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YSS Eucharis

YSS Eucharis, NG-X1-408, is a modified Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship built at Gemini Star Fortress by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 29. She is commanded by Taii Sakura Blackberry.

This article is about the ship. For plot information, see YSS Eucharis Plot.

About YSS Eucharis

Ship Emblem

YSS Eucharis Logo

The Eucharis emblem consists of the cool starship (in its original form) on a background of Yamataian space set within a red circle, surrounded by gold thread. The red circle represents the Ketsurui Clan, and the gold rope represents military (naval) service. The ship's motto does not appear on the emblem (it was designed before the ship had a motto). A patch version of the Eucharis emblem is worn by the crew on their uniforms.

Ship IRN

The ship's Imperial Registry Number is NG-X1-408.

Ship Motto

The Eucharis' motto is “All Ways Superior.” This is a modification of “Quality, All Ways,” the motto of the YSS Sakura.

The motto refers to the crew's duty to keep on top of things (i.e. maintaining control of the situation) and to constantly work to remain technologically superior to the enemy. The wordplay between “All ways” and “Always” is deliberate and the motto is meant to serve as both expressions.

Ship Name

Like much of the Plumeria series, the ship is named after a type of flower1); Eucharis also was the name of a nymph 2). The primary meaning of the word Eucharis comes from the Greek kharisma, meaning grace or charm3) {the prefix “eu” denoting good or beautiful.}“4)

Ship Song

Eucharis, Eucharis, we love you! You're strong and tough in all you do,

Eucharis, Eucharis, we love you! We'll take good care of you.

Eucharis Eucharis, we love you! You keep a very lively crew!

Serve the Star Army! Fight the enemy! Charisma, do the best that you can do!

YSS Eucharis Beauty Shot


Here's information unique to the Eucharis, such as modifications to its interior and its systems.


Interior Spaces

Some parts of the Eucharis, especially on deck six and in the cargo bay, have a lingering odor of seawater. Other parts have the signs of fire–burn marks and a smoky odor–that are difficult to get rid of.


The ship's bridge has a white and red color scheme (colors of the Ketsurui Clan) and has ship's emblem in the bridge carpeting. The original rear door was moved to the starboard side and replaced with an extra control station; a second door leading to the captain's suite was added. The bridge entrance is sealed off by a Forcefield-Nested Isolation Door in addition to its normal Zesuaium blast shutter. The chairs on the bridge have also been replaced with softer, more adjustable models, which were later replaced with Starship Chair, Type 35.

In the RP, the bridge is often used for Mission Control.


The Eucharis has replaced its radioisotope thermal generators with Lorath-made fusion generators.

Docking Airlock

The YSS Eucharis has an additional docking airlock on the port side that leads to the main (zero-gravity) passageway. It is visible on the ship's exterior. The dock has an extra-long, extending flexible docking tube with an automatically adjusting end connector that is able to connect to nearly any other ship's airlock.



The Eucharis wardroom is divided into three sections: a lower level with two tables, a stairway to the lounge, and access to a bookroom; an upper level with the main table and buffet line; and the kitchen area, which contains food storage, preparation, and cooking areas.

The wardroom floor and tables are made of wood from Hanako's World; many ships of this class have marble floors. The ceiling has various paintings, including several of Yui and Hanako. There is also a window in the center of the ceiling–the only one on the ship.

Eucharis Wardroom


Protected behind airtight glass cabinet doors, Hanako's collection of books is constantly growing in both subjects and volume.


The galley has an Emfratec Cooking Technology (Galley Master size) in addition to its standard equipment.


The Eucharis' has an interesting set of kitchen utensils. The ornate tableware is made of pure Platinum while the plates are black ceramic with a Platinum ring around their edges. Stoves use flames fed from an onboard supply of Methane created by the ship's recycling processes.


Hidden behind thick red velvet curtains, the port and starboard walls have been lined with a recessed multi-layer hydroponics system used to grow spinach, tomatoes, basil, and other herbs and vegetables. This helps the ship maintain a supply of quality ingredients when away from ports.

Near the entrance to the main passageway, other items on the wall include:

Medical Center and Laboratory

Recently the Eucharis's Sakura-type Medical Laboratory was upgraded with a Medical Scanner Charging Station to support the Portable Medical Scanner PMS-1M.

Recreation Area

Hanako had two Automated Massage Units added to the recreation area.


