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YSS Kōun

The YSS Kōun (NG-S1-469) is a recently commissioned Plumeria Medium Gunship serving in the Star Army of Yamatai. It is home of the YSS Kōun Plot roleplaying campaign. Currently the ships are part of first fleet.


The new pride of the Star Army Navy was the YSS Kōun commissioned in YE 42.

The ship's first mission was under the wing of the YSS Kaiyō II. The ship was tasked with providing support and to prove Alastair Belmont could be in charge of a ship of his own. Shortly after this mission, the ship and crew were released to run their own missions.

The first big assignment for this ship took place in YE 44. The ship had been tasked to open a dialog with Soon Bardoon who had showed to be a front runner at leading the Kuvexian in what use to be Yamatai space. Details of this mission can be found within this report, here.

Pre-Mission One

The Koun was called to action to assist with the rescue of the Norian people during operation Fireplace. The Koun mostly played a support role helping to move refugees to a safe heaven.

Mission One: The Haunting Past


If one was to rank ships within Star Army with regards to performance, the Koun would be in 1st or 2nd place. This is one of the defining themes for the operation of the ship. Crew with a strong desire to be the best would fit well on this ship. At times it may feel like a ship of misfits and this has to do with the operation targets of the missions. The missions do not always go to plan and can even be in conflict with Star Army as a whole. This is on purpose, designed to enhance character progression. One could say the Koun is not afraid to rock the boat of Star Command.


Current crew working aboard the YSS Kōun. A flex goal of the Koun is to have a well mixed crew of different races. It is not required to select a specific race but more the GM will find a way to get said race onboard the Koun.

#Character PicPageOccupationCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
1Annelise StrixdottirSoldierCute FuzzActive Player Character
2c50076c418afe70a.jpegSaga LindqvistNSMC CYBINT and OSINT Specialist/Computer GoblinLocked 0utActive Player Character
31584742250357_image0.jpegAliset KōunStar Army Navigator,SARA testing divisionMadi HarperActive Player Character
4Elizabeth "Spark" Hartbrook-PinePower Army InfantryMadi HarperActive Player Character
5Sacre Ven SanssiniaStar Army MedicSobanActive Player Character
6Alastair BelmontCaptainSpaceeyeActive Player Character
7takeda_sayako.jpegTakeda SayakoStar Army Science OfficerYuukiActive Player Character
8Haruka ShiroyamaStar Army Unit Supply SpecialistEtherealInactive Player Character
9Vera AnnesdottirUnit Supply SpecialistCute FuzzNPC Available for GM or FM use
10Rachel WooferUnit Supply SpecialistWesNPC Available for GM or FM use
11Kamiko AkinoFirst OfficerSpaceeyeNPC In Use By GM or FM
12Seki Hana MinaScience OfficerSpaceeyeNPC In Use By GM or FM


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Year CommissionedYE 42

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