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Promotions in the Star Army

Promotions are advancement in rank. They are issued based on a combination of time-in-service, accomplishments, and demonstrated leadership ability.

The Basics

Here's the key concepts:

  • There are two series of ranks in the Star Army:
    • enlisted (E1-E7)
      • E5-E7 are Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
    • officers (O0-O9)
  • Soldiers advance in rank by one rank at a time. There is no skipping ranks or “double promotions.”
  • Promotions in the Star Army cannot be voluntarily refused.
  • Admiral ranks are only assigned when there is a matching assignment/billet available to place them in.

For more information on ranks, see Star Army Ranks.


Junior enlisted soldiers should be promoted from Yontô Hei to Santô Hei after they graduate from basic training by Star Army Personnel Command. After that, ship or unit commanders become the authority for promoting enlisted soldiers.

Soldiers who performed their duties well are promoted by one rank generally after each mission/adventure1) until they eventually reach Jôtô Hei and then, if they have demonstrated leadership, get promoted to Nitô Heisho, the first NCO rank.

There is a minimum of 3 months time-in-grade between promotions and it is most common for soldiers to get one promotion per year at this stage.

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

NCO ranks begin at Nitô Heisho and end at Jôtô Heisho, which is the highest enlisted rank. NCOs, first and foremost, are leaders.

Soldiers who take charge and show leadership, taking responsibility for the soldiers under them can be promoted to NCO ranks. If characters are not taking charge and showing leadership, they should not be promoted to NCO ranks.

There is a minimum of 4.5 months 2) time-in-grade between promotions at the NCO level.

Only characters that display leadership should be promoted to NCO rank. If a PC is promoted to Heisho, he should also have something to command - lower ranked PCs, or NPCs. This aspect of 'giving power to the PCs' is important. A Heisho infantry soldier should have his own team. If no PCs are available, then he should be encouraged to create the NPCs populating his team as low-key alternate characters (like, 2?). Then when this player posts, he posts for his team's actions rather than just for himself. Then the GM makes his calls accordingly. Also, having NPCs on hand is an useful tool for the GM to talk through if he wants to convey impressions, banter or situational advice.

Jôtô Heisho is considered an end-goal rank. Jôtô Heisho don't get 'promoted' to warrant officers. That said, enlisted personnel can still become officers by going to officer programs at the war academy or officer school.


Officers take charge. They are culpable for everything that the enlisted personnel do. Pass or fail, whatever your people do, you as an officer are directly responsible for it, even if you aren't. You need to act like it. Do not take an officer rank if you are not comfortable in a leadership position making decisions for the group.

Officers are promoted by the commander of the Star Army of Yamatai, except for promotion from Shoi Kohosei to Shoi, which is automatic upon graduation from officer school. There is a minimum of 1 year time-in-grade between officer promotions.

To recommend an officer for a promotion, use this form: SAoY Request For Promotion

Flag Officers

Flag officers are promoted by the commander of the Star Army of Yamatai.

As of 35日 9月 YE 38, the rank of Shôshô, Chujo, and Taisho can only be achieved with the consent of the Empress of Yamatai and only by officers appointed to positions for which such rank is required.

For Taisho, these positions are:

OOC: Because the Empress must approve all admirals, members should consult Wes prior to creating any admiral character or NPC.

Time in Service Requirements

Rank Time in Service Required
Shôshô 9 years
Chujo 12 years
Taisho 15 years

POWs and MIA

Soldiers who are listed as Missing in Action or are Prisoners of War are promoted in absentia at the same way they would normally be promoted.

OOC Notes

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