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YE 44

YE 44 is the previous in-character year. It began on April 1, 2022.

OOC IC Notes
Apr 2022 YE 44.1 International Relations Conference of YE 44
May 2022 YE 44.2 💖 Love Day
Jun 2022 YE 44.3 🌸 Hanami
Jul 2022 YE 44.4 🎏 Children's Day
Aug 2022 YE 44.5 Kikyō No Sekku
Sep 2022 YE 44.6 🌊 Ocean Day
Oct 2022 YE 44.7
Nov 2022 YE 44.8 🍬 Candy Festival (17日) 📜 Constitution Day (35日)
Dec 2022 YE 44.9 🎄 Year-End Traditions


The events of this year will be determined by what's happened in the roleplay in previous years.

Notable Events


Star Army Events

Yugumo Corporation Events

Products Released

These are some products released in YE 44. This list is automatic. To update it edit the release year in struct fields on the product page.

Hawk Guide CraftDavey Boone Outdoor Solutions
IIS "Bag of Tricks" Explosive PackIemochi Innovations & Sales
IIS "Barkskin" Hardening SprayIemochi Personal Security
IIS "Belt of Giant Strength" ExosuitIemochi Applied Technologies
IIS "Blindsight Dagger" Hacking ToolIemochi Applied Technologies
IIS "Everburning Torch" Welding ToolIemochi Lifestyle
IIS "Eyes of the Eagle" Sensory AssistantIemochi Lifestyle
IIS "Headband of Protection" Pain DampenerIemochi Lifestyle
IIS "Magic Missile" Homing KnifeIemochi Innovations & Sales
IIS "Orb of Disintegration" Self-Destruct ImplantIemochi Personal Security
IIS "Shocking Grasp" GlovesIemochi Personal Security
IIS "Wings of Flying" Aerial Movement GearIemochi Lifestyle
Nephilim Defense SystemIron Company
Red Mountain Class Multipurpose CorvetteNepleslian Research and Manufacturing, Ryu Keiretsu
Zhenren Human Upgrade PackageAdvancer Enterprises
Nuwa Class Multipurpose FrigateRyu Heavy Industries
Fire Ant MechShasta No Sekai
Fantastic Media DroneYugumo Corporation, YTP Entertainment
Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy CruiserYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Amatsubame-Class RunaboutYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Mōkin-Class Patrol CraftYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Mōkin-Class Patrol Craft (1B)Yugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Mozu-Class StarfighterYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Mozu-Class Starfighter (1B)Yugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Taka-Class ShuttleYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Taka-Class Shuttle (1B)Yugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
ELECTRAYugumo Corporation
Sorakagami Aerospace Operations SuiteYugumo Corporation
Umikagami Subsurface Operations SuiteYugumo Corporation, Star Army of Yamatai
MIARA Ground Mobility SystemYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Yugumo Standard Emergency SystemsYugumo Corporation
Ginger-Lime Crab Cakes with Five-Spice AioliTakeda House
Moon’s NectarYugumo Corporation, Tokyo Brewing Company
Portable Medical Scanner PMS-2MKetsurui Zaibatsu
Star Army Norian UndersuitKetsurui Zaibatsu


Timeline: Years
OOC Start Date04/01/2022
OOC End Date12/31/2022
Neshaten EoEEE 006
ElysianAD 4015
HSC (Poku)763 CY
IromakuanheAR 945.75
Abwehran263 AF - Second Quarter

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