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Nepleslian Common Knowledge

This page contains a brief overview of things that the average Nepleslian Citizen knows. New players can glance through this page to get an idea of what their character would already know when creating a Nepleslian or ID-Sol.


Robert Davis

Most know Robert Davis is a revered war hero and the first premier of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. He is viewed as a strong leader and a model Nepleslian.

Pyros Thrull Westwood

A decorated Marine Corps General, Pyros Thrull Westwood is the current Sky Marshall and Premier of the DIoN. He is quite the hero on Nepleslia Prime, on which he resides, and is held in high esteem by the vast majority of Nepleslians.

The Vanderhuge Clan

The Vanderhuge's are a well known and well-connected family on Nepleslia. They are involved in politics, business, and the military even though they are best known for kicking ass and taking names.

The Grand Admirals

The four Grand Admirals; Violetta De Luca, Dominic Valken, Irene Barná and Lysander Calloway make the four most powerful military men and woman underneath the Sky Marshall. Each commands one of Nepleslia's four assault fleets and has unprecedented power in determining Nepleslia's security.

Former grand admirals include Flint Vanderhuge, Grand Admiral Vladimirus Corcyra, and Charlie Coast

Entertainment and Food


Aethersperm is a ludicrously popular rock and roll band from Nepleslia known for its massive concerts (Most often resembling major riots on good days, active warfare on bad), explicit lyrics, and the over-the-top lifestyle of its members. In other words, it is Nepleslian music personified.


Neppies Burger Restaurant is the most prolific burger joint on Nepleslia mand for many it is the only place to eat.

Phalanx Phillip

Phalanx Phillip Product Line is the ultimate Saturday morning cartoon. Monologing villains, Babes in distress, and old school morality make this show childish, but a serious guilty pleasure for many.

Lewis Pasco

A nepleslian folk hero, Lewis Pasco Day is a tradition started in his honor.

The NNN Girl

An incredibly attractive blonde anchorwoman for the Nepleslian News Network, well known for her stalwart reporting, unfailing accuracy, and low bustline. She has been a fixture on Nepleslian television for years, but the majority of Nepleslians would be hard-pressed to actually give her name.

Rungo Bungo

A lizardesk mutant and TV personality with the unique ability to change the color of his scales to completely match his environment. Renown for performing pranks and jokes on average Nepleslian citizens across Los Apagos and especially against authority figures such as government officials and those of the police much to the chagrin of his prank targets who often find themselves unable to enact vengeance with the less of a camera pointed their way.

Currently serving ten of a thirty-seven-year prison sentence for attempted murder against a low-ranking senate member with an antique crossbow.

Shasta Archeletta

A semi-famous figure in the mutant community and most often referred to as the Mad Mutant. Shasta Archeletta is an InterNep streamer who more often than not will stream her exploits and an incompetent bounty hunter and more importantly as an extremely inept CEO of a barely legal salvage and export corporation based on freehold factory, with its fingers in everything from pirate and mercenary activities to theft and identity fraud.

She most often streams infrequently on the InterNep and has a cult following among the mutant, hacker, and kuznyetski communities where she incidentally draws her main source of labor from due to the tragically high mortality rate of her corporation.

Caines Cometblast

B-tier actor and talent of the once popular show The Heroic Adventures Of Caines Cometblast; A show spanning 22 seasons across as many years depicting Caines and his offensively sterotypical and cliche crew on board the fictional starship the NSS Sister Disco and their adventures across the kikyo sector and beyond fighting everything from reds, mishu, pirates, mercenaries, and cliche bad-guys. Reoccurring characters often include Halako, the captain of the Yamatartan ship Yss Eucalyptus; A fearsome space-vixen and her crew of buxom and often overly sexualized all-women crew that was more often than not just hired on prostitutes with taped-on pointed ears to resemble low-budget neko.

