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The Nepleslian Black Market

:-D Please contact an FM of Nepleslia before acquiring military tech through the black market :-D

In the depths of Nepleslian society, there is on circle of organized crime that has continued to grow and persist through the ages, ever-changing and shifting its form to match that of the universe around it, yet always able to provide its customers with satisfying results: The Black Market. Based on the planet Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, the Black Market has grown to reach the farthest rims of space, and has its fingers in many of the shady deals and general no-good-happenings of the galaxy. Well-informed, well-stocked and well-employed, the Black Market is a shining example of just how far individuals will go…at the right price, of course.

Although the name might imply otherwise, the Black Market does not encompass all shady deals and organized crime. It is merely a collection of merchants whom share the same ideals; to survive from the ever-growing, near-omnipresent government, and to maintain a safe environment to profit from clients without worry of impeding the business of other Black Merchants. However, the Black Market does have many hubs around the universe, vested in any place where there is profit to be made.

Buying from the Black Market

Although it's difficult for any average Joe to get in touch with a representative of the infamous Black Market, those with the right information can easily set up meetings with some of the major Black Merchants. A meeting will never happen in the same place twice, and despite several sting operations set up by police and army officials, the Black Market has yet to attend even one set-up. The manner of transactions differs from each merchant.

Although the Black Market once specialized solely in laundering weapons, the changes in society have brought about new prospects for business. As of YE31, several branches of the Black Market have been making and breaking the businesses of the universe with their own specific blend of economy. Expected areas of business, to name a few, are:

  • Laundered weapons, ranging from civilian to certain high-grade armaments from national militaries.
  • Other military equipment such as vehicles, non-weapon equipment and in rare cases, laundered Powered Armorsuits.
  • Mercenary services. Several prominent privateers and PMC groups have contacts in the Black Market for possible clients. This area also includes expert Smuggling services.
  • Information. For the right price, secrets about government officials, military projects and big business corporations can be bought.
  • On a very limited basis, laundered starships, ranging from civilian to military service.
  • Smaller, more specialized items, such as stolen fine art, antiques, stolen property, and other miscellaneous items usually gained in a shady fashion.
  • Banking services for the less-than-honestly-earned funds of clients.
  • Nepleslia's Black Market was once known for slavery.

The best place to find black market goods is on the Public Communications Network.

The Black Market Services

Mercenary Services

Unlike the other areas of the Black Market, the mercenary and freebooter-for-hire market doesn’t have a single identity that makes the deals. Rather, each mercenary and PMC has a representative available to speak with and organize contracts. Each individual group has different limitations and standards, so it is advised to ‘play the field’ to find the correct match for your needs.

Sins Group

Official Name: Seven Sins Availability: On Contract :-( Representative: Envy Short Description: A group of seven high-skilled mercenaries utilizing unique mixtures of several different nations' armorsuits and weapons. Limited to atmosphere-based operations, and only take jobs that involve direct combat. Envy asks that clients leave the methods of death to the group. Very expensive, and very good.

Wired Rovers

Official Name: The Wired Rovers Availability: Open ^_^ Representative: Prince Hassan the Zero-First Point Seventh Short Description: Freespacer-based pirate group, specializes in small-time space raiding using small strike craft. Very good at hit-and-run or specific targets. Are open to several different types of jobs, prices varying.

Royal Flush

Official Name: The Royal Flush Group Availability: Open ^_^ Representative: “King”, Kenichi Osatoba Short Description: Mercenary group based in Malifar, Yamatai (Planet), that follow a 'deck of cards' motif consisting of five members, one for each card in poker's royal flush. Utilizes Ke-M3 Series "Kylie" Anti-Armor Power Armor armors, printed with their card type. Have their own Vampire-class scout ship, willing to take a variety of jobs, including small military hits. Skilled and reliable.


Official Name: Phillip-Poine-Yancy Mercenary Coalition Availability: On Contract :-( Representative: Kissenger Short Description: Trained private military group consisting of roughly 200 men and women. Armed with pirated Nepleslian ELEMENT armors and weapons ranging from high-grade civilian to low-grade military. Willing to accept combat jobs on civilian targets, but specialize in private asset protection. Good henchmen, nothing spectacular, somewhat cheap. Nepleslian based.

Black Spanner

Official Name: The Black Spanner Availability: Open ^_^ Representative: Captain Rapheal O'mar Short Description: Pirate group based out of their pirated DD4-class Destroyer, The Black Spanner. Crew of 25 is combat-capable and equipped with high-grade civilian weapon. Specialize in privateering civilian ships and Smuggling, but are also willing to perform attacks on small space-based civilian installations as well. No military jobs. Nepleslian based.

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