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The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire

The Constitution is the cornerstone of law in the Yamatai Star Empire. The current constitution was adopted in YE 34.


In this document are enshrined the principles that govern the Yamatai Star Empire, a state based on promoting universal happiness, affection, and enlightenment, and the pursuit thereof.

I. The Yamatai Star Empire places humanitarian values and the welfare and security of its people above personal wealth and consumerism. We stand against slavery, torture, and other malicious behavior and against violations of basic rights of sapient beings. We are committed to maintaining an educated citizenry free from the threat of extreme poverty, discrimination, and oppression.

II. The Yamatai Star Empire seeks to be a government free of corruption and hypocrisy. All persons, particularly those in positions of power, are held accountable for their actions. Journalists, whistleblowers, and justice seekers shall not face retribution for finding and sharing the truth. Nor shall we punish anyone for seeking or viewing information, for speaking or sharing their opinions, or for peaceful public protest. No government official shall accept any bribe or perform any act for the sake of personal greed. Nor shall the government keep secrets unnecessarily or solely to save face.

III. The Yamatai Star Empire is a secular government that is founded on principles of reason and truth. Neither the Emperor or Empress or the Senate or any government official shall create laws that involve the state with, or show state favor to, any religion or mysticism.

IV. The Yamatai Star Empire is part of a universal community and seeks to coexist peacefully with other nations rather than conquer them. Any nation that joins the Yamatai Star Empire must do so based on the will of their people. While we believe in being prepared for war, we will never use it as our first option.

V. The Emperor or Empress and all other government officials are the committed servants of their citizenship and reject tyranny. To divide the power, no person shall hold more than one of the following offices at the same time: Emperor or Empress of Yamatai, Imperial Senator, Imperial Premier, and Commander of the Star Army of Yamatai.


The Emperor or Empress of Yamatai is the senior leader of the Empire and personifies the will of the state. It is his or her duty to work to keep the Empire true to the ideals of the Constitution. The Emperor or Empress serves until such time he or she sees fit to resign, or is no longer able to serve.

The powers and responsibilities of the Emperor of Empress of Yamatai are as follows:

  1. The power to approve or veto proposals created by the Imperial Senate;
  2. The power to approve or veto treaties created by the Imperial Premier;
  3. The ultimate power to interpret laws when there a need for such clarification arises.
  4. The sole power to appoint an officer as commander of the Star Army of Yamatai and the sole power to direct the commander of the Star Army of Yamatai;
  5. The power to appoint one or more candidates to be his or her successor, each being subject to approval of the Imperial Senate of Yamatai. In the case of multiple successors being appointed and approved, the new Emperor or Empress is elected by public vote. In the event there are no successor candidates designated or none are approved by the senate, the Imperial Premier shall become Emperor or Empress and a new Imperial Premier shall be elected by the Imperial Senate.
  6. The power to grant pardons;
  7. The power to issue Imperial Decrees, including the declaration of war, which shall have the immediate power of law until such time the Senate may revise them at its discretion.
  8. The power to direct operations of the following government organizations:
    1. National Oversight Agency


The Senate of Yamatai consists of a representative from each Star System of the Yamatai Star Empire and represents the will of the people.

Military and senate duties are mutually exclusive: Because a senator's purpose is represent their constituency, while members of the Star Army of Yamatai may serve as senators, those senators may not be ordered to vote in a certain manner and may not be punished by the military for voting on laws.

The powers and responsibilities of the Imperial Senate are as follows:

  1. The Imperial Senate is vested with the power to create and revise law, by way of the creation of a Proposal which must be approved by majority vote and presented to the Emperor or Empress for approval or veto. In all cases of creating a law, the essential rights of all citizens must be respected.
  2. The power to override vetoes by the Emperor or Empress of Yamatai provided that over 80% of the Senate votes to override the veto.
  3. The Imperial Senate is vested with the power to manage the financial and material resources of the Empire, with the exclusion of those designated for defense.
  4. The Imperial Senate has the sole power to elect and direct the Imperial Premier of Yamatai.


The Imperial Premier is the executive director of the government’s various departments and moderator of the Imperial Senate, ensuring there is compromise and fairness. She is a liaison between the State and the People. The Imperial Premier is an elected position with a five year term, with elections occurring on years ending in 0 or 5.

The powers and responsibilities of the Imperial Premier of Yamatai are as follows:

  1. The Imperial Premier is vested with the power to conduct foreign affairs on behalf of the Empire and to create treaties with other nations, subject to approval by the Emperor or Empress of Yamatai.
  2. The Imperial Premier can appoint and direct leaders of government departments responsible for Imperial business. The following departments fall within her domain:
    1. Department of Agriculture
    2. Department of Colonization
    3. Department of Commerce and Trade
    4. Department of Corrections
    5. Department of Diplomacy
    6. Department of Finance, to include the National Bank of Yamatai
    7. Department of Health and Medicine
    8. Department of Information
    9. Department of Land and Homes
    10. Environmental Management Agency
    11. National Infrastructure and Utilities Service
    12. National Employment Administration


The Star Army of Yamatai is the semi-autonomous military branch of the Yamatai Star Empire. The commander of the Star Army of Yamatai is the defender of the people and the state.

The powers and responsibilities of the Commander of the Star Army of Yamatai are as follows:

  1. The responsibility to organize, command, and manage the Star Army of Yamatai.
  2. The power to designate property for the use of defense of the Empire.
  3. The power to provisionally declare foreign states or organizations as allies or enemies of the Empire until the Imperial Premier makes such status official by way of treaties;
  4. The power to declare and carry out war in response to immediate threats to the Empire, defending its territories and people freely and without delay;
  5. The power to annex territory when directed by the Emperor or Empress or in accordance with the law.
  6. In the event that both the Emperor or Empress and the Imperial Premier are unable to perform their duties, the commander of the Star Army shall temporarily perform their duties to the necessary extent.


  1. All sapient beings in Yamatai are recognized as persons before the law.
  2. All sapient beings have the right to apply to become a citizen of Yamatai.
  3. Every citizen has the right to life, liberty, safety, and security.
  4. Every citizen has the right to exclusive control of their mind, privacy of their thoughts and memories, and backup copies thereof.
  5. No citizen shall be held in slavery or forced servitude.
  6. No citizen shall be subjected to torture.
  7. Every citizen has the right to take part in the government.
  8. Every citizen has the right to equal treatment under the law.
  9. Every citizen has the right to a speedy and fair trial by jury.
  10. Every citizen has the right to express themselves and speak freely through any media, so long as their speech does not infringe on the rights or safety of others or threaten the security of the Empire.
  11. Any person has the right to political asylum in Yamatai to escape political persecution, genocides, slavery, or other injustices or threats not arising from genuine criminal charges.
  12. Any person has the right to change their nationality and move to other nations.
  13. Any person has the right to marry one or more other people of any gender and to start a family, provided all parties consent.
  14. All persons have the right to own property as individuals or in groups.
  15. All persons have the right to form peaceful associations and to assemble. No one may be forced to join an association.
  16. All persons have the right to work and to have free choice of employment under fair conditions, to protections against unemployment, and the right to reasonable rest and leisure.
  17. All persons have the right to education. Basic education is compulsory.

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