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Living in a Digital Mind

This page is intended to help new players better understand what it means to have a digital mind.

A digital mind means that individual has perfect recall of events they have witnessed or been involved in. These memory remain just as clear and vivid, regardless of how much time has passed, unlike a human mind where details fade with time.


When Ketsurui Zaibatsu developed the NH-Series lifeforms, they chose to keep certain aspects of the original human brain. This is why digital minds dream, experience emotions, and of course learn. Additionally digital brains have the inherent ability to download data by high speed transfer.


Early on Ketsurui Zaibatsu developed a way to record specific skills from a group of digital minds, and transfer them to another mind. In this manner they were able to mass produce soldiers with a specific skill set.

However, there was one drawback to this approach. Soldiers with these specific skills had exactly the same way of dealing with a given situation. This made it easier for an enemy to learn to anticipate how soldiers would respond and use it against them.


NH-Series children attend schools. This is by design, because KZ did not want to turn the culture into a mass of robots, but rather advance the human condition.

NH-Series children learn with all the limitations as their human counterparts. Their learning can be affected by their experience, distractions, moods, and physical status. This is why they attend schools, because the purpose was to make NH-Series life forms better than human, but still keep the things that define humanity.


First one must realize that there is a difference between information and wisdom. A digital brain can download a textbook, they can access any part of it, and even search it. But just acquiring the book does not confer the wisdom of the subject. That actually takes studying and applying the data to make it an actual skill.

Example: A NH-Series lifeform could decide to download the steps of a dance. They could then perform the dance in a mechanical fashion. If the individual has no sense of rhythm or understanding of musicality. They would in time of practicing and personalizing make the dance their own.

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