Computer and AI

The Eucharis has a special, heavily upgraded MEGAMI system, named Charisma. The AI was originally that of the YSS Sakura. Charisma is more powerful than other computers in her class and specializes in infiltration of other high-level computer systems. Hanako, having an exceptional grasp of computers, has put her expertise into Charisma; working together they are unstoppable.

In case of emergency, Hanako's station on the bridge has a hard reset switch for the computer.


The YSS Eucharis' shield systems have been fortified to provide increased protection against subspace detonator-type weaponry; they can also act as a Mass Mesher. The ship's artificial gravity systems have been enhanced to better protect against scalar waves in the event of shield failure.

In mid YE 30, the crew equipped Eucharis with the first Entropy's Shroud Electronic Warfare Suite to be used on a Yamataian starship, but this was later replaced with the more effective Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite when it became available.

Eucharis's crew outfitted the ship with a system of array capable of creating three dimensional images. This Volumetric Projection Array can create the illusion of various starships or empty space. The projector has a range of up to thirty million kilometers (1/5th of an AU). The images are massless and sensors will not pick up a reading for the created objects.

Environmental Systems

The Eucharis has robust redundant environmental systems augmented by additional parts and installation kits acquired on the public markets. The Eucharis is also equipped with a water filtering system for water landings and a Hydrogen/Oxygen Distiller (just add water!).


The Eucharis has Ketsurui Clan colors on its hull.


Eucharis has two large, extra sublight engines.

Sensor Systems

The Eucharis is equipped with additional sensor systems, including: Quantum Mirrors set as trim around the dorsal and ventral edges and coated high-quality transparent Durandium covers. The Quantum Mirrors are also built into the forward sensor dish; Lorath-made sensors (Hyperspace and Subspace Monitoring, Quantum Sensors and Dimensional Sensors); a telepathic activity scanner; and weather monitoring equipment.

Towing Support

The Eucharis has a special attachment point at the aft of the ship that is designed to tow additional modules such as cargo pods and sensor arrays. On exploration missions, the Eucharis typically carries an Orbital Geological Survey Platform.


Eucharis is more heavily armed than standard Plumeria gunships.

The standard Plumeria-class carries the following weaponry:

Eucharis additionally mounts:

Ship History

The following lists of events are in chronological order.

YE 29

  1. YSS Plumeria, NG-X1-390, built, but destroyed by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) a month later.
  2. YSS Elfin Princess, NG-X1-392, built. Hanako charts 20 star systems before it, too, is destroyed.
  3. YSS Eucharis, NG-X1-408, is built at Gemini Star Fortress.

YE 30

  1. MISSION 1: Eucharis assigned to Taisa Ketsurui Hanako.
  2. Docked with the YSS Miharu.
  3. Visited and charted the newly-discovered Kenichi's Star System with SRSS Yggdrasill.
  4. Passed through and scanned some of Freespacer territory.
  5. Was the first ship to reach the homeworld of the Azorean.
  6. Saved the life of Azorean Viceroy Raytim in the Eucharis medical lab.
  7. Attended Day 3 of the Conference at Pisces, bringing an Azorean ambassador, Aqueniss.
  8. MISSION 2: Led an assault on Halna to purge the Freespacers.
  9. MISSION 3: Explored UX-21, leaving an Orbital Geological Survey Platform.
  10. Returned to Gemini Star Fortress to pick up sensor probes and a new survey platform.
  11. Dropped off sensor probes outside Ketsurui Military Sector's North Gate.
  12. Dropped off survey platform at UX-6 Kazumi.
  13. Docked with the YSS Asamoya.
  14. MISSION 4 (“The Chase”): Landed at Kyoto Base on Planet Yamatai. Hanako kidnapped.
  15. Visited Pisces Station to investigate.
  16. Was the first Star Army ship to install an Entropy's Shroud Electronic Warfare Suite.
  17. Entered Nepleslian space, stealthily recovered Hanako.
  18. Returned to Pisces Station; recovery and shore leave.
  19. MISSION 5 (“The Secret Battlefront”): Went to the Viridian System to rescue a downed scout ship.
    1. Engaged in starship combat with SMX forces.
    2. Dropped off a 7-person team to disable the main enemy base's shield generator and, if possible, rescue prisoners.
    3. Shuttle NG-X1-408-2 Telemachus and all ground vehicles destroyed by artillery fire.
    4. Eucharis made a water landing and hid beneath the surface.
    5. Attacked the base once the team's remaining members disabled the shields.
  20. Returned to Gemini Star Fortress for repairs.

