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Senate of Yamatai

The Imperial Senate of Yamatai consists of the elected system representatives of citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire which acts under the authority granted to them by The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire. Oversight of the senate falls directly to the elected Imperial Premier who is responsible for moderating discussion in the Senate to ensure fairness and compromise but the Empress/Emperor holds the authority to approve or veto proposals made by the Senate if she/he feels the proposals violate/conform to the ideals of the The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire. There are presently no term limits for Senators but there is a 5 year term limit for the Imperial Premier. It sits in the Imperial Palace.

History of the Senate

The Imperial Senate was first created in YE 23 with the creation of Proposal #1, The Imperial Advisor Act, in which Taisho Ketsurui Yui named advisors to help form the Yamataian government until the senate could be formed which formed the two government branches of Yamatai Star Empire.

Imperial Decree 15 by Emperor Kitsurugi Uesu in YE 28, was based on and superseded Proposal #2 - Voting Procedure Act and #32 - Update to Voting Procedure Act, shifting from weighted votes of individual citizens to votes placed by System representatives.

In YE 30 the senate saw a change in policies as Emperor Kitsurugi Uesu resigned and named, Taisho Motoyoshi Katsuko as Empress. The senate proposed and participated in the International Relations Conference of YE 30 with delegates from Elysian Celestial Empire, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, Kohana and even, Melisson representing the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX).

Imperial Decree 19 issued by Empress Motoyoshi Katsuko removed the Senate's ability to effect matters directly concerning the Star Army of Yamatai. Later in YE 30, the senate was expanded to include all Yamataian Citizens, but this was later rescinded under Empress Himiko I in YE 34 with the passing of Proposal 104 and restructured under the adoption of The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire.

Responsibilities of the Senate

The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire places the powers and responsibilities of the Senate as the following:

  1. The Imperial Senate is vested with the power to create and revise law, by way of the creation of a Proposal which must be approved by majority vote and presented to the Emperor or Empress for approval or veto. In all cases of creating a law, the essential rights of all citizens must be respected.
  2. The power to override vetoes by the Emperor or Empress of Yamatai provided that over 80% of the Senate votes to override the veto.
  3. The Imperial Senate is vested with the power to manage the financial and material resources of the Empire, with the exclusion of those designated for defense.
  4. The Imperial Senate has the sole power to elect and direct the Imperial Premier of Yamatai.

The Imperial Premier

The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire designates the Imperial Premier as the executive director of the government’s various departments and moderator of the Imperial Senate, ensuring there is compromise and fairness. She is a liaison between the State and the People. The Imperial Premier is vested with the power to conduct foreign affairs on behalf of the Empire and to create treaties with other nations, subject to approval by the Emperor or Empress of Yamatai. She can also appoint and direct leaders of government departments responsible for Imperial business.

The current Imperial Premier as of YE 45 is Hanako. The previous Imperial Premier was Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.

The Senate in Roleplay

The Senate has been an ongoing Faction plot that primarily deals with generating the laws, treaties and policies that govern the Yamatai Star Empire and Star Army of Yamatai since 2003. It is the chance as a player to directly impact the IC setting and government of the Yamatai Star Empire through political roleplay to the setting. It has no GM in a traditional sense but is governed by the GM that plays the Empress/Emperor and Premier, Wes.

Senate discussions are located in the Yamatai Government Forum and can be found under the thread prefixes: “Senate - VOTING” ; “Senate - PASSED”; “Senate - Defeated” ; Senate - MISC“ and “Imperial Degree” for faster sorting under the forum search options.

Becoming a Senator

As a player, you may claim any unclaimed worlds by posting in the OOC thread and then being granted it by Wes.


Here is the following criteria for approval:

  • You have to like Yamatai, don't go trying to sabotage it from the inside.
  • You're a elected official, have some sense. You will be expected to be the curator for your chosen world and may be prompted to add content to it.
  • After you are approved, you can bring a relevant character, if any, or create a new NPC.
    • New NPCs must be approved, still, however the process is much more lenient.

Once done - Welcome to the Senate! Don't forget to edit the information into this page when you're done.

Removal of Senators

Senators whose players have been inactive for at least a year may be removed1).

List of Senators

This list is complied from the YSE Politics Struct.

#PageOfficeDistrictPolitical PartyCharacter Owner
1SachikoSystem SenatorxiuluriaAmetheliana
2Cheol EitanSystem SenatorAkina SystemIndepdendentAndrew
3Ema HimariSystem SenatorAnisa SystemNakshatra
4Anslen VolontanySystem SenatorEssia SystemDiscourseSoban
5Yokota TamafuneSystem SenatorFujikoIndepdendentDemibear
6WularuSystem SenatorGashmereIndepdendentGabriel
7KoyamaSystem SenatorJiyuu SystemBellflowerSoresu
8Kára KuroganeSystem SenatorKoukotsu SystemIndepdendentYuuki
9Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜)System SenatorNatariaBellflowerMiyako
10Pitz RiaSystem SenatorShugosha SystemBellflowerSageshooter
11Maeda YusukeSystem SenatorTami Systemraz
12Ketsurui-Chinomai MinoriSystem SenatorYamatai Star SystemBellflowerWes

OOC Notes

Interior image purchased from VectorToons by Wes and modified by Wes.

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