The show's budget was horribly low-budget which was reflected in the casting of multiple unpaid interns and actors to play several different roles and characters, cardboard sets, poor quality acting and editing, and often re-used shots and footage. Despite all this the show was one of the most popular of its time-slot and has a cult-following in many-millions.


Democratic Empire of Nepleslia

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia is a left leaning government that controls Nepleslia. It values Freedom, Peace, and ‘the nepleslian way’.

The Greens

So called for their green military uniforms. Under Robert Davis they united Nepleslia and formed Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. The Greens have since become the dominant political force in Nepleslian space, and the Marine Corps retains their distinctive coloring.

The Black Syndicate

The Black syndicate was once a powerful force on Nepleslia, controlling most of the crime and fielding a military force that rivaled the military. Their leadship was killed during the last days of the Street War. This act fractured the organization, a blow from which they have never recovered and they haven’t forgotten.

The Reds

The Reds The remnants of the older government of Nepleslia, a right wing organization that once rivaled the Greens during the Street War. Members are often pro-empire, pro-emperor, and pro-Yamatai. The Reds were nearly wiped out at the battle of Kennewes . The few survivors either exist in secret on Kennewes or have struck out for lives as pirates on the peripheries of the sector, especially Halna.

The Yellows

New Yellow Relief and Developmental Society a proto-nationalist faction within nepleslia that promotes the expansion and unity of the DIoN and its people through the funding and sponsorship of many prominent programs and relief efforts ranging from their sponsorship and control over the Nepleslian Medical Association, the formation of the Support, Aid, and Warden (SAW) Corps, and their monopoly over the colonization market within nepleslian space in regards to new worlds.


The Intelligence and Pacification Group serves as the special operations force and secret police of the DIoN's government and military. The IPG is an incredibly secretive organization, and the majority of its operations and command staff are unknown to the Nepleslian public. It is generally treated with respect (albeit a lack of trust) by Nepleslians, although it and its remote penal colony of Abjection have taken on boogeyman status among more serious criminals and insurrectionist elements.

Nepleslian Arms and Munitions

A state-run manufacturing behemoth, Nepleslian Arms and Munitions is well-known to most Nepleslians, especially since YE 29 when it began its developments in earnest, and its products are well-known to anyone having served in the Nepleslian military, as well as the majority of Nepleslians as they slowly market more and more products to the civilian markets.

Zen Arms

You'd be hard-pressed to walk down a street in Funky City without seeing at least a dozen weapons manufactured by the gigantic Zen Armaments conglomerate. Even in the wake of a substantial push towards semi-disarmament by the Greens, Nepleslians still spend more on firearms each year than they do almost any other non-essential good, and Zen has a reputation for making some of the best and most affordable weapons available.


A relatively new electronics corporation, AwesomeCorp is well-known for their advanced and useful electronics, especially their widely-used DataJockey, which is used both by civilians and the military.

Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials

Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials is a nigh-monopolistic construction/ mining/ metallurgy partnership based on Nepleslia. Although at the best of times their business ethics can be considered “lacking”, they are adept at keeping their more crooked dealings out of public knowledge and control over half of Nepleslia's private sector construction and heavy materials trade.

The Yamatai Star Empire

The Yamatai Star Empire has meddled in Nepleslian affairs for years, neglecting Nepleslia during the time it was under their rule, setting up ineffective blockades for gunboat diplomacy, and occasionally launching attacks or breaking treaties. Nepleslians know that they engineered a plague that killed 99.99% of their own population and blamed it on the Elysians.

Their society is seen as extremely totalitarian and ‘not very Nepleslian’. They are often referred to as ‘The Cats’.

in more recent years Nepleslia and Yamatai have kept mostly friendly ties but tensions still remain.


Often called ‘The Squids’ The NMX are currently at war with Nepleslia. It is not known why they chose to attack Nepleslia as in the past they tended to ignore the Nepleslians entirely. In the past they gave many worlds over to Nepleslia to keep them out of the hands of the Yamatai Star Empire and have generally followed agreements made with the Nepleslian Government.