YE 31

  1. Interviewed new crew members
  2. New Year's Party on Hanako's World
  3. Major refit - new gun turrets, engines, electronic warfare suite added.
  4. First Officer Kurusu Misaki replaced with Hamada Shizu
  5. MISSION 6: Departed Hanako's Star and set course for HX-2 to explore HX-2 I, carrying two survey platforms.
    1. Stopped on the way at System HX-21 to scan and chart.
    2. Stopped on the way at System HX-22 to scan and chart. Deployed aerial drone and discovered ancient ruins.
    3. Placed orbital survey platform in orbit to study ancient ruins and contacted the Scientific Studies Service
    4. Conducted a squadron-level starship combat, damage control, and medical training exercise.
  6. Upon receiving a distress call from HX-12, Eucharis altered course and went into orbit over HX-12 II to investigate.
    1. Eucharis receives an alert order from Yamatai, notifying them of a possible invasion.
    2. A downed Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter is discovered on the surface.
    3. Using shuttle Golden Apple, an away team recovers Yarani Tasuku from the surface.
  7. MISSION 7: Eucharis proceeds to Nataria to defend the fleet depot.
    1. The ship stops for a minute at HX-2, slinging a survey platform into orbit.
    2. Eucharis arrives at Nataria to find an enormous battle (against the NMX) in progress.
    3. Eucharis, Starling, Nadeshiko, and Aurora destroy four enemy-controlled Sakura-class gunships.
    4. Eucharis and Starling attempt to break through the outer line. Eucharis is successful. Nadeshiko and Aurora follow and assist Starling. A formation of three enemy ships of unknown type pursues the squadron and destroys Starling. Aurora takes very heavy damage and is adrift and burning.
    5. Hanako manages to get control of the dormant ship fleet just before Aries Star Fortress self-destructs.
    6. Eucharis and Nadeshiko destroy one of the three pursuing ships (Eucharis' kill count: 5 ships). Eucharis and Nadeshiko then conceal themselves in the depot using their Type 30 Electronic Warfare Suites.
    7. Eucharis deploys a shuttle and armor team to an Irim-class gunship to acquire a security key.
    8. Eucharis crew members find the ship has been infested with small NMX insectoid creatures. Taisa Hanako kills most of them by sending a power surge through the ship's systems. Many systems are broken.
    9. After evading NMX ships for an uncomfortably long time, the team returns and Hanako orders the depot fleet to self-destruct.
  8. Eucharis returns to Yamatai for decontamination and repairs, during which the crew has shore leave for a day.
  9. MISSION 8: Eucharis visits Veritas on a mission to safeguard VIPs. Taisa Hanako: “Star Army Intelligence and Star Army Command speculate that Veritas, in Elysian space, is the next major target of the Mishhuvurthyar, given the Mishhuvurthyar strategy of attacking shipyards and ship depots. These shipyards have information and persons that should not allowed to fall into enemy hands, including teleportation units and plans for high-end Elysian starships. Our mission is to quietly and stealthily beat the Mishhuvurthyar to Veritas, extract the VIPs, and plant charges on the shipyard computers that we detonate should the Mishhuvurthyar begin to win a battle there.”
    1. One crew member is killed by an enemy agent while three teams deploy from the ship.
    2. First officer is killed in action.
  10. Eucharis departs Veritas shipyard just before the shipyard self-destructs.
    1. After its capture by the NMX, Eucharis fires on and destroys shuttle NG-X1-408-5 Telemachus II.
  11. Eucharis pursues NMX and Alitheia Fleet to the battle at in the Elysia Novus System.
    1. Upon arrival, the ship is targeted by a four-ship NMX escort squadron. With four ships against one, the situation quickly deteriorates and Eucharis takes significant damage. Fires and/or hull breaches occur on most of the front of the ship (Bridge, Captain's Suite, Engineering, Wardroom). Taisa Hanako evacuates to the recreation room and controls the ship via a VR station.
    2. NMX Commandos board the ship via a torpedo and one places explosive charges in engineering. After they detonate, the ship loses power and helm control. This commando then ejects in an escape pod. A second commando proceeds to the armor bay, steals a power armor, all Eucharis' teleporter units, and shuttle NG-X1-408-1 Golden Apple, leaving the ship without shuttles.
    3. Although thought dead after the ship's firefight, the VIPs were discovered safely hiding in a crew cabin.
  12. YSS Aeon arrives to assist Eucharis and returns Eucharis to its starbase for repairs.

