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Hinomaru Sunrises

Hinomaru Sunrises is a plot set to begin in 2021 by Game Master Andrew and Co-GM Demibear. The plot is set to be set in the aftermath of Resolutions Of The Ghost and will be the next chapter in the story of the Motoyoshi Clan. It was cancelled and then restarted as Hinomaru Sunrises II.


The plot has not started yet.

Hinomaru Sunrises
Forum Link Subforum Link
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Andrew, Yuuki and Demibear
Pacing Joint Posts and Single Posts 1-2 times a week/varies due to health of GM
Number of Players TBA
Accepting Players? Yes, but speak with Andrew and Yuuki
Joining Requirements Speak with Andrew, Yuuki or Demibear, 18+ Permissions
RP Rating
Cooperative Plots To Be Announced

Plot Overview

Ships from the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and the First Expeditionary Fleet Rank Pins will be joining the Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet on a mission to explore and colonize regions far from the Kikyo Sector.

Plotships & Locations:


The History for this plotline:


A Dishonor to the Name

The first part of the Prelude: A Dishonor to the Name1):

YE 44.7

Together, Together

The second part of the Prelude: Together, Together7):

Tip of the Black Spine, Hello Governor

A GM Cinematic: Tip of the Black Spine, Hello Governor11):


The third part of the prelude: Natsukashii12) is defined by something that evokes a fond memory from your past in Yamataigo (邪馬台語):

  • Current thread.


OOC Notes

Andrew created this article on 2021/01/14 10:40.

Characters WantedSpeak to the GMs.

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