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Candon Howard Suites

Candon Howard Suites is a player character played by Rizzo.

  Candon Howard Suites  
  Species:    Minkan(intentionally made to appear Nepleslian)  
  Gender:    Male  
  DoB:    YE 23-43  
  Height:    5'7“  
  Weight:    200lbs  
  Organization:    Star Army of Yamatai  
  Occupation:    Intelligence Operative  
  Rank:    Ittô Heisho  
  Current Placement:    KIA 

Physical Characteristics

  •  Height: 5'7”
  •  Mass: 200lbs

Build and Skin Color: Caucasian lean muscle

Eyes and Facial Features: Light bluish gray eyes

Ears: Human

Hair Color and Style: Short and black, typically styled

Distinguishing Features: Striking eyes and can be very loud

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: From living as a soldier and cop Candon has aquired the discipline one would expect from a military as well as decent people skills. While he'd prefer to keep his words brief and to the point he still understands the importance of saying his words in a manner that won't offend others. Due to the recent tragediesin his family he has closed up much of his social life, no longer desiring to build friendships. However, he still values the life of his teammates and will do things to help them when appropriate. He is reserved and industrious, one who generally only speak when spoken to though he can carry a nice conversation. His mind is very practical, a trait that can help him solve problems with somewhat simple solutions. In combat he is very independent, typically relying only on himself to fight the battle. Before combat he tends to be impatient, a trait he's tried to overcome by just being quiet and getting ready. He may check his weapons several times in the process.

  •  Likes: high caliber/energy weapons, martial arts, mechanical systems, violent justice, driving fast
  •  Dislikes: Ignorance, alcoholics, solid ground, Yuletide
  •  Goals: Build a new life



Father: Howard Davis Suites (alias)(deceased)

Mother: Sana Suites (alias)(deceased)

Wife: Oshiro Masumi




From birth Candon was an anomaly, one of the very rare male NH-17s. He was the result of a soldier being assigned the task of guarding a small space based PNUgen research facility. Sana fell in love with a lab tech named Howard Davis Suites. They promised that they would be together after her military service was through and allowed herself to have a child(an action some believed to be a glitch in her OS). Being born as an NH-12 he developed quickly and became an adept soldier, though most of his assignments involved guarding military interests and escorting VIPs, an easy task until the First Mishhuvurthyar War began. By this time Sana, who had always worked in teams with her son, had already been retired. Although he was never on the frontlines he was often called upon to run missions that involved securing dangerous areas.

After the first year of the war he retired from the military to be with with his family. His father, Howard Davis Suites, was still employed by PNUgen until their closing in YE 27. In YE 30 the family was employed by Origin. His mother, Sana Suites, worked as a Security Officer wherever Howard was stationed. Candon and Sana began working as a team again as police, enforcing policies on the company owned space stations with the research facility Howard worked at. In a sense they were working as a family. During the first year of working for Origin Sana and Candon were both added to a SWAT team. Candon, like most military trained people, proves to be a very proficient marksman, though he had only used his sniper once while not on the shooting range he received a marksmanship award for hitting a pistol from a drunk assailant's hand with a snapshot. Generally he relied on his pistol whenever things became heated.

In his fourth year of working for Origin Sana was killed in an explosion from the stations liquid O2 lines, an unfortunate accident caused by the negligence of an intoxicated member of the maintenance crew. The fact that Sana could be brought back was the thing that saved the man who was about to lose his head at the dinner table. It took only two days to be recloned. Sadly her last backup was made just before meeting Howard, a time when she was neither a wife nor mother but rather a free spirited, single young woman with no desire to be the former. Howard committed suicide minutes after being served divorce papers.

After a brief time away Candon transferred to Sunrise Station where he uncovered a plot to severely damaged the station. While he stopped a bombing by a group of extremist members of the local construction union he also caused a great deal of collateral damage in the process. To protect him from pending lawsuits Origin gave him severance and quietly moved him off the station and brought him to Yamatai Prime where he discovered that his mother had begun a new family. After another brief bout of depression he decided to join the SAoY.

Basic training was easy for him, seeing as he started life as a soldier. Afterward he specialized in engineering for a position aboard a starship. The training staff found that he had a very adaptable personality, one capable of learning easily. he was offered the chance receive SAINT training, an offer he immediately accepted. After months of the most intense training he'd ever received he graduated as an operative. Seeing a need for a SAINT presance aboard Eucharis his dossier was sent to Hanako Shôshô by Nakaide Shida himself.



Suites is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He is fluent in Trade (language), Yamataigo (邪馬台語), and Nepleslian. He can speak and write each language correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.


Suites received extensive hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. The Minkan trains with Nekovalkyrja and is no stranger to fighting significantly stronger opponents. He prefers keeping a quiet entry when running a military operations and is proficient in silent takedowns of both lethal and less-lethal means and can disarm an opponent in ways that usually prevent weapon fire. Suites has been trained in military strategy and can organize tactics including direct action combat, sabotage, reconnaissance, covert infiltration and exfiltration, surveillance, and simple area denial. He is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons and has a good practice of SERE(Survival, Escape, Resistance, and Evasion). Weapons he is trained in include energy and ballistic pistols, knives, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, and powered armor. He has also received training in Yamataian sword arts.