YE 32

In Mission 9, Eucharis sent covert raiding teams aboard the enemy shipyard complex at Sbuhfaba in order to neutralize defenses before the Star Army's main attack force arrives. After they discovered prisoners and were detected by the NMX, things got deadly. The mission was a success, causing chaos prior to the fleet's arrival and the subsequent destruction of the shipyard complex. Eucharis teams managed to rescue ten prisoners and take one captive of their own. Eucharis then headed to Elysia Novus to recover and search the salvage.

  1. MISSION 9.1: Eucharis travels to Sbuhfaba, where it deploys covert raiding teams to board the enemy shipyard complex in order to neutralize defenses before the Star Army's main attack force arrives.
    1. Hanako infiltrates a shipyard complex and manages to assume control of its computer.
    2. Two teams board the central shipyard complex.
    3. The teams are discovered when Jalen Sune (Alpha team leader) investigates screaming noises. He discovers a NMX Butcher Room.
    4. The teams split up; one attempts to rescue prisoners while the other plants charges.
    5. Alpha team returns with ten surviving captives and one NMX prisoner, a Nekovalkyrja.
    6. A total of seven crew members died during the mission.
  2. MISSION 9.2: Eucharis hyperfolds to the Elysia Novus system for recovery.
    1. YSS Frederick, an Odori-class Freighter, is destroyed by NMX stragglers before just the ship's arrival, but its cargo and most of its crew is recovered successfully.
    2. A Nepleslian delegation arrives for treaty negotiations. The negotiations are not very successful and end early when the Nepleslian Senate is attacked by NMX forces.
  3. MISSION 10: Hanako accepts a mission from Star Army Intelligence to find and rescue any survivors from the YSS Freedom.
  4. As Hanako and crew head towards HX-13, they collide with a cloaked NMX scout. After defeating the scout, the opportunistic crew captures a live transponder system and two enemy Nekovalkyrja technicians from the NMX Scout just before it self-destructs. Eucharis uses it and a volumetric disguise to impersonate the scout ship and enter NMX-controlled space.
  5. After detecting a distress call, the Eucharis responds to a distress call by SAINT agent Taii Helen Klein who is fleeing in a shuttle from a Lorath Raptor-Class Expeditionary Ship and a Tivurthinth-class patrol ship; both are damaged from combat. Eucharis destroys the NMX ship and disguises herself as the YSS Aeon. When the Lorath demand the agent's surrender, Eucharis retrieves the agent via power armor teleport and departs the area, but not before the Lorath discover the ship is actually the Eucharis. The Lorath then proceed to steal the agent's damaged shuttle, which self-destructs inside the Lorath ship. Eucharis continues her mission.
  6. Eucharis enters the HX-13 system under disguise and enters the atmosphere of the jungle planet. Crew members are able to located the remains of the Freedom's pieces and its airdropped vehicles and Taisa Hanako orders formation of a search party. A hurricane is approaching the river delta near the crash site, complicating the rescue operation.
    1. Rascoe Voe dies when pushed from the ship without a parachute during deployment of the search party.
    2. 1 survivor (Yaiba) is found and and she provides a list of the 9 original Freedom survivors.
    3. Eucharis deploys an STV fitted with speakers to alert the survivors in the area. The driver is fatally shot by an NMX sniper.
    4. With the NMX now alerted, a shuttle is deployed to expeditiously pick up the survivors. It retrieves three YSS Freedom survivors: Atsukoha Orohote, Yaiba, and Sukeharu.
    5. Eucharis engages in combat with NMX gunboats to defend the shuttle.
  7. Eucharis returns to her starbase in the Veronica System.
  8. MISSION 11: Eucharis travels to the Bizankro system, where she recovers a probe from the YSS Miharu left there in YE 29. The recovery effort is harassed by handful of NMX battlepods from a fleeing NMX scout. The Bizankro system has recently been taken by the Fourth Fleet.
  9. Eucharis travels to HX-5 and places an Orbital Geological Survey Platform in orbit of a habitable moon of the system's gas giant.

YE 33

In Mission 11, Eucharis headed into the UOC territory to ascertain its status. In Mission 10, Eucharis set out to find the survivors of the crashed YSS Freedom on HX-13.

In Mission 12, Eucharis made first contact with the Union, then had to save their invasion force at Ether.

In Mission 13, Eucharis rescued Jiyuuians from the UOC.