The Freespacers

Taken in by Nepleslia after being marked for extermination by The Yamatai Star Empire, the Freespacers are known for their openness, technological savvy, and eccentricity.



Planet Nepleslia, The most populated and diverse planet in known space, home of most Nepleslians. The planet plays host to numerous alien species that come from across the universe. Even for those that don’t live here, Nepleslia is a prized planet, home of freedom, burgers, and mankind.

Funky City

The political, cultural, and economic capital of the DIoN and the largest city in known space, Funky City takes up an entire continent of Planet Nepleslia and is home to billions. Formerly known as New Detroit (and still referred to as such in some documentation), this is generally considered one of the most interesting (and in some areas most dangerous) places in the galaxy.


One of the Nepleslian Core Worlds, Rok'Veru is a temperate world with a rather leftist population a scant few lightyears from Nepleslia itself and one of the charter worlds of the DIoN. It is generally believed to be the original human colony in the sector. Currently, it is occupied by the NMX following a large battle, and the status of its people is unknown.


Former fortress world for the Reds, currently under military occupation. It is historically one of the Nepleslian Core Worlds and one of the DIoN's charter worlds, although under slightly different circumstances than the rest. There is still a significant military presence there, although the majority of the Red insurgency has been wiped out. Despite its recent history of warfare, it is generally known as a fairly conservative world with quite warm and welcoming people. Its geography is mostly flat and marshy, with a number of oceans and widespread, if thin, forests.


A desert planet and home of some of the sector's largest mining operations and shipyards, Delsauria is another charter world for the Imperium and a Core World. It is one of the few Nepleslian worlds with an aboriginal population, comprised of the Delsaurians, a group of reptilian humanoids.

Nepleslia Prime

Nepleslia Prime, The Nepleslian government has been pushing for people to move to Nepleslia Prime as part of an effort to settle the frontier and lessen strains on Nepleslia.

The Colonial Expanse

Nepleslian Colonial Expanse is a cluster of eleven systems in the Galactic Northwest claimed and colonized by the DIoN, with its efforts centered around Nepleslia Prime. It is seeing rapidly increasing populations and economic growth, especially as the NMX pushes into the Nepleslian Core Worlds.


Yamatai (Planet), The homeworld of the Yamatai Star Empire. A self-titled technological utopia but to most Nepleslians it is an Orwellian police state.


Nepleslian Civil War

A relatively short conflict that began in YE 29 and lasted until YE 30, the Nepleslian Civil War was primarily fought between the Greens and the Reds for political supremacy over the Nepleslian Star Empire. The Greens quickly took over the majority of the Nepleslian worlds, as the Reds retreated to their stronghold of Kennewes after several significant defeats at the hands of the Greens, especially a failed naval assault on Nepleslia itself. The fighting came to a head during the Kennewes Offensive, during which the Greens launched a massive blitz on the planet, led by the NSS Alliance.

The Imperial government itself, headed by Jim Blackman, was, for the most part, ineffectual during the conflict, and the steady erosion of its military and political power eventually resulted in Robert Davis and several other Green politicians overthrowing him and establishing the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Street War

A major conflict in the time before Nepleslia was united, the planet was an uncontrollable mess of factions fighting each other. The major combatants were the Greens, the Blacks, and the Imperial Military. The war ended for the most part when the Black leadership was killed in a surprise attack by the Imperial Army, led by Heram Wazu.

Battle of Nepleslia

An attempted invasion of the Planet Nepleslia by a massive SMX fleet in YE 26. Resulted in horrific casualties on both sides and untold billions of DA in damage. Ultimately set the stage for Nepleslia to secede from the Yamataian Empire. Even today the effects of the battle can still be seen in less fortunate Nepleslian neighborhoods, and many civilians and longer-serving military personnel participated in some capacity.

Chaos Hive War

Another massive battle involving untold numbers of Nepleslian soldiers on the planet Ayenee. See Chaos Hive War.

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