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This list is meant to be a comprehensive list of all species in the SARPiverse and is intended for reference purposes. It is sorted into playable species, non-playable species, and it also has a list of all pages in the species namespace (some species might not be tagged as playable or non-playable yet).

Playable Species

Here's a list of species that staff have marked as being playable. Playable means you can make player characters of these species types. Feel free to ask Wes if you have any questions.

Species ImagePageBrief DescriptionPlayable?
AndroidRobot people and synthetic peopleyes
AnthroVarious types of humanoids with animal featuresyes
Artificial NepleslianArificial Nepleslians are genetically enhanced and articially created humans of the Nepleslian Reds. They differ from standard Nepleslians due to their lower tolerance for cybernetics and much more control against unproductive mutations.yes
CaelisolanGenetically-engineered angelsyes
Dai OniOni bodies for Troll, Lorrfolk, and Others from mythos.yes
delsaurian.jpgDelsauriansBeefy desert reptiliansyes
pp_fs_organic_example3_800.jpgFreespacersNomadic, cyberpunk, pseudo-religious and quasi-human; The Freespacers are a thinly spread culture of cyborg merchants, hackers, pirates, and revolutionaries that intermingles within the boarders of other racesyes
HedoroSlime peopleyes
HumanHumans and their many variantsyes
ID-SOLGenetically engineered soldiersyes
IromakuanheHorned humanoidsyes
kodian.jpgKodiansHulking bear-like cyborg pacifists of the Yamatai Star Empireyes
KuvexianGreedy nocturnal cave aliensyes
Kuvexian Hybridyes
LorrfolkLorrfolk, often referred to as "demons" are a tall, husky species that live mostly underground.yes
MinkanYamatai's designer species of superhumansyes
MutantsMutants are the byproduct of when Nepleslian DNA unravels and adds animalistic or alien traits as mutations.yes
My'leke (Species)Intelligent quadrupeds of Neshatenyes
NekovalkyrjaSuper-soldier catgirls of the Yamatai Star Empireyes
Phaedra VolkovNepleslianNepleslians are humans...mostly. They have a thing for cybernetic enhancements cloning and they have genetically modified soldier and mutant DNA mixed in.yes
NH-22C Yamataianyes
NorianAn elf-like species from the Avaen Universe.yes
OperatorMilitary androids of the New Dusk Conclaveyes
PhodsShort, feathered pig-people of the Yamatai Star Empireyes
Random AlienNon-specified aliens from the far reaches of spaceyes
SentiMetallic nomadsyes
Separa'ShanLamia-like zealots of the Yamatai Star Empireyes
Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)Kitsuneyes
Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species)yes

Non-Playable Species

These species are not really well-suited to being playable for various reasons. Mainly that the site revolves around the Star Army and its allies and the species below are often intended as enemies for the player characters. Alternatively, there might not be enough detail to support being playable.

Species ImagePageBrief DescriptionPlayable?
Advanced-Type Mishhuvurthyarno
CemlaeAn aquatic species on Becurn III. Discovered by the ISS Shiori in YE
Crab-Type Mishhuvurthyarno
Dominator-Type MishhuvurthyarA type of next-generation Mishhuvurthyar that can infect or indoctrinate nearby beingsno
EhlenMeritocratic warrior-poetsno
ElefirnFemale three-eyed deerlike aliensno
Enhanced Mishhuvurthyarno
essai.jpgEssaiMysterious and wealthy self-appointed guardians of the
L'KorAvian associates of Kuvexiano
MishhuvurthyarFloating tentacle nightmares and enemies of Yamataino
MocaidinsA human species on Becurn III. Discovered by the ISS Shiori in YE
Nightmare Type Mishhuvurthyarno
NMX ThrallHuman cloned by the Mishhuvurthyarno
Parasite-Type Mishhuvurthyarno
RixxikorIncredibly numerous and disorganized insectoidsno
Ryasou'temygo (Death Wraiths)Mysterious species that nearly destroyed the ancient Qaktoro Empire of the people now known as the Hidden Sun Clan. Not seen in over 700
TulaOne of the feline species of the Hidden Sun Clan. Can practice telepathy through plant
vordachibeans.jpgVordachibeanViolent creatures who use humans as puppetsno

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