In Mission 14, The ship headed to the recently reclaimed Nataria system to help out…but the NMX launched a counteroffensive attack on the homeworld of Yamatai.

In Mission 15, Eucharis traveled into unknown space is search of a copy of their captain.

  1. While at HX-5, the crew exchanges gifts in the as part of the Year-End Traditions.
  2. Task Force Torch enters the Mitsuya System. Initially the system is clear. Eucharis lands to investigate the Kioku no Seijin colony, a UOCPF base once occupied by approximately 7,500 soldier and staff. The Eucharis away team, which includes the Taisa, a TASHA, a tank, and armored troops finds the site mostly destroyed by nuclear weapons.
    1. A patrolling NMX scout ship enters the system and sights the task force. It leaves before it can be intercepted.
    2. The Eucharis away team locates a bunker containing 3 survivors (1 female and 2 male) that have been trapped inside for six months.
    3. Eucharis investigates the nearby site of a crashed slaver ship with a second away team.
    4. An NMX fleet of about 140 warships enters the system to eliminate the intruding task force. The task force is decimated. Landing ships from the fleet deposit ground troops and vehicles in the away team's vicinity and ground combat breaks out.
  3. After rescuing some of the civilians, Eucharis escapes the system heavily damaged and returns to HX-5. Only 6 of 36 ships survive the operation.
  4. The ship gets hasty repairs at Chiharu no Iori and Hanako faces an investigation.
  5. Mission 11.3: Eucharis travels to the Jiyuu System to eliminate the source of the communications blackout there. After finding the jamming station, Eucharis sends over an away team, unaware that LSDF Trishka has also sent over a team. A low-ranking infantry soldier opens fire on the station without permission, causing it to return fire on the Eucharis, which takes damage. The armor team has a brief combat encounter with Jiyuuians in stealth suits. Hanako sends a runner ship to bring the First Expeditionary Fleet, which arrives and disables the station's defenses and jamming field projectors. Taisho Ketsurui Yui gives the order to depart the system. As they do, the jamming station explodes, destroyed by the Lorath.
  6. Mission 12.1: After the Yamatai Star Empire receives Yuki Toshiro's notification of first contact with the Union, the Eucharis is dispatched to their home system to visit and learn more about them.
  7. Mission 12.2: The Eucharis crew finds out the Union has launched an invasion of the NMX-controlled Ether System and rush to block the inevitable NMX response fleet. The Star Army's First Fleet and First Expeditionary Fleet combine forces and drive off the attack, leaving the Union free to continue their invasion. Of note: There are two Nepleslian warships in the system, which are deploying their drones to the surface.
  8. Mission 12:3: Eucharis lands on the icy planet surface in a canyon and deploys a TASHA and a Troll tank to to a force recon. Enemy resistance is encountered at a River crossing and the team has to call air support from 1XF starfighters. After the enemy is dispatched, the team proceeds to the location of the Nekovalkyrja cloning center through a cave identified by a captured NMX Nekovalkyrja named Karina Maisa. Unfortunately, NMX nekos who are trying to escape are discovered by the Mishhu overseers and the area is flooded with parasites. The away team is forced to withdraw and summon the Eucharis for pickup. They make a narrow escape and orbitally bombard the NMX cloning center.
  9. Mission 12.4: Eucharis returns to Yamatai for repairs and the crew gets a short time to relax. Captain Hanako is promoted to Shôshô.
  10. Mission 13.1: Eucharis rescues civilians from District 78 of Tokyo City in the Jiyuu system and rescues Wasuremono Koharu from her bunker on the city outskirts.
  11. Mission 14.1: After the Second Draconian Fleet recaptures Nataria in the Second Battle of Nataria, Eucharis joins the First Expeditionary Fleet and First Fleet there.
    1. Eucharis docks with YSS Miharu's auxiliary ship, YSS Hoshi.
    2. The complete memory of YSS Miharu is downloaded to the Eucharis for later review.
    3. The Battle of Yamatai begins.
  12. Mission 14.2: Eucharis arrives at Yamatai. As the NMX fleet hits the defense fleet over Yamatai, Eucharis catches up and leads an attack on the Shlarvasseroth-class Flagship that disables its main weapon.
    1. Eucharis is targeted and pursued by many enemies.
    2. While the CFS is down, a Ghost Mishhu boards the ship and implants Pineapple with a parasite. Pineapple dons Mindy armor and shoots out the ship's engines.
    3. A team from YSS Vesper teleports aboard and dispatches the Mishhu and zombie Pineapple, then leaves.
    4. Eucharis plummets toward Yamatai for an emergency water landing off the shore East of Kyoto.
    5. The crew defends Eucharis until it is towed by YSS Vesper to Kyoto starport.
    6. The Eucharis crew engages in ground combat outside Kyoto, holding back an invasion by NMX tanks and infantry.
  13. Mission 14.3: The following day the ship is under repair and the crew prepares for ceremonies and their next mission.
  14. Mission 15.1: After repairs, the ship moves to the Samurai Sector and then heads to the galactic South under stealth and radio silence with the squadron in tow. The crew celebrates the Year-End Traditions.
  15. Eucharis docks with SS Atsureki, the Bellystabber II-class ship owned by the Nishitama Port Authority.

