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Star Army Logistics

Star Army Logistics (as known as Star Army Logistics Command) is a centralized sustainment organization within the Star Army of Yamatai that manages and executes the large-scale acquisition, storage, transportation, and distribution of materiel for the Star Army's operations.

Star Army Logistics Emblem

The motto of Logistics is a quote by Albert Einstein: “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Two logistics soldiers


In YE 28, the Star Army of Yamatai founded the Star Army Logistics Command. Prior to this, each Star Army fleet had to organize and its own logistics division. Its headquarters was in Uesureyan Fields, Yamatai and it rapidly became well-known throughout the Star Army by giving away Type 28 10mm pistols to Star Army soldiers1).

In YE 29, the the major Star Army logistics depots were Uesureyan Fields on Yamatai, Nataria, and on most fleet Star Fortresses 2).


See each key facility for the contact for that facility.

Key Facilities


Office of the Director of Logistics

The Office of the Director of Logistics (ODL) provides leadership and oversight for the entirety of Star Army Logistics under the command of the Director, Taisho Kawahara Opal, and her Deputy Director.

ODL's functions are:

  • To provide guidance and orders to all components of Star Army Logistics
  • To coordinate with the commanders of the other organizational units and fleets of the Star Army on strategic logistical issues

Office of Standards and Modernization

The Office of Standards and Modernization (OSM) is a division of Star Army Logistics that was formed in YE 32 to consolidate efforts to update and ensure the proper maintenance of Star Army materiel. The head of OSM is Shôshô Yoshinobu Satoko.

OSM's functions are:

  • To remove obsolete equipment and craft from active usage (typically replacing them with the newer equivalent and sending the obsolete items to a depot to be scrapped)
  • To perform inspections of Star Army units to ensure current issue equipment is in place and is properly maintained

Site Maintenance Command

The Site Maintenance Command (SMC) manages and administers the logistical hubs of Star Army Logistics. The head of SMC is Shosho Manjula Patil.

SMC's functions are:

  • To man and operate the logistical bases and depots spread throughout Yamataian space
  • To coordinate with local operational elements about the dispersal and acquisition of needed materiel

Joint Resupply Command

The Joint Resupply Command (JRC) serves the main operational purpose of Star Army Logistics: to resupply the Fleet. The head of JRC is Shosho Takagi Eriko.

JRC's functions are:

  • To man and operate the various freighters and other support craft
  • To coordinate with the support elements of the fleets to streamline resupply efforts

Materiel Acquisitions Division

Commanded by Shôshô Honoria Nakano and based at the Fleet Depot Nataria, the Material Acquisitions Division makes large scale purchases of war materiel from the private sector or arranges materiel manufacturing orders from Ketsurui Zaibatsu or the central government's industrial complex.

In 3月 YE 42, Ahn Ha-neul was selected as the secretary to be the face of the Materiel Acquisitions Division.

Other Divisions

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