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This article is for the real-life year 2018. It corresponds to the in-character year YE 40.



Star Army started the year 2018 with 12,912 wiki pages, 12,458 media files, 19,127 forum discussions, 316,281 forum posts, and 1,576 forum members.

  • January 1: YE 40 begins
  • January 12: After a member was banned, his significant other withdrew her participation from the site, creating a domino effect of some players leaving1).
  • January 14: 9 years since StarArmy got on Twitter in 2009.
  • January 20th at 8pm-10pm EST (5pm-7pm PM Pacific): Star Army Community Meeting2)
  • January 30: 2 years since Star Army implemented full TLS encryption (HTTPS)


  • February 8: 2 Star Army plots announced as winners in the Tournament of Simulations3).
    • Outstanding Original Scifi: YSS Hana
    • Excellent Original Scifi: YSS Kaiyō II
  • February 9: 10th OOC Anniversary of The Freespacer Genocide in 2008
  • February 11: The Asteria faction collapsed as its creators moved it to another website and demanded it to be removed from SARP.
    • Over 500 pages were removed from the wiki
  • February 14: 4th annual Love Day (SARP's version of Valentine's Day)
    • Characters were randomly matched for “Date night” JPs
  • February 17: 2 years since 4 Star Army plots were awarded in the 2014 Simulation Cup in 2016
  • February 19th at 8:30pm-9:30pm EST (5:30pm-6:30pm PM Pacific): Star Army Community Meeting4)




  • May 6: Support for emoji added to the Star Army forum5)
  • May 26: domain's 14th anniversary of being registered by Wes (May 26, 2003)


  • June 2-4: Wes and Nashoba at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC



  • August 14: 5 years with our current webhost, Dreamhost. We moved to them on this day in 2013.
  • August 24: 13th OOC Anniversary of Nepleslian Independence in 2005
  • August 29: 4 year anniversary since Star Army was awarded the Simming Prize in 2014


  • Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA


  • October 17: 2 years since the setting expanded to the Kagami Galaxy in 2016
  • October 29: 4 years since Star Army started using Cloudflare in 2014
  • Thread Necromancy Event


  • November 6: 5 years since the forum switched from phpBB3 to XenForo in 2013


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