YE 34

In Mission 16, Eucharis led a daring assault on the NMX “Nest” in the Rabaal system.

  1. Eucharis starts the year deep within unknown space.
  2. After driving off an enemy Chiharu-class flagship and Ayame Cruiser, Eucharis begins a search of Planet H for Hanako 2, who is supposedly there; the Eucharis fights off NMX reinforcements and rescues her.
  3. The ship returns to Virginia and prepares to attack NMX home systems in raids (Mission 16).
  4. Eucharis and her sister ships proceed stealthily to the outskirts of Rabaal System and inserts two stealth shuttles carrying 11 Eucharis crew members and 100 infantry troops, who board The Nest, a huge starbase that serves as the hub of the NMX. They are able to capture an NMX Escort/Destroyer and bring down the station's shields by disabling its main reactor. The enemy station is destroyed.
  5. Eucharis briefly stops in System HX-22.
  6. Eucharis travels to Hanako's Star and docks at Gemini Star Fortress. The crew goes on shore leave on Hanako's World while the ship is being rebuilt.
  7. MISSION 17 (“Mission 17: Hanako buys a mystery package from pirates, resulting in the rescue of a Lorath Occhestan. Now, the ship will take a trip to the deep northern frontiers…”) After Hanako makes a “grab bag” purchase from shady sellers, the ship travels to UX-11 IX to retrieve it. They discover a shuttle, a damaged and looted Ayana-Class Escort, a Lorath Occhestan, and two Elysians along with a large amount of cargo.
  8. Towing the escort, the ship docks with Second Squadron Starbase to make the dropoff.
  9. The ship travels to Yamatai space inside the Ikoi. First officer Jalen Sune and two crew members are transferred to command of Taisa Kotori, Black Knights.
  10. The ship goes to Ether and sets up a base on the surface and launches an assault on the last NMX neko production facility on the surface.
  11. Space folded to Cellondora.
  12. Space folded to LM-NE-01 and scanned system.
  13. Space folded to LM-NE-02.
  14. Space folded to an alien system and spoke with the Union fleet.
  15. Space folded to Ether with Union escort.
  16. Docked with YSS Firebird.
  17. Conducted ground operations on Ether: Attempted to retrieve NMX Nekovalkryja production equipment form underground lab facility, but the operation was aborted due to casualties.
  18. Folded to Yamatai Star System and landed in Kyoto for crew leave during the year-end holiday. The crew shops at Imperial Center Mall and visits an onsen.