Aside from his extensive training, he has first-hand experience in countless real world combat scenarios. His ability to kill is as natural to him as breathing with his reflexes, precision, and cunning being exceptional even when compared to the finest super soldiers.

Technology Operation

As a SAINT Operative with training as a starship engineer Suites has received extensive training in the operating and repair of the various mechanical, electrical, and software based systems found on starships, power armor, and general vehicles. Due to the nature of his role he has been trained to repair weapons on the field has gained enough firsthand experience to accomplish most repairs reliably provided he has access to the proper tools. He is extremely proficient in encryption and decryption of data as well as using surveillance systems and strategic analysis systems for operational planning. Suites is also capable of operating and repairing surveillance equipment and AI electronics, though hacking an AI always proves difficult.


Suites received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. His added burden of managing the economy of the USO has taught him many lessons in economic theory while the political act of staging an orbital collision with a flight plan filed weeks in advance has proved a savvy for trigonometry when it comes to political applications.


Having completed SAINT training Suites has learned how to be stealthy and was taught to be extremely aware of his surroundings. He is good at hiding and aquiring various items and sensitive information. Suites can create a false identity or even impersonate another person in the field, though the persona of many aliases he's created do not differ much(think James Bond style, hes not really in character when he's just trying to blend in or scout an urban area. He just relaxes and acts like himself). When it comes time to forcibly extract information from an unwilling host he used to get a bit overboard. Sometimes cutting off fingers, using electricity, or simply applying brute force. Over time his conscience has finally begun to change and he will generally do his best to use psychology, law, or his presence to persuade an unwilling subject.


During his initial military service Candon's favorite drills were obstacle course runs(no flight). He eventually began finding quicker ways to overcome the obstacles and adopted a style that loosely resembles Parkour.

Repair and Maintenance

Suites is trained in the various mechanical and electonic systems found on a space ship/station as well as the vehicles commonly found on such vessels. He is capable and qualified to repair and maintain ships, armor, vehicles, and weapons.


Military possessions:

Personal possessions:



  • Hanger 33, northeast of Uesureyan Fields, monthly rental fee 500 KS

Material Assets

  • SSCC-XL containing propane sold to gas distributer, 25000 KS
  • Men's Work Clothing
  • 270 x Handsaws sold to Tree Farm, 1350 KS
  • 182 x Hardwood, highly-quality wooden desks sold to office supplier, 18200 KS
  • Type 30 Escape pod, unused and fully stocked
  • Anthedon Power Armour (NMX War, TC: 63-11, IC: 687-7647-67)
  • SMX/NMX Ripper Power Armor (NMX War, TC: 74-80, IC: 5977-69017-146)
  • FMS-2 Plasma Thrower 'Stalwart Suppressor' (NMX War, TC: 76-31, IC: 2337-15402-98)
  • FMS-2 Plasma Thrower 'Stalwart Suppressor' (NMX War, TC: 76-30, IC: 2337-22227-97)
  • Type 30 Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol (NMX War, TC: 69-98, IC: 6819-55427-159)
  • SSCC-XL containing cocoa beans (Salvaging Commodites, TC: 35-16, IC: 617-2009-47) Sold to Coffee company, 88600 KS
  • Collection of various exotic spices and herbs (Pirating YE 34, TC: 54-25, IC: 1353-7107-73) sold to master chef,500 KS
  • Small crate of NAM pharmecuticals (Sedatives) (NMX War, TC: 40-67, IC: 2737-34160-103) sold to frontier doctor, 2000 KS
  • Heavy-Class QNC Engine (Pirating YE 34, TC: 60-33, IC: 2037-2037-86) installation on Kouken-Class Escort in progress


Model Mimic Computer
Alias Candon Suites, or Donny when Candon is around
Appearance Candon Suites
Sentience Limited
Personality Almost identical to Candon's personality but is humbled by the awareness that he is a copy and decoy.
Assignment Live at the hangar on Yamatai Prime and complete projects there while mimicking owner.
Model Mimic Computer
Alias Javier Williams
Appearance Male, early 30's, blue eyes, spiky black hair.
Sentience Limited
Personality Reserved demeanor and unbreakable focus. This pilot makes the brilliant decisions behind the stick with split-second timing.
Assignment Operate and upkeep Candon's personal transport.
Model Mimic Computer
Alias Suika Melchior
Appearance Yamataian female, early 30's, orange eyes, blue hair in a chopped style
Sentience Full
Personality Thrill-seeking but dedicated to work, enjoys shopping on the net.
Assignment Manage development of FSCorp… Lots of computer work.


Candon Howad Suites is currently a Ittô Heisho in the SAoY.

