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YE 27

YE 27 is generally considered a major turning point for the Star Army role-play, where things really began to pick up; multiple plot-ships became standard and the universe expanded greatly.

This Yamataian Calendar year took place during 2004, probably starting on August 11, 2004 when RP moved from ezBoard to the phpBB forum. It lasted until May 21, 2005.

The Nerimian year equivalent to YE 27 was 2180.

Notable Events

New Ship Classes

Ships Launched

Technologies Released

Products Released

These are some products released in YE 27. This list is automatic. To update it edit the release year in struct fields on the product page.


Timeline: Years
OOC Start Date08/11/2004
OOC End Date05/21/2005
Neshaten EoRER 772v
ElysianAD 3998
HSC (Poku)746 CY
IromakuanheAR 933
Abwehran259 AF - First Quarter

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