YE 35

  1. Eucharis begins the year landed in a spaceport in Kyoto. It is snowing heavily.
  2. Traveled to System HX-23 and went into orbit around the third planet, an orange gas giant.
  3. Rendezvous with YSS Firebird; transfer of crew. Jalen Sune resumes post as Eucharis XO and Sakura Blueberry assumes command of the Firebird.
  4. Traveled to the HX-24 Star System system.
    1. Entered orbit of Urtullan
    2. Dispatched Kuma T8 Multi-role Shuttle NG-X1-408-13 Golden Apple V to System HX-21
    3. Dispatched Raccoon T7 Transport Shuttle NG-X1-408-11 Telemachus V to Urtullan
  5. Shuttles recovered. Damage taken on T7 from missile launcher attack and one local, Sienna Shelton, brought to ship after she assisted team on the HX-24 I when a fight broke out with an assassin named Gravedigger. An ID-SOL, two frozen Lorath, a dead NAM soldier, and a frozen head were also retrieved from HX-21 III along with environmental systems components.
  6. Received resupply from Tenba-class transporter from 1XF Logistics. Shuttle Telemachus taken for depot servicing.
  7. Traveled to the HX-12 Star System and deployed 2 away teams:
    1. Team 1: Sune commanded YSS Firebird shuttle Chatoyancy on a mission to investigate an NMX Starport. The team found that while it looked destroyed on the outside, it was still occupied. Half of the away team died in the investigation mission. The base was destroyed by orbital bombardment.
    2. Team 2: Takeyu commanded YSS Eucharis Shuttle NG-X1-408-13 Golden Apple V and investigated a derelict crashed starship.
  8. (Mission 20) Traveled to the system southeast of HX-12 to investigate a mysterious traveling artificial planet.
    1. Landed on the planet and made first contact with The Essai.
    2. Met with explorers from the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.
    3. Purchased alien technologies: hard-light/photonic molecules
    4. The away team had issues being drugged with a nanomachine-laced fog.
    5. The ship was found to be boarded by 75 small tripodal robots with nonlethal stun weapons and volumetric invisibility cloaks. A shipwide gun battle breaks out and the ship is cleared of intruders.
    6. Shosho Hanako decides to leave the planet, noting “Because we did our recon and I have determined this is not a military matter, we are going to leave this for the scientists and diplomats. We will most certainly leave them with warnings and our observations.”
  9. Eucharis sets course for Hanako's World with stops at System HX-22 and UX-3 III.

YE 36

  1. Eucharis stops at Yamatai and undergoes a major crew rotation, taking on many new faces and losing some familiar ones.
  2. Eucharis visits the Splorfin System
    1. Eucharis Away team conducts salvage operations and finds an abandoned Yui-class Scout Ship YSS Heartbreaker on Splorfin I 14.
    2. It also finds a Crystalloid base and mass driver on Splorfin I 14. The encounter does not go well and the Eucharis' away team was attacked and destroyed the base in response.
    3. On Splorfin III, the Eucharis finds a crashed starship full of Rixxikor and makes first contact.
      1. One of the away team members is shot by Rixxikor guards.
      2. The away team boards the alien ship.
      3. The Rixxikor, demanding a ride, invade the ship's power armor bay.
      4. The ship takes off to prevent further boarding.
      5. The power armor bay depressurizes due to damage in the boarding, sucking most of the aliens out and also killing one crew member.
      6. The away team detonates explosives around the crashed Rixxikor ship, killing thousands of them.
      7. The ship leaves the system.
  3. Eucharis goes to Hanako's World for shore leave.

YE 37

  1. Mission 23.1: Eucharis departs Hanako's World from Fort Hanako spaceport.
  2. The ship travels to the Higaflan star system to investigate loss of contact with a Scientific Studies Service (SSS) team on the Bisen Lighthouse.
    1. Two unknown starships race to leave the system, and one (a cruiser) attacks and severely damages the Eucharis on its way out.
    2. Eucharis is forced to land due to damage.
    3. YSS Eucharis finds that Rixxikor have set up colonies on the breadbasket world and that their numbers are skyrocketing.
    4. Local Rixxikor forces get into a firefight with the Eucharis.
    5. The ship sends out two teams to gather information. The first goes after a downed Kuvexian pilot. The other goes to a Rixxikor village and stages a surprise barbecue cookout, pacifying them and allowing the team to ask questions about their origins. The teams find the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia may be planning an invasion.
  3. Post Mission 23: The ship returns to Fort Hanako for repairs.
  4. Mission 24 “Looking for Trouble”: Eucharis travels to old Mishhuvurthyar space in search of Kuvexian ships and Rixxikor colony ships and finds surprising amount of space traffic. They are able to identify a Rixxikor colony ship near Sbuhfaba and approach it, sending over an away team to search the ship. The ship's crew is represented by Ruxxles, “Lord Supreme Royal Commander of Emperors of the Rixxikor Collective.”
    1. While on the ship, one of the away team members verbally provoked a Rixxikor defender and was attacked and her armor was damaged, but she escaped and returned to the ship.
    2. First Officer Yamashiro Natsumi questions Ruxxles and learns more of the Rixxikor origins and is “served” in a unilateral rap battle.
    3. Intel soldier Candon Suites plants a remote access tool on the Rixxikor ship's computer systems, which Hanako uses to obtain navigational data.
    4. Dead Rixxikor corpses are bought back to the Eucharis for examination.