YE 37

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3 000 KS Starting Funds
2 147 KS 853 KS HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’ matte black
2 057 KS 90 KS 3 extra mags
1 957 KS 100 KS 6X IR scope
1 942 KS 15 KS shoulder holster
1 927 KS 15 KS scope batteries
1 827 KS 100 KS Zen Armaments 'Little Killer'
1 577 KS 250 KS YB-28A w/ scope mount and charger
277 KS 1 300 KS Star Army - Covert Operative Sunglasses - SACOS
217 KS 60 KS 6 100 round boxes H-NAM
137 KS 80 KS 8 20 round boxes M-NAM
580 KS 443 KS January salary
1 023 KS 443 KS February salary
1 466 KS 443 KS March salary
1 909 KS 443 KS April salary
2 352 KS 443 KS May salary
2 795 KS 443 KS June salary
3 238 KS 443 KS July salary
3 681 KS 443 KS August salary
4 124 KS 443 KS September salary
4 788 KS 664 KS October salary
5 452 KS 664 KS November salary
6 116 KS 664 KS December salary

YE 38

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
8 366 KS 2 250 KS January salary
10 616 KS 2 250 KS February salary
13 116 KS 2 500 KS March salary
15 616 KS 2 500 KS April salary
18 116 KS 2 500 KS May salary
5 616 KS 12 500 KS Kokū Ken
3 416 KS 2 200 KS 2 SiZi Model 38 Special Duty Revolver
3 336 KS 80 KS 100 Round Box, light
3 186 KS 150 KS 100 Round Box, normal
2 836 KS 350 KS 100 Round Box, heavy
5 336 KS 2 500 KS June salary
7 836 KS 2 500 KS July salary
10 336 KS 2 500 KS August salary
12 836 KS 2 500 KS September salary
12 611 KS 225 KS Pistol
12 586 KS 25 KS 100 rounds 10mm KZ
12 136 KS 450 KS Penthouse 46, 1 night
11 636 KS 500 KS Rent for Hanger
11 386 KS 250 KS Shipping of free salvage
36 386 KS 25 000 KS Sale of Propane
24 386 KS 12 000 KS purchase of salvage
42 586 KS 18 200 KS Sale of Desks
43 936 KS 1 350 KS Sale of Handsaws
46 686 KS 2 750 KS October salary
49 436 KS 2 750 KS November salary
48 936 KS 500 KS Rent for Hanger, November
48 686 KS 250 KS A Plank of Zesu
51 436 KS 2 750 KS December salary
50 936 KS 500 KS Rent for Hanger, December

YE 39

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
139 536 KS 88 600 KS Sale of Cocoa
140 063 KS 500 KS Sale of spices
142 063 KS 2 000 KS Sale of NAM pharmecuticals
119 838 KS 2 2225KS Origin GSR w/most advanced scope, best recoil managing stock, and 3 spare magazines
118 838 KS 1 000 KS 100 24x300mm depleted uranium darts
30 118 838 KS 30 000 000 30 million KS loan from Jax
30 051 838 KS 67 000 KS purchase of Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo Runner w/4 Ge-Y2-W3300 - Anti-Armor Turrets
29 931 838 KS 120 000 KS Type 30 Mental Transfer and Backup Unit (NMX War, TC: 86-89, IC: 7711-72681-165)
129 884 338 KS 100 000 000 KS 100 000 000 KS loan from Jax
884 338 KS 129 000 000 KS 129 million KS investment in Frontier Service Corporation
883 588 KS 750 KS “M'Cel” 40/30mm Grenade Launcher

Current Loadout


Right leg holster

Battery Loaded Rounds Carried Ammo Stored Ammo
400/400 4 JHP, 2 FMJ, 2 HE 4 JHP, 4 FMJ H-NAM: 200 FMJ, 100 JHP, 200 HE, 100 EMP
4 spare M-NAM: 20 Liquid, 20 Audio, 20 Video, 20 Tracker, 20 RCHE, 60 lead

Mods: 6X IR scope, custom grip

Left belt holster

Battery Charge Loaded Battery Carried Battery
100% YB-28A Triple-Power Magazine 2 standard

Spectre Power Armor

Unit Spectre Mk.II Prototype Powered Armor
Left Center Right
Shoulder Dorsal Shoulder
Standard armor OPEN Standard armor
Wing Mount Chest Wing Mount
Waist Handheld Waist
Kokū Ken saya Gauss Sniper Rifle OPEN
Left Leg Right Leg

Mindy 4

Unit Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor SAINT Black
Left Shoulder Dorsal Right Shoulder
Scalar Machine Gun Leader Support Pack Kokū Ken saya
Leg Pods utility/cargo Handheld
Countermeasure Pods CFWEP Package OPEN
Left Waist Wings / Tail Right Waist
suppressed Heavy Aether Pistol Yes / No suppressed Heavy Aether Pistol

Mindy 2


Award Name Awarded by Mission
Service Award Shôshô Hanako Ketsurui 23, 24
Combat Award Shôshô Hanako Ketsurui 23, 26
Tomoyo's Kikyo Shôshô Hanako Ketsurui 23
Capture Award Shôshô Hanako Ketsurui 23, 26
War Medal Shôshô Hanako Ketsurui 26
Character Data
Character NameCandon Suites
Character OwnerRizzo
Character StatusPermanently Retired Character
Current LocationNataria Cemetery
Character's HomeYamatai (Planet)
PlotsFall Of Himiko, YSS Eucharis Plot

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