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Violetta De Luca

Violetta De Luca
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 30 years
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 5’4“ (160.02 cm)
Weight: 129 lb (51.53 kg)
Organization Star Military of Nepleslia
Rank Grand Admiral1)
Occupation Fleet Commander
Current Placement 2nd Assault Fleet

Violetta's Voice and Theme

Voice: Julia Fletcher as Eleanor Varrot - Valkyria Chronicles

Theme(Melancholy): Xenoblade Chronicles - Main Theme (Piano & Violin Cover)

Theme(Determined): HAIM - The Wire

Theme(Happy): She would need to be happy to have a happy theme :<

Violetta in Roleplay

Violetta is a strong-willed but solemn, by-the-books Admiral in the Star Military of Nepleslia. Violetta's character was played by Moon Man, intended for use as a PC for fleet command against the NMX. Then she was adopted in this thread by Ametheliana.

Current Events

Violetta is currently fleet commander of the 2nd Assault Fleet and tasked with reorganizing the Intelligence and Pacification Group by orders of Gaelan Sanders.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5’4” (160.02 cm)
  • Weight: 129 lb (51.53 kg)
  • Measurements: 26 inches at waist
  • Bra size: 36 B
  • Build and Skin color: Violetta sports a thin build with small but well-toned muscles. Light cream-colored skin.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Often noted for her plain beauty, Violetta slightly long face with an age line or two beginning to show. Deep violet eyes.
  • Hair color and Style: Violetta’s hair is colored jet black, and is almost always worn in a bun-style fashion.
  • Distinguishing Features: Violetta’s hands are especially delicate in appearance with long, elegant fingers. She also wears a set of square-rimmed glasses, having refused to accept cybernetics at her family’s request.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Violetta is, in most accounts, a genuine lady of stature. Always prim, proper and true to her upbringing from both a Military Academy and her proper education, she holds the virtues of being a woman in high regard, despite Nepleslia slowly relying less and less on morals and codes of conduct. It has also been said that Violetta can be cold, unemotional and perhaps even a little overbearing in her adherence to the rules of regulations of the Star Military of Nepleslia. In truth, Violetta’s personality is strained mixture of two different periods of her life; her growth into womanhood with her family, and her time spent at Steelwood Military Academy. She rarely ever smiles genuinely, and it is even rarer to see her actually show real enjoyment when performing what she calls “recreational events”.

As a lady, Violetta is respectful when treated with respect, no matter rank, race or social standing, and rarely every diverts from her soft-spoken voice of reason. Treated as a woman of proper standing since birth, Violetta also expects others to treat her in the same manner, much to the chagrin of both parties when she deals with those of higher rank. The few times Violetta relents her strictness to codes of conduct, she still retains much of her lady-like behavior when conversing casually with her peers and subordinates.

As a military officer and Admiral, Violetta plays by all the rules and then some. Adhering to the codes of conduct set before her by the letter, Violetta has earned something of a reputation for herself, detailing both her excellent track record in success and her dismal relations with subordinates. A ship commanded by Violetta is a ship built on rules of iron and strict discipline; to her, useless banter and flagrant disregard for one’s position in the military have no place on her vessel. Because of this, it isn’t too hard to understand why she is both respected and somewhat disliked by most of her own crewman.

  • Likes: Black teas, antiques, (very, very thick) romance novels, fencing, classical music, roses, peaceful surroundings
  • Dislikes: Dirt and grime, green teas, scoundrels and playboys, loud music, disregard for rules
  • Goals: Violetta strives to maintain the dignity, standing and tradition of excellence of her family line first and foremost, while at the same time preserving Nepleslia as a nation. Violetta has a personal goal of one day settling back down and raising a family, continuing the De Luca bloodline.


Henry and Annabelle: Pre-History

The De Luca family name brings about many thoughts to those who remember just how the family's humble beginnings ran its course. The De Luca line has almost always been a part of Nepleslia’s longstanding upper class, dating back since the beginning of Nepleslia and the history surrounding it. Since the fifth generation, it has been one regularly regarded in the military; George De Luca IV was one of the first Generals to work exclusively for Nepleslia during its Yamataian occupation. In the generations to come, it has always been a part of Nepleslia’s military standings, perhaps not in the most glorious and well-known of fashions, but still respected and known for their dedication none the less.

