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Yamatai Department of Justice

The Department of Justice is responsible for the enforcement of the Laws of the Yamatai Star Empire and administration of justice. Justice authorities in the Yamatai Star Empire fall into one of three jurisdiction.

Law Enforcement On Yamatai

Law enforcement within the Yamatai Star Empire is handled by a variety of agencies. Each organization has its own jurisdiction. The three organization types are the Municipal Police Force, the Yamatai National Police, and the Yamatai Security Agency. When necessary these organizations will coordinate their efforts. There are two other specialized agencies; Imperial Guard and Star Army Military Police.

Municipal Police Force

Kyoto Municipal Police Municipal Police Forces are typically responsible for law enforcement within a specific city or town. Usually their jurisdiction is limited to the boundaries laid out in the charter of the community. In areas of lower population the MPF will have jurisdiction over a Prefecture. They are responsible for enforcement of local ordinances, vehicular law, and any crime committed within their boundaries.

National Police

Yamatai National Police

The Yamatai National Police are responsible for enforcing Imperial laws. They are also responsible for crimes that are perpetrated by the same people in multiple municipalities, or even more than one world within the Yamatai Star Empire.

Yamatai Security Agency

Yamatai Security Agency The Yamatai Security Agency is responsible for enforcing the Yamatai Star Empire laws regarding customs and immigration. Their area of jurisdiction is all civilian spaceports, space stations, military space structures that accept civilian traffic.

Other Law Enforcement Agencies

The following Enforcement Agencies exist within the Yamatai Star Empire. However, they do not fall under the direct control or oversight of Department of Justice.

Star Army Military Police

While the Star Army of Yamatai maintains its own law enforcement; its jurisdiction is limited to matters dealing with military personnel. Depending on the nature of a crime, the civilian authorities can claim jurisdiction.


The various Law Enforcement agencies use a wide variety of equipment to perform their duties. The list below indicates some of the equipment currently available.

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