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The Mishhuvurthyar are a synthetic species characterized by tentacles and their ability to float and reviled for their aggressive, predatory nature and foul demeanor. They are quite technologically advanced and form the bulk of the NMX.


The Mishhuvurthyar are encouraged to be mean and highly competitive. While perfectly able to work in teams, the Mishhuvurthyar tend to look down on any other species as totally worthless except as food and incubators. They are collectors of corpses and see the smell of death as a sign of power; thus, their lairs are usually pretty repugnant to humans, although the Mishhuvurthyar themselves don't have a natural stench. Deep-rooted parts of their culture are to never be ruled in any way by an outsider, to fight when things don't go their way (or when frustrated), and to make other species into helpless toys. Their primary objective is subjugation in all things.


Mishhuvurthyar resemble masses of ribbed tentacles, with a bony head on a slimy base. The number of tentacles seems to depend on a variety of factors and is different from one Mishhuvurthyar to the next (usually around 30). The Mishhuvurthyar use a natural psionic anti-gravity field to float. Mishhuvurthyar have two eyes in each eye socket on their exoskeletal skulls, and both consume and excrete food through their underside via a digestive pouch on the bottom.

With the exception of the Parasite-Type, all Neo Mishhuvurthyar come with a Mishhuvurthyar Tentacles. Mishhuvurthyar tentacles often have several retractable needles containing strong chemicals to paralyze and intoxicate their prey. The Mishhuvurthyar reproduce rather unromantically and in the vast majority of cases never with one another. They usually stab some creature and plant their eggs in it, using it as an incubator and often keeping it immobilized until the new Mishhu can be born. The Mishhuvurthyar have both male and female parts, and can fertilize their own soft eggs if necessary, but it is seen as a disgrace to be the bearer of children in their culture.


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  • The thread here contains proposed ideas for updating the Mishhu, but more importantly, has a lot of lore that isn't documented. Meanwhile, the other thread there discusses their in-character disposition to other species. Both should be considered canon or near-canon, and need to be put on the wiki
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