Violetta was born into the 15th generation of De Luca’s, the beloved third sibling to Annabelle and Henry De Luca. At an early age, Violetta was given to the same treatment given to all females of the family line since generations past, brought up from an early age to embody the virtues and civility of a woman of high standing. Even as Nepleslia’s society remained somewhat debacle, immodest and uncivil, Violetta was taught proper etiquette, fine arts, family history…all things that females of the De Luca line were taught in order to continue the family's respectable status. Violetta’s two older brothers, Edmund and Algernon, were instructed by their father Henry in much of the same mannerisms…but it was always their intent to send the two boys into the military, to replace Henry’s position as Major, while Violetta was to remain a Lady of the House in order to marry and continue the line.

Algernon and Edmund: Tragedy

Despite what many would call a harsh, closed life, Violetta’s family was one built upon respect and love. Her mother and father were especially affectionate of all of their children, often taking the place of the maids or servants in their teachings and daily lives. The three De Luca siblings were near inseparable, spending many a day playfully running amok in the family estates, much to the chagrin of their maids and tutors. This love, however, turned the tragedy that befell the family even more bitter.

Years later, while on assignment during the Second Draconian War, acting Brigadier General Edmund De Luca was killed in action. Although his death was honorable, and his bravery during the assault one of renowned merit, his family’s grief was almost too much. Algernon took it especially hard, seeing his younger brother die before him…and because of it, Algernon abandoned his own position as Colonel and exiled himself from his family. His current whereabouts are unknown.

The relationship between Algernon and Edmund had to be understood in full in order to make sense of his decision. Although Algernon was the eldest, Edmund was discovered to have more innate skill than his older brother in leadership and combat. Although treated with the same love and affection, Algernon grew jealous of Edmund’s abilities, compounding even further when Edmund surpassed his older brother’s position as Colonel, moving straight to Brigadier General. In time, Algernon grew cold to his younger brother, much to Edmund’s dismay. These feelings went on unspoken and without reason up until the time of Edmund’s death. Having realized his pettiness and envy too late, Algernon’s shame was what led him to leave his mother, father and sister.

The loss of both of her brothers was hard for Violetta, whom was now the ripening age of twenty…but it was Henry who took the news the hardest. Despite Annabelle and Violetta’s comfort, Henry began to grow distant, the loss of his sons being far greater than that of their families name and standing. Young Violetta could not stand the sight of her beloved father in such pains…and neither could her mother, Annabelle. It was for this very reason that the two women began to conspire to what would eventually shake the De Luca name forever.

Violetta: A New Age for De Luca

Wet-eyed but determined, Violetta and Annabelle explained their idea to Henry.

“Dear father…you must let me take my brother’s places. It is my duty as a De Luca…our name mustn’t fall into history.”

The very idea of Violetta enrolling in the military was baffling to everyone, down to the last maid, servant and gardener. Henry, at first, outright refused; his experience with Nepleslia’s military was still a fresh memory, even through retirement, and he simply could not send his delicate daughter into such a predicament. Not one female in the entire De Luca line had ever gone beyond being a Lady of the House; it was not only their own tradition she would be breaking, but the tradition of every De Luca from since the houses’ birth.

Violetta’s resolve, however, proved to be far stronger than her knowledge of tea or respectable standing. Neither Violetta nor Annabelle would relent in their determination to see this through. Violetta explained to her father that she would endure any pain to see her family remain strong in the face of adversity, and that nothing, not even the rigorous military lifestyle, would change how she was. Henry’s own resolve softened at his daughter’s heartfelt words, only to relent minutes later.

Violetta: Steelwood Academy

Not long after that, Violetta enrolled in the prestigious Steelwood Military Academy, the very same school her two brothers and generations of the De Luca line had attended. With a tearful farewell to her family and servants, Violetta joined the rest of her peers at Steelwood, ready to follow in the footsteps of her forefathers.

