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Kodians are known for their peaceful ways and are highly skilled in medicine, cybernetics, and diplomacy. They have a well-developed sense of morality and philosophy, which they begin to learn in childhood. As preteens, they are given a choice to study for a profession, and their schooling lasts until age 25, after which they may continue their education or seek employment. They have a deep appreciation for the arts. Having lived this way for countless millenia, the Kodians had never been involved in any sort of galactic war until they joined Yamatai Star Empire in YE 27, although they had previously put down rebellions or invasions started by others who have visited their planet.

General Information

  • Homeworld: Gashmere
  • Population: 2.3 billion
  • Government: The General Assembly of Gashmere.
  • First contract by YSS Nozomi in YE 27


Kodians are hulking, bear-like creatures that stand tall, typically ranging from seven to twelve feet (2.1 to 3.6 meters) in height, and weighing around eight hundred pounds (363 kilograms) to one (short) ton (907 kg). Their thick, shaggy fur varies in color from brown, black, gray, and white to more unusual shades such as blue, green, or even the occasional blood red.

Their heads are large and bear-like, with sharp, pointed ears and a broad snout filled with razor-sharp teeth. Their eyes are typically black or brown, with small white pupils. Kodians have powerful, muscular bodies covered in thick fur, with long, sharp claws that are able to manipulate items much like fingers.

In terms of body shape, Kodians have broad shoulders, powerful arms, and barrel chests. Their legs are muscular and sturdy, allowing them to move with surprising speed despite their massive size. Overall, Kodians are an imposing and fearsome sight to behold, with their sheer size and strength making them a formidable opponent in combat.

Kodian in Star Army uniform


Kodian culture places a strong emphasis on individual responsibility and self-improvement. The average Kodian spends their childhood learning the basics of morals, philosophy, and self-defense. When they reach their pre-teen years, they are given a choice in which profession they wish to study. From then on, schooling lasts until the age of 25, in which they are allowed to continue their education or search for a job. A great love for the arts has encouraged them to create one of the large schools for the arts.

In Kodian culture, sex is seen as an obligation to reproduce, not a recreational activity. Kodian society places a high value on family and the continuation of the species. Kodian individuals are expected to mate with a partner for the purpose of procreation and raising children, rather than for pleasure or personal satisfaction. As such, sex is viewed as a sacred act that should only be undertaken with one's chosen mate.

Kodian culture draws inspiration from the values of honor, respect, and community. Kodian society places great emphasis on strength, both physical and mental, and those who display such traits are highly respected. As a result, personal combat is often viewed as an art form and a means of self-expression, rather than just a tool for violence.

Kodians also have a deep respect for nature and the environment. They believe that all living things are connected, and that the destruction of one ultimately harms the entire ecosystem. This belief is reflected in their hunting and gathering practices, which are designed to be sustainable and minimize their impact on the planet.

Kodian music is a unique blend of classical and folk styles, with a focus on instrumental pieces that evoke a range of emotions. Many Kodian compositions feature a variety of string instruments, including the koto, shamisen, and biwa. Wind instruments like the shakuhachi and the fue are also commonly used, as are percussive instruments like the taiko drums and the tsuzumi. Kodian music often tells a story or conveys a particular message, and is used in both celebratory and mournful contexts. Traditional Kodian music is often accompanied by dance, with performers donning elaborate costumes and masks to represent the characters in the story being told.

In recent years, Kodian musicians have begun to experiment with incorporating electronic and digital sounds into their compositions, resulting in a unique fusion of traditional and modern styles. This has led to the emergence of new sub-genres, such as β€œcyberfolk,” that are gaining popularity on Gashmere.

The Kodian diet is primarily composed of plant-based foods, such as various types of vegetables and fruits, as well as insects and fish. The Kodians have evolved to be omnivorous, and their taste preferences have been shaped by the unique flora and fauna found on their icy homeworld of Gashmere. Kodians have a particular fondness for spices, and their cuisine features a wide range of pungent and flavorful seasonings. These spices are often used to flavor everything from soups and stews to baked goods and desserts. Kodians are also known for their fondness for strong, alcoholic beverages. Mead and beer are popular choices, and are often brewed using locally-grown fruits and grains.

Some of the most commonly consumed foods in Kodian cuisine include:

  • Grashroot: a starchy, root vegetable that is similar in texture to a potato.
  • Harsik berries: small, tart berries that are commonly used to make jams and preserves.
  • Ice flies: a type of insect that is found on the ice sheets of Gashmere. These are usually pan-fried or roasted and eaten as a crunchy snack.
  • Polar cod: a species of fish that is found in the icy waters on Gashmere. This fish is typically grilled or baked and served with a variety of spices and seasonings.
  • Rulian: a large, mantis-like predator that is considered a rare delicacy on Gashmere. The meat is typically grilled or roasted and served with a spicy sauce.
  • Rock Salmon: a species of fish that is found in many of the fresh water rivers and lakes of Gashmere. The fish is typically smoke, grill, or can be eaten raw.


The Gashmere Planetary Guard is the primary military force of the Kodians. It is a well-organized and well-trained force, with roughly 9% of the total population serving in it. The Guard is divided into two main branches: the Army and the Navy.

The Kodian military places a strong emphasis on discipline, brotherhood, and sacrifice. Members of the Guard are required to take a vow to willingly sacrifice their lives to defend their homeworld if necessary. Strong bonds of brotherhood are encouraged among military units to increase morale during long expeditionary missions.

The primary goal of the Planetary Guard is to protect Gashmere and its people. The Navy is responsible for protecting the planet from external threats, while the Army is responsible for maintaining law and order within the planetary boundaries. The Planetary Guard is also deployed to war-torn areas to provide aid to the victims of war.


The General Assembly of Gashmere is a democratic state that encompasses the entire planet. It is one large body of representatives voted in every five years via popular vote of the people. Overseeing the General Assembly of Gashmere is a Chairperson who is elected every six years by the Assembly. The Chairpersons main responsibilities including putting out a set plan for everything the people and Assembly wish to accomplish during his/her term, greeting and determining the worth of alliances with alien governments, keeping the public informed on current events in the General Assembly and to act as a central figurehead in times of crisis.

The Kodian Civil War is a planet-wide armed conflict that broke out in YE 38 on planet Gashmere over integration in the Yamatai Star Empire. It began when, due an aggressive assassination campaign, the Anti-Xenoist League temporarily gained a majority in the General Assembly of Gashmere, and then attempted to order the Gashmere Planetary Guard to forcibly remove the Yamatai Star Empire's presence from the planet. The planet's military became divided over the issue, and war broke out between the pro-alien and isolationist factions. Each side claims to be the legitimate government.

The Star Army of Yamatai, based out of Fort Nozomi, has begun a (thus far unsuccessful) attempt to keep the peace.


The Kodians have made significant strides in various fields of science and technology, particularly in biomedical sciences such as prosthetic cybernetics and genetic engineering. They are also known for their expertise in personal defense, fine arts, and social sciences. The Kodians have made remarkable contributions to the field of prosthetic cybernetics and have developed some of the advanced cybernetic implants available in the galaxy. They are also recognized for their expertise in the field of genetic engineering, allowing them to create unique and specialized organisms that are used for various purposes.

Since joining the Yamatai Star Empire, the Kodians have begun to release some of the schematics for their planetary bombardment weaponry, including the Ryurzian Acceleration Platform. This has allowed other species within the Empire to learn from Kodian technology and apply it in various ways. Additionally, the Kodians are active in the field of fine arts, with a love for music and traditional folk dance.

Kodian Characters

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