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This is the calendar page for the year 2016. It corresponds to the in-character year YE 38.



  • January 1: YE 38 begins
  • January 13: Community meeting held in the Shoutbox
  • January 14: 7 years since StarArmy got on Twitter
  • January 30: Star Army implements TLS encryption (HTTPS)


  • February 4: Shoutbox replaced with Chat by Siropu
  • February 9: 8th OOC Anniversary of The Freespacer Genocide
  • February 10: Community Meeting in the forum chatroom
  • February 14: Second annual Love Day
  • February 16: Theme switching added to the wiki1)
  • February 17: 4 Star Army plots were awarded in the 2014 Simulation Cup2)
    • Outstanding Original Sim: The Fringe of Star Army
    • Excellence in Character Development: YSS Sakishima of Star Army
    • Excellence in Prolificness: YSS Eucharis of Star Army
    • Excellence in Readability: YSS Byakuren of Star Army



  • April 13: Community Meeting (in the forum chatroom)
  • April 30: Black Knights won the 2015 Simming Cup for Excellence in Readability!


  • May 10: Star Army Mailing List on Yahoo! Groups is deleted (due to Yahoo being sold)
  • May 26: domain's 12th anniversary of being registered to Wes
  • May 27-28: Wes went to at MomoCon in Atlanta, GA


  • June 3-5: Wes and Nashoba were at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC.


  • Surely something of note happened in July?!


  • August 14: 3 years with our current webhost, Dreamhost
  • August 17: Star Army's forum gets a facelift with the new Tactical style from Audentio Design
  • August 24: 11th OOC Anniversary of Nepleslian Independence (OOC)
  • August 29: 2 year anniversary since Star Army was awarded the Simming Prize


  • September 2-5: Wes and Acewing13 were at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA


  • Horror plots
  • Trick or treat threads
  • Thread Necromancy Event
  • October 15: Halloween theme added to the forum
  • October 17: The Star Army setting expands with the creation of the article for the Kagami Galaxy
  • October 19: Monthly community meeting
  • October 29: 2 years since Star Army started using Cloudflare


  • November 6: 3 years since the forum switched from phpBB3 to XenForo. Renewed license.
  • November 27: Star Army wins 1st Place in the RPG-D Members Choice Awards “Where Members Rule” (#118)


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