YE 38

  1. Post-Mission 24 “Edges”5): Eucharis starts the year YE 38 in the UX-1 star system where the crew is training and recovering.
    1. CEO Marcus Rodia joins the ship to consult with Hanako.
  2. Mission 25 “Stolen Pride”6): While most of the crew is outside for a promotion ceremony, a mysterious hawk-like starship swoops down and takes the Eucharis, leaving the crew without a ship or power armor.
    1. The crew splits into two teams, one to scout the local Bisen lighthouse, and one to carry the supplies.
    2. Both teams are attacked by hitmen sent by Ruxxles as revenge for their last encounter with him.
    3. The lighthouse is destroyed.
    4. The Eucharis crew escape by stealing a Rixxikor shuttle and proceed to the Bisen Lighthouse in orbit of UX-3 III to recover for 10 hours.
    5. Next they go to the “87D” Star System where the Eucharis is being analyzed.
  3. Mission 25 - Part 2 “The Chopshop”7): The captured shuttle is damaged and the crew abandons it before it crashes on the surface.
    1. The team makes use of the destructive distraction of the crash to ambush the base and the crew members, led by admiral Hanako, return to the ship. The ship devastates the area with its weapons and launches promptly, quickly firing on one of the Kuvexian Navy ships present and destroying it.
    2. Candon Howard Suites destroys the base overloading the aether reactor of a derelict NMX ship.
  4. The YSS Eucharis travels through Nepleslian space (with permission) and returns to Yamatai (Planet) for repairs. They land in Central Uesureya8).
  5. Most of the crew attends the hanami festival and picnics under the chery blossom trees. During the event, the Eucharis recruits a significant amount of new crew members, particularly infantry.
  6. Mission 26: The First Expeditionary Fleet is poised to attack the Kuvexian Navy's forward operating base, a large starbase in deep space. Rather than opting for a direct attack, the Eucharis is sent in advance to deploy an away team to retrieve valuable intelligence information from the enemy station's computer, which would allow the Star Army to navigate to Kuvexian territory and fight them there rather than waiting for more Kuvexian Invasions to appear.
    1. The Eucharis arrives at the same time as a regularly-scheduled Kuvexian supply freighter and inserts the away team while the station lowers its shields. The team begins to fight with defenders while attempting to make their way into the computer core.
    2. Returns to Yamatai for repairs

YE 39

  1. 2日 1月 YE 39: Departs Central Uesureya, Yamatai (Planet) (Start Mission 27)
  2. Mission 27: After traveling for months and far away from home, the YSS Eucharis encounters a damaged machine planet that is besieged by opportunistic salvages, Rixxikor squatters, and the hostile remains of vast robot armies. At its core is a vast computer containing a sleeping artificial intelligence. The Eucharis sends down a team to investigate….
    1. Ke-T7 "Raccoon" Transport Shuttle (NG-X1-408-11 Telemachus V) was destroyed by a robot.
    2. The away team encountered a scientist Rixxikor named Frixxaqz, who explained some things about the planet.
    3. The away team killed a dozen or more Rixxikor after the Rixxikor attempted to search them for food.
    4. First Officer Yamashiro Natsumi injured in friendly fire incident, saving Frixxaqz.
    5. A large horde of robots descended on the away team, presumably due to a signal sent by a device the fleeing Rixxikor scientist dropped.
    6. The away team returned to the ship for the night to heal and regroup.
    7. Supply ship YSS Tomoyo stopped overnight for crew transfers and to resupply the Eucharis.
    8. A second away team is sent the next morning. The team enters via a damaged section of the planet and enters the Machine Planet Labyrinth. Inside they encounter Graxlat, Rixxikor, acid-spitting beetles, blood-sucking flying creatures, shrieking mushrooms, and other hazards.
    9. Two Rixxikor reveal the process for reactivating the planet's weapon, and that they are there to salvage weapons for the Kuvexians.
    10. After the doors of the labyrinth are repaired, an increasing swarm of hostile robot invaders begins to descend on the team.
    11. A Kuvexian Navy squadron arrives and the Eucharis lands and powers down to hide from it.

YE 40


YE 41

  1. YSS Eucharis is transferred to the First Fleet.
  2. YSS Eucharis is transferred to Star Army Personnel Command at Hanako's request after she is promoted to Chujo
  3. YSS Eucharis rescues Takeda Tachiko from stasis9).

YE 42

  1. YSS Eucharis assists in the Third Battle Of Nataria, with Hanako aboard.

YE 44

  1. YSS Eucharis assists with the Arrival of the Norians, with Hanako aboard.

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