nepleslia and, later, Planet Kennewes. Stone was a prominent member of the Army of Uesureya (aka greens) and fought against the Reds and other armies. Stone was known to carry a jagged short sword. Like many Army officers of the era, he wore a helmet made from the tough shell of a mega-nut. By the time he retired in YE 01, he had more service medals and exploration medals than any other soldier.

ID-SOLs are created in the same process used to make cloned Nepleslians, including the same sleep-taught information to help them understand the world outside before they experience it. After birth, they undergo a period of orientation and education before being sent to Boot Camp. Upon completion of the Marine training course, ID-SOLs may apply for specialist training.

Pure ID-SOLs can lift between 750-1500 kg. Persons with mixed Nepleslian and ID-SOL genes can usually lift between 250-500kg. In combat, they are extremely resilient and able to endure long periods of high stress. Their lack of childhood, however, confers a certain immaturity, as they tend to have an unhealthy fascination with all things manly. ID-SOLs are characterized by their large stature (up to eight feet in height) and bulging muscles. Any off-spring they produce will be male.

Biologically, the ID-SOLs are very similar to Nepleslians in most respects. The major biological difference is the Super-Y Chromosome that makes all off-spring of an ID-SOL male. This results in the male child receiving far more biological traits from the father than mother.

From the Role-Play

…it wasn't long before a second Nepleslian Army helicopter dropped off pair of eight-foot-tall soldiers with incredibly muscular bodies. These guys were the ID-SOLs. ID-SOL was short for β€œIDeal SOLdier,” a genetics project that preceded the Nekovalkyrja. Before there were nekos, there was ID-SOL. Each of these one-man armies received the best (and most brutal) training, weapons, and experience that Nepleslia could offer. Known only by their numbers, the massive grunts quickly took to the street. One had some sort of rapid-napalm-grenade-cannon, and the other was using a Gatling gun that fired what appeared to be plasma. It was kind of like watching an action movie. In about ten seconds, the street was entirely clear. Like robots, the twins continued around the corner to clear the next street.

Character Creation

To make an ID-SOL, go through the character creation process as if you were making a Nepleslian character; after all, ID-SOLs are specialized versions of Nepleslians. Pure ID-SOLs are no longer in production but there are many Nepleslian/ID-SOL mixes. Players creating a character with ID-SOL heritage should keep in mind that they were not born into the military like Nepleslian clones.

Alternately, if a player wishes to create a pure ID-SOL, significant background history should be provided in the character biography. This should include a reason for returning to the military or a reason why they never left.

ID-SOLs are not simply all brawn and no brain. They are as capable and smart as any other Nepleslian, given a good education.


ID-SOLs are always male and at least 2.15m (7 ft) tall but usually below 8 1/2 ft tall (2.565 meters) and are quite muscular, with broad shoulders. Other than that, they bear similar physical characteristics to other Nepleslians.


Due to the creation process, pure ID-SOLs are often extremely immature, born with a fixation for all things they perceive to be manly and macho. Hybrid Nepleslian/ID-SOLs who have had the experience of growing up are often less focused on manliness but are still susceptible to falling into that mindset.

Notable ID-SOLs

ID-SOL Hybrids

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