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Star Army Engineering

Star Army Engineering is an organization in the Star Army of Yamatai charged with overseeing and executing the technical, engineering, maintenance, and construction requirements of Star Army Bases, Star Army Equipment, and starships and to support Star Army technicians.

Star Army Engineering is headquarters is in Ketsurui no Iori on Yamatai (Planet) (in Yamatai Star System in the Kikyo Sector).


In YE 45, Taisho Ketsurui Yui authorized the Star Army to create a central organization for the Star Army engineering and technical needs.


Star Army Engineering is the Star Army's center of engineering and technical expertise.


Star Army Engineering is comprised of the following:

  • Star Army Corps of Engineers
  • Star Army Information Technology under Kessaku Anri
  • Star Army Maintenance
  • Star Army Starship Development
  • Star Army Systems Development


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