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This page is Star Army's calendar, including upcoming events and previous events in Star Army's history.

For events this year, see: 2020.

For in-universe events, see The Timeline.

Star Army's History

Year Major OOC Events
2022 Star Army's 20th Anniversary
2021 Media Gallery added to forum, site went completely 18+, 2021 Art Surge
2020 Pandemic shutdowns
2019 Push notifications, β€œTitan” forum style
2018 Upgrade to Xenforo 2 forum software, Discord integration
2017 Tournament of Simulations win
2016 Shoutbox chat on the forum replaced by Chat by Siropu, β€œTactical” forum style
2015 4 Star Army plots were awarded in the 2014 Simulation Cup, 1 won 2015 Simming Cup
2014 Star Army won the 2013 Simming Prize
2013 Forum software changed to Xenforo; Star Army wins Squiddie Award.
2012 Star Army's 10th Anniversary
2010 random generator pages added to the site.
2009 Star Army joins Twitter and Facebook
2007 Star Army wiki is launched.Forums moved to PHPBB3.
2004 Star Army moves forums from ezBoard to PHPBB2.
2003 Moved forum to ezBoard. First original Star Army RP (YSS Yui) starts. created.
2002 Original forum on Network54 (first Star Army RP forum). Star Army gets a website.
2000 Yui's website is created (she becomes the first Star Army universe character)

You can also see a gallery of artwork over the years here: Character Art By Year

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