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HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’

The HHG is a revolver designed by and manufactured by Nepleslian Arms and Munitions's Terratech Division in the earliest days of Nepleslia. Ever since its original production, the HHG has been opened up and sold to nearly everyone in the Kikyo sector at some point. After nearly being sold for a decade, the HHG is considered to be one of the most successful weapons to ever be sold and still on the market.

About the HHG

In a very short while after the ESG was produced, NAM’s military development division Terratech received the ESG as a company sidearm. Needless to say the war veterans that made up most of tough guy Terratech were disgusted with the weapon four eyes Aerotech has developed. Terratech quickly began a project to correct this discrepancy in manly Nepleslia. The acronym to this weapon is HHG.

There was a limit to how much propelling force traditional gunpowder can pack, thus one of the main radical additions to the HHG was a mass driver incorporated into the large barrel, making the HHG a hybrid chemical/mass driver weapon. To add weight to manage the high recoil and to increase the weapon’s durability, the HHG was to be made with stamped Power Armor grade Durandium.

Despite their focus on selling to Nepleslia, many sales of the HHG are actually to both civilians and neighboring powers, making the HHG now many years later one of the most successful sidearms when it came to sales. At the end of YE 39 and near YE 40, the old look of the HHG was refitted with a brand new design of the same weapon. The main venture of this was to capitalize on Lewis Pasco Day, by giving one of the most successful guns around a new design to purchase. Despite the invention of a new design, of course, both designs of the gun are supported and actively still sold.

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Terratech (NAM’s Military R&D Division)
  • Manufacturer: NAM, Landside Factories
  • Nomenclature: HHG-01a
  • Name: HHG, High Hybrid Gun
  • Type: Chemical and/or Mass Driver
  • Role: High-Powered Revolver
  • Length: 33 centimeters
  • Mass: 2 kilograms


Above you can see the Classical HHG design. Above you can see the YE 40 HHG design.

Although the HHG comes in two designs, the HHG shares a few things such as a unique hammer that appears almost poorly cut and badly shaped. The most common grip is a leather wrap that is secured with screws around the metal base, with a thin trigger guard that meets up with its barrel. And, of course, the switch that allows the operator to change the mode the gun is firing in can be found just ahead and below the bullet cylinder along the side of the gun's lengthy barrel.

The classical HHG was often sold in a single silver-steel tint, with a barrel that slowly recedes upward as you go toward the end of it. This leaves a small, stubby end of the barrel visible at the end of the gun. It sports a large trigger, thin iron sights, and is made of roughly two large chunks assembled around the weapon in a basic casing. This makes the classic HHG a tough weapon, but leaves it without the modern addition of rails to affix any sort of attachments. However, it boasts a replacement rail option for the top to allow optics. The battery runs along the bottom of the barrel, allowing one to push its pressure points to let it drop.

The YE 40 HHG instead boasts a thick and almost square-like barrel. Unlike the classical, the end of the barrel is within the gun to allow it to appear seamless and smooth. Rails have been added to either side, along with protective casing bands underneath to better reinforce the gun. A single rail has also been attached to the bottom, designed to accept the attachment of most underbarrel weapons and gear throughout the sector. Although it has added these casings, however, one can still strip the gun down to the original design beneath it, albeit with a lower-positioned and smaller trigger. Unlike the prior design, a new recharging battery on the gun means that the user won't have to buy a new one every time they go out shooting on Lewis Pasco day. A unique flap-securing stock point has also been added to the gun, allowing the attachment of rail stocks to let the operator gain additional steadying length to the gun.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash:
    • Standard/Hybrid: A large, brief instant-flash of yellow.
    • Standard ammo in Hybrid: Loud bang, large flash with hot residual matter spraying out.
    • Mass Driver Only: None unless firing tracers
  • Retort:
    • Standard/Hybrid: A loud clink-bang.
    • Standard ammo in Hybrid: A harsh, loud bang with a metal-flaking sound mixed in underneath that hangs longer than the initial bang.
    • Mass Driver Only: Small clink of the hammer followed by a fwp of the Mass Driver.
    • Projectile Appearance: Solid .45 round
  • Effective Range 100-400 meters depending on mode
  • Rate of Fire: Varies based on operator
  • Recoil: Strong recoil, weapon will arch upward. Recommended to be used only by people with muscular physiques and thick gloves.


  • Ammunition.45 HHG
  • Round Capacity: 8 physical bullets
HHG Damage Quickchart
Type Purpose
.45 S-NAM T2
.45 H-NAM (Hybrid) T3
.45 M-NAM (Mass Driver) T1

Weapon Mechanisms:

  • Firing Mechanism: Revolver, Single/Double Action
  • Loading: By hand or special loading clips
  • Mode Selector: Yes, via a 3 setting knob.
  • Firing Mode(s):
  • 'Standard: Pulling the trigger, the chamber cycles and the hammer hits the primer, firing the bullet through the barrel.
  • Hybrid: After standard, the bullet hits a small switch at the start of the barrel which turns on the Mass Driver, propelling the bullet with additional magnetic force.
  • Mass Driver-Only: Like hybrid, but the hammer hits the back of the bullet and nudges it into the barrel by mere kinetic force only.
  • Safety Mechanism: Two-Part. The Mass Driver can be toggled, while the classical HHG requires a pin to be pushed between the hammer. The YE 40 HHG can simply be rolled forward.
  • Weapon Sight: Yes, Iron.
  • Attachment Hard Points:
    • Classical HHG: Penny laser sight under the barrel tip, specially made x6 magnifier replacing iron sights, replaceable battery pack.
    • YE 40 HHG: Side Mounts on both sides, underbarrel mount, basic iron-sight mount, rail/rifle stock mount.

Maintenance Information:

  • Field Maintenance Procedure: Disassembly and wiping of the firing mechanism and cleaning of the barrel.
  • Replaceable Parts and Components (Classical HHG: Pressing a pressure point on both sides of the battery will remove it. To attach, simply snap on.


Below, one can find various price charts for the weapon and its parts, ammunition, and any attachments. And, for now, the ammunition of the weapon.


  • Price:
    • Classical HHG: 700 DA
    • YE 40 HHG: 800 DA
  • Individual Component Costs:
  • Battery Pack (Good for 400 Shots, for Classical HHG): 5 DA
  • Box of Standard Rounds (100): 10 DA
  • Box of Hybrid Rounds (100): 10 DA
  • Box of Mass Driver-Only Rounds (20): 10 DA
  • x6 Magnification Scope: 40 DA
  • Flashlight Mount: 20 DA
  • Side Buckler (T2 Durandium Plate): 40 DA
  • Laser Pointer: 20 DA
  • Chainknife Bayonet: 100 DA

Types of Ammunition

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