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Nepleslians (Homo sapiens nepleslians) are descendants of the original humans that colonized the planet, however records prior to YE 28 are virtually non-existent due to years of war and government neglect. Even the current government of Nepleslia, the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, lacks comprehensive records on account of the government's very recent inception.

About Nepleslians

Nepleslia itself is a world in transition. What once was an extremely technologically advanced world was virtually sent back to the stone age by numerous wars. A massive effort to rebuild the infrastructure has been undertaken and it has left Nepleslia with a combination of ultra-modern structures, ancient buildings and automatic factories designed for war, and areas that look like a third world country, all within walking distance of each other. Typically the newest of structures are clustered around the major population centers and star ports but this is not always the case.

In a universe filled with monsters and biological weapons Nepleslians have to deal with the fact they are only human. This is compensated with the mechanical aptitude of most Nepleslians, they tend to utilize cybernetics to a large extent and most Nepleslians have some form of mechanical components added into their body by 18 for natural born Nepleslians and at birth for clones. Because of this Nepleslians tend to have a high tolerance for blood, gore, and mutilation because surgery for cybernetics is so common. Because of this, Nepleslians are also highly adept medical professionals, usually with high pain tolerances, due to their own susceptibilities to injury.

Nepleslians are once again allowed in the Star Army of Yamatai but those who do are generally viewed negatively by other Nepleslians. Though technically allies, the majority of the population has a very negative view of Yamatai which had previously ruled Nepleslia with an โ€˜iron fistโ€™ and did nothing to try and curtail crime. The vast majority of Nepleslians in an armed service are in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. The negative view of Yamatai is a permeating influence in Nepleslian society and almost all factions on the planet from the Nepleslian Reds to the Greens share this even if the leaders of the faction are sometimes willing to deal with Yamatai Star Empire.

Playing a Nepleslian

Nepleslians, while mostly human, also tend to be mostly male.

  • Nepleslians sometimes have the super-Y chromosome because they've got ID-SOL DNA mixed into the population. ID-SOLs have been around for a long, long time. (they were basically the predecessor to the Nekovalkyrja)
  • A percentage (~30%) of Nepleslians are clones though no census has been issued to generate a clear picture of this. Almost all were made to fight in the numerous wars that have come to Nepleslia. However, the non-cloned population tend to keep the girls off the front lines.
  • Most Nepleslians are more often than not a very durable people and tend to have great pride in their nationality. Of course this is not always the case and Nepleslia is a very diverse place, meaning that just about any personality type can be found.

Some Nepleslians, however, may be mutants or part alien. A very large assortment of strange alien races resides in Nepleslia and its sister planets, many of which are from other universes and dimensions. Nepleslian culture tends to be prone to violence and displays of excess. Criminal street gangs rove the many mega-cities, fleeing (or sometimes directly attacking) police forces. Most of the population has some military experience, and that makes the riots and gang wars all that more lethal. Gambling and betting are very popular, and brutal fighting events are commonplace. The new government tends to try and rebuild the planetโ€™s infrastructure and its idea of welfare is to provide jobs while trying to eradicate the other factions like the anti-senate Nepleslian Reds.

An illegal slave trade also exists on the planet though the current government is starting to crack down on it. Slaves are treated as prisoners or even cattle on Nepleslia, and often consist of POWs, hostages, and children of other slaves.

Politics and Military

Nepleslians might owe their allegiance to a crime boss or to the planetary government. Once ruled by the corrupt Emperor Jim Blackman, the old Nepleslian Star Empire was overthrown by the Nepleslian Green faction, who replaced it with the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. The DIoN and the Nepleslian Reds are currently in the midst of a civil war, with the Greens currently occupying the Red homeworld of Kennewes.

The Nepleslian government was previously part of the Yamatai Star Empire. In return, Nepleslia received military protection and a promise from the Empire not to meddle in the planet's internal affairs. Star Army of Yamatai's Third Fleet, once garrisoned at Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, was truly a veteran fleet. Some of its soldiers have fought in everything from the Chaos Hive War in YE 21 on Ayenee and the Battle of Nepleslia in YE 26, in which a Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) invasion force was successfully repelled after heavy losses by both sides. In addition, Nepleslia maintains its own planetary defense fleet and army. As the SMX closed in, Nepleslia broke away from the Yamatai Star Empire to avoid the Mishhuvurthyar attacking it.

A Nepleslian is more comfortable in an industrial setting than a natural one. To say that Nepleslia is an extremely industrialized planet would be an understatement. Everyone from the crime lord to the street beggar live in a technology-rich environment. Most Nepleslians are well versed in urban combat, while those who have led more sheltered childhoods are usually skilled in at least one field of engineering. Nepleslians rely on automated production for most of their goods. The planet is heavily industrialized, with almost zero land-based vegetation on the planet's surface. Some commodities that the Nepleslians do produce themselves are mecha, starships, medical supplies, and weaponry.

Nepleslians have bad reputations among the other species. You know, when you grew up on a planet whose major exports include crime and corruption, and whose major imports include ammunition and pornography, you shouldn't be surprised if a stranger from another species looks down on you. In the Star Army universe, prejudice is a rare but ugly thing. Not to worry though. Prove your worth to that bigoted crewmember, and he or she would be more than willing to see you in a whole new light.

Nepleslian culture tends to be rather prone to violence and corruption. Criminal street gangs rove the many mega-cities, fleeing (or sometimes directly attacking) police forces. Although criminal and terrorist activity is declining somewhat with the gradual strengthening of the government and advent of the IPG (Strong proponents of less-than-legal means to protect the Imperium), crime is still a constant factor in Nepleslian life. Most of the population has some military experience, and that makes the riots and gang wars all that more lethal. Gambling and betting are very popular, and brutal fighting events are commonplace. Not all hope is lost for the planet, however. Small pockets of civilization still exists on the planet, where the police maintain law and order by being even more ruthless than the gangs that they were trained to fight, and under the supervision of the DIoN government, these areas grow everyday.

For more information, please read: Nepleslian Culture and Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Examples of Nepleslian Culture

Nepleslian Appearance

The vast majority of Nepleslians share the following characteristics:

A Nepleslian is a human. Female Nepleslians used to be rare, but are now less so, leaving players the option of creating one. Also, while many Nepleslians have some mutant DNA or alien blood in them, most Nepleslians have appearances normal enough to pass for human. Mutant or alien abilities are very rare, and are not recommended. (This is not a superhero RP.)

It's not unusual for a Nepleslian to have a cybernetic enhancement built into his body. Nekovalkyrja were made to be the perfect soldiers. Geshrin benefit from bio-engineered bodies. Elysians have wings. The average Nepleslian keeps himself from becoming obsolete with cybernetic enhancements, and, to a much lesser degree, bioengineering enhancements. Cybernetic eyes are very popular, as they offer a much better range of vision to the users, as well as being excellent computer interfaces. Nepleslians also like to show off their battle-scars by replacing lost limbs with cybernetic ones. Of all the species that serve the Empire, Nepleslians have the greatest sense of harmony and communion with machines.

Character Creation Guide

Want to make a Nepleslian character? See Creating a Nepleslian or ID-SOL.

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