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Yamatai Security Agency

The Yamatai Security Agency (YSA) is the Yamatai Star Empire's force for maintaining security in and around space ports and stations; enforcing Customs Laws of the Yamatai Star Empire. They are also the Empire's anti-terrorism force. YSA is a law enforcement and national defense agency that works closely with the Yamatai National Police.

YSA personnel depending on their posting can have access to military equipment. This includes upgrading the Minkan.


The YSA has a headquarters office on each planet within the Empire, and each colony. They operate at all civilian Yamatai Star Empire spaceports, space stations, and military star fortresses with civilian traffic. At these locations they are responsible for processing all civilians entering or leaving through those facilities. They are also responsible for processing any military personnel traveling on non-military transports. In addition to personnel screening, they are also charged with checking shipments coming into the Empire.

The YSA can request Star Army of Yamatai vessels to assist with patrolling, or they can use their own craft.


Their jurisdiction is limited to those specific areas listed above. If their investigation leads outside of their jurisdiction, they must coordinate with the local Yamatai National Police. The YSA has the authority to search any civilian ship approaching or departing from a facility under their control. They will sometimes perform random inspections, or if they have a suspicion will select a specific ship.

Diplomatic flagged ships are not subject to inspection. Diplomatic personnel may be screened, but diplomatic parcels are exempt.


All YSA agents carry the same badge. It is a ten pointed star, with a stylized phoenix in the center.


The YSA can use any standard Yamataian Law Enforcement Equipment, but also can have access to other equipment

Other equipment the YSA can use include.

  • Patrol craft
  • Fighters

Procedure in Law Enforcement

The YSA follows a set standard of rules when dealing with crime:

  • They have authority to scan all personal cargo.
  • They have the authority to perform basic security checks of passengers.
  • They cannot use excessive force.
  • They cannot perform actions in contradiction of Yamatai's laws or constitution.
  • They can hold an uncharged person(s) for 24 hours for any reason, but must let them go unless there is a warrant for their arrest.
  • They have to authority to stop and perform inspections on inbound and outbound civilian traffic.
  • All held person(s) must be given adequate shelter, and have their needs provided for.

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