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First available in late YE 33, The NH-31 Minkan is an upgrade for the NH-22C Yamataian citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire and part of the Ningyo Heiki (NH-Series). The designers decided to give them a different name; they wanted to leave Yamataian to mean a citizen of the Empire, regardless of being Nepleslian, Nekovalkyrja, Human or Minkan.

Minkan look typically human but are capable of floating.

This type of body is provided only to Yamataian citizens.


The design process began towards the end of YE 31. Initially the intent was to create a simple system upgrade to the NH-22C Yamataian. As a result of several events; the goals and scope of the project expanded.

With the ongoing Second Mishhuvurthyar War there were several concerns to be addressed. The Star Army of Yamatai had security converns when it was discovered that the NMX was producing NH-29 as soldiers and infiltration personnel. That work took priority and the NH-31 project slowed down.

Ketsurui Zaibatsu worked on this and consulted with Star Army Research Administration regarding security upgrades they were planning to implement within the NH-31 projects. The security upgrades were not originally intended for the NH-31. Then in YE 33 the terrorist group calling themselves the Independent Worlds League declared war on the Empire.

Ketsurui Zaibatsu scientists and engineers wanted to be sure that any citizen who chose to enlist would not be subject to another racially motivated order like the Species Restriction Order of YE 29. For this reason the NH-31 project became a new complete body type that featured an upgrade to a military version that would be compatible with any equipment used by the Star Army of Yamatai.

The model was given the name Minkan, which means folk. It was the the original concept of the upgrade. The design went into prototype status and upgrade protocols tested. It went into production in YE 33.

Physical Attributes

The NH-31 Minkan are a species of bio-synthetic humanoid life forms. They commonly have the following physical features:

Feature Details
Hand Four fingers and a thumb
Fingers Have fingerprints and nails
Teeth Normal human denture, full set of replacement teeth
Pelage Female body hair being the down on their crotch, their eyebrows Male body hair being crotch, eyebrows, facial hair (optional)
Height Minkan (Female) 144 (4'9β€œ) to 170 (5' 7”) Minkan (Male) 144 (4'9”) to 182cm (6')
Weight 1) Minkan (Female) 61kg (135lbs) Minkan (Male) 69kg (152lbs)
Eyes Almond-shaped (Asian) Round (Nordic)
Ears Human-style Neko-style Elf-style

Their body pigmentation ranges as follows :

  • Eye color – (Common) Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Violet; (Uncommon) Orange, Yellow; (Rare) Red, White.
  • Hair color – (Common) Black, Brown; (Uncommon) Green, Blue, Violet; (Rare) White, Red, Orange, Yellow.
  • Skin color – (Common) White, Gray, Pink; (Uncommon) Black, Brown; (Rare) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet.

Typically the NH-31 resembles the original form. But an individual can choose to accessorize their new body.

Uncommon Appearances

The Minkan body is versatile in its ability to be customized. Some Minkan have uncommon appearances that resemble anthropomorphized animals or alien species (typically to match the body the person possessed prior to a mind-transfer into the Minkan body).



  • All NH-31 can control their reproduction capability.
  • Females regardless of their fertility status do not have monthly cycles.
  • Females have only one ovary.
  • Miscarriages are uncommon, only occurring as result of trauma that critically damages the unborn, or radiation damage that renders the unborn nonviable.
  • Female can detect pregnancy within 14-24 hours of occurrence. This is due to changes that occur in the womb when a fertilized or parthenogenesis egg enters the womb and the womb begins the changes necessary to support the unborn.
  • The NH-31 womb contains specialized β€œcare-taker” femtomachines. They monitor the unborn and correct any detrimental issues. They are only active during pregnancy.
  • The gestation period for babies, however, is only 3 months.
    • Once born a Minkan matures at a rate consistent with humans.
  • Multiple births are rare but do occur.


Males have the ability turn their sperm production on/off. It may take up to to a week for for full fertility or infertility to be achieved.


  • The female can turn ovulation on or off. Ovulation once activated happens only once a month. If the egg is not fertilized the body simply reabsorbs it.


The NH-31 womb can sense the type of ovum present in the case of a mixed fertilization; the female can influence the type of child.

Father Default Option
Nepleslian NH-31 Nepleslian
NH-1 Geshrin NH-31 NH-22C Yamataian
NH-22C Yamataian NH-31 NH-22C Yamataian
Minkan NH-31 NH-31
Regardless of the influencing the child will have genetic attributes of both parents.
Gender is controlled by standard genetics.


The offspring of a male Minkan with any compatible female will result in a child of the mother's type but with attributes of the father.

Standard NH-31 Types


The average NH-31M is a well-formed human male, with shoulders slightly broader than the waist. Because their body mass and composition are carefully controlled by internal metabolism and conversion methods, he cannot be obese and should have his body proportions be constant for most of his adult life. An average NH-31M is 163cm (5' 4”) tall and weighs around 69kg (152lbs). The standard NH-31M come with the classic human-style ears, and almond-shaped eyes. Facial hair is a matter of personal preference.

Upgraded Appearance

The upgraded NH-31M has the same overall physical appearance as the NH-31M. Some will have more apparent muscle definition. Their SPINE interface can be seen as a series of pink dots on the back.


The average NH-31F is a slender, well-formed attractive human female, with shoulders slightly more narrow than hips, usually small breasts. Because their body mass and composition are carefully controlled by internal metabolism and conversion methods, she cannot be obese and should have her body proportions be constant for most of her adult life. An average NH-31F is 157cm (5' 2”) tall and weighs around 61kg (135lbs). Bust size is usually between a B and C cup, but larger is possible. The standard NH-31F come with the classic human-style ears, and almond-shaped eyes.

Upgraded Appearance

The upgraded NH-31F has the same overall physical appearance as the NH-31F. Some will have more apparent muscle definition. This extra definition can make their shoulders about even with their hips. Their SPINE interface can be seen as a series of pink dots on the back.


The NH-31C Minkan child is typically the result of natural pregnancy by a Minkan, they did not exist prior to YE 33. As with other NH-Series lifeform it can be manufactured for transfer or restoration.

As with human children, the appearance of the child depends on its age, and is a result of the genetics of its parents.


Minkan child physical growth is like that of human children. As the child passes into various ages, they develop certain abilities. This allows the child to gradually adapt and learn to use their body.


Minkan child abilities are limited based upon the age of the child. This table provides when these aspects start to become available.

Age Abilities
0 - 5 Strength and agility same as human Digital memory
5 - 12 Enhanced hearing Limited Inertia Control 15 kph (10 mph) Telepathy - touch only
12 - 14 Telepathy line of sight Wireless communications Strength increase Inertial control 13 kph (20 mph)
14 - 18 Sense electrical Telepathy omni-directional Enhanced Eyesight (IR/UV) Final strength increase Inertial control (full) Reproduction

OOC Notes

Minkan come from a number of personal backgrounds, some including having been a Nepleslian at one point in their lives. Since the actual Minkan body is a relatively new option, it is common for older characters transferred into a Minkan body. We advise that all new players refrain from creating an extensive military career background for newly created characters, if the character is older they might have been training or working as a civilian but try to keep from affecting the course of any nation's history unless you actually played that scene. If the character has grown up on Geshrintall/Yamatai chances are that they have never known true poverty or hunger.

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