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Constitution of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia

Charter of Formation 1/16/30

A new age has dawned upon the Empire of Nepleslia. An era of pain and bloodshed is at its close. The broken nation shall soon be restored, thanks to the valor and sacrifice of so many of our brave soldiers. The lessons taught us by this dark time of civil war will not soon be forgotten. But now, change is needed. Change will be brought. And as such, we remember the Year of Independence YE 28, and the many brave men and women lost to gain our freedom as we march onwards. We will honor them with a new way, a different way, a better way.

From this day forward, no more shall the corrupt hold sway. No more shall they dishonor the right of all Nepleslians to live without hunger or fear. No more shall the small minority use the great majority to further their own wealth, and break the hard-won right to property that belongs to all Nepleslian citizens. No more shall the rights of man be swept aside. We remember this in the Year of Reform YE 30.

Article I - In regard to The Senate

Section A

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will re-establish the Nepleslian Senate in a new fashion. Senators to the new Senate will be chosen in “Planetary Houses” on their homeworlds. This new system will serve to break the hold of corruption that was so prominent in other incarnations of this body. These men will vote on all Imperial Laws to be spread to all worlds of the Imperium.

Section B

Power shall be reinvested in all Senators once per annum, coinciding with elections in all Planetary Houses. The new and incumbent Senators will be sworn into their offices by a simple majority in all Houses. To receive this power, a Senator must be of an age equal to or in excess of twenty-eight years, have served at least five years prior in Nepleslian government, and must be at the very least twenty year residents of the world of Nepleslia or associated worlds. The Nekovalkyrja species is not eligible for the position of Senator.

Section C

Excluding the Senator who holds the office of Senate Premier, no Senator may hold Military rank. Senators, barring appointment from the Premier, will have no standing authority over Star Military forces.

Section D

The Senate of Nepleslia holds the sole right to declare war upon a sovereign nation, and to draft a treaty of peace to end a conflict. Both actions must be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote, and Approval by the Premier.

Section E

The Senate is to convene quarterly, on the third week.

Section F

The Senate holds the primary responsibility of voting on Imperial-level laws. A tax or public policy-related law may pass with a simple majority vote. Should a law passed by a Planetary House bring alarm to The Senate, it may be overturned or amended by a two-thirds vote.

Section G

The Senate may, with a 3/4 majority, ostracize the Premier of The Senate, in which case a new election shall be held the next quarter of the year.

See: Senators of the Nepleslian Senate

Article II - In regard to The Premier

Section A

The power of the chief executive within the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will be vested in the Premier of the Senate. The Premier shall be elected by the People of Nepleslia once every ten years, and power shall be invested once again within him or another in the eleventh. The right to vote shall be imparted on all who are sixteen years of age, a resident of Nepleslia for fourteen years. Nekovalkyrja may not exercise this right.

Section B

To become Premier, one must be a life-long Nepleslian citizen, at least thirty years of age, and have served seven years in the military, and two within the government. The Nekovalkyrja and Yamataian species are not eligible for the position of Premier of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Section C

The Premier will preside over Senate congregations. His duties while in this position include presenting bills to the floor, granting speaking rights to Senators, and other functions. He will also serve as the head of his political faction.

Section D

The Premier is the commander-in-chief of the Star Military. As such, he holds the right to deploy Nepleslian forces to any location he sees fit. The Premier lacks the ability to declare war, however, and must rely on the Senate to do this. He will hold the Military rank of Sky Marshall.

Article III - In regard to Judicial Proceedings

Should a legal issue pertaining to the entire Imperium arise, it may be brought to the attention of the Senate. The Senate may vote on accepting the issue to be heard. If a two-thirds majority agrees to hear the issue, it will be heard. Senators shall serve as a jury, while the Premier shall serve as judge. All precedents made within a hearing will extend to the entire Imperium, excluding a motion to overturn after a mandatory one-quarter year period.

Article IV - In regard to Amending the Charter

Section A

For an Amendment to be recognized for consideration, at least two Senators must pledge their support to the document. The new Amendment must be supported by a two-thirds majority vote within the Senate.

Section B

Should the Amendment fail to pass, a mandatory period of two quarters must pass before the Amendment, should it be in its original form or revised, may be proposed to the Senate again.

Section C

If the Amendment is seen fit by the Senate, it shall be written into the Charter document during the next convening of the Senate. Should the Amendment not hold to the expectations of the Senate, it may be overturned or revised after a two-quarter waiting period.

Article V - In regard to The Planets

Section A

Under the Senate, the Planetary houses hold power over their respective worlds as the supreme legislative, judicial, and executive bodies. They shall operate in a similar structure as the Imperial Senate, with a similar executive in the “High Magistrate.” He will hold executive power over his world on the Planetary level, while the Imperial Senate operates on the Imperial. He will be elected to his position by the members of his Planetary House.

The amount of members held by a Planetary House will be decided on a representative system, with one House member per Planetary State. The House member will be elected by the legislative body of his state. The Planetary House may pass laws for their planet, but they are unable to directly alter charters for their Planetary States, and may have their decisions overturned by the Imperial Senate.

Section B

Planetary States are districts that must be composed of at least twenty million people. Each state shall have its own bicameral legislative body, with the State's elected House member serving as executive. Elections to the two houses in these states are to be directly democratic, as opposed to the representative system used on the Planetary and Imperial level.

Section C

While the Planetary House may settle issues of legality in a similar manner to the Imperial Senate, Planetary States are to establish and maintain their own Judicial bodies.

Article VI - In regards to The People

Herein lie the Inalienable rights possessed by all Nepleslian Citizens.


The Nepleslian has the right to his life, to his mind, to his gods, and to the protection thereof. These simple, inalienable rights are written in the blood of the fallen, for they gave it, so that Nepleslia may have this freedom, so that it may have these simple rights. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will enforce these rights, or so shall it be undone.


The Nepleslian has the right to equality in the eyes of his government, and to be treated with fairness at all times. The past mistakes made at the cost of equality must not be repeated. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will enforce this right, or so shall it be undone.


The Nepleslian has the right to live without fear, without hunger, and without pain. The intolerable alienation of this right has been done for too long. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will enforce this right, or so shall it be undone.


The Nepleslian has the right to unity with his fellow Nepleslian, and to gather with him en masse in peaceful intention. To deny this right is to deny the very unity that so many have died to bring the Imperium. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will enforce this right, or so shall it be undone.


The Nepleslian has the right to a just and fair government, that works for the good of all Nepleslia and its citizens rather than itself. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will enforce this right, or so shall it be undone.


The Nepleslian has the right to happiness, and any activity or substance that may bring it. To deny this freedom is to flagrantly mock the ways of our forefathers. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia will enforce this right, or so shall it be undone.

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