At first, her days at the academy were unbearable. Never before subjected to physical labors or harsh settings, Violetta was the worst of her class during her first years, often the subject of bullying from those jealous of her standing and resentful of her very presence there. Not once, however, did Violetta lose her lady-like demeanor and virtues taught to her by her mother and father. She was determined to endure, and endure she did for the standard five year curriculum. Although her past life as a proper lady was quick to interfere with what she was being taught at the academy, Violetta preserved.

By the end of her senior year at Steelwood, Violetta very name was near legendary. Still not the most physically overpowering, she showed signs of intellect, passion and determination rare in ones so young and far beyond those of her peers, as well as an incredible understanding of the military…especially its stellar navy. No longer a subject of ridicule, Violetta graduated with high honors from Steelwood Military Academy…the first woman of the De Luca line to ever accomplish such a feat. Afterwards, Violetta allowed herself a single year between her graduation and enrollment into Nepleslia’s military, which she spent with her mother and father at the De Luca’s grand estate in the upper echelons of Nepleslia Core. Violetta worried those first few moments before they met again after five long years…worried that she had changed too much, that her time at Steelwod would make her unrecognizable to her family. But when she arrived at her old home, Henry and Annabelle were there to greet her in an instant, without hesitation.

Violetta: A Lineage of Excellence

Violetta’ record of excellence continued on through her short time in Nepleslian military courses. Although at first, her superiors were determined to place her soundly in a specialized Diplomat position, Violetta herself would hear none of it. Fueled by her mother and father’s parting words, Violetta pressed on to accomplish more and more, eventually surpassing all expectation and accepting a position as Admiral in the newly-formed Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Violetta: Huge Responsibility

Violetta, after the destruction of most of the 1st Defense Fleet against invading NMX forces, worked under Grand Admiral Flint Vanderhuge of the 1st Assault Fleet, acting as his temporary Lieutenant in charge of operations.


Fighting and Physical (Fencing)

Although not as skilled in direct physical combat as others, due to her small frame, Violetta is an excellent shot with both pistols and rifles (and even a small amount of experience with the archaic bow and arrow, a skill picked up from her time with her family).

Violetta’s true pride in physical combat, however, is her skill in fencing. Her family had her learn the sport early in childhood to promote better understandings of balance, form and grace, and Violetta proved to have an outstanding innate potential in the use of foils and rapiers. This skill was further built upon when she enrolled in the Steelwood Military Academy; Violetta’s skill with the thin blade was infamous in her class, winning all competitions with high marks. As a result of all of her training, Violetta is extremely dexterous and agile, with perfect, flawless form when fencing.

Although there is little use for them in the military, Violetta proudly displays her ornamental military rapier…although it is undecided (even to her) whether she does this out of military codes of conduct or personal preference.


Violetta, through training in both military and homeschooled etiquette, is extremely well versed in speaking to others, sporting an extensive vocabulary and understanding of both Trade and Yamataian languages. She is able to use most common communication equipment as well, but prefers the speak openly and directly to individuals rather than through a device…so much so that she will often go out of her way to seek out those she wishes to speak to, despite rank. Although she only received short lessons on other languages, Violetta continues to do what she can to learn all types of known universal dialects.

Survival and Military

Through military training, Violetta is capable of surviving harsh conditions and is fairly adept and experienced at finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage, etc. Although she wishes she could be more experienced at survival than she is currently, Violetta has no intent of actually going out and creating these harsh conditions for herself in order to experience them; that is not behavior appropriate for a lady.

Entertainment (Practiced Violinist, Ballroom Dancing)

Taught when she turned 10, Violetta is a virtuoso with the violin, having performed several times in front of family and friends and a select few times for private audiences. Violetta truly enjoys the instrument, able to perform slow, soulful melodies as well as quick, joyful tunes. She personally prefers the lower, longer notes, however, as one requiring constantly strokes often make her sweat lightly, which simply won’t do. Although she has not had a chance to play in quite a while, Violetta always keeps her old instrument with her personal belongings.

It should be noted that her true favorite instrument, the cello, was denied to her by her family; she was, for some reason, absolutely horrible at performing on the instrument, much to her own embarrassment.

Also stemming from her proper upbringing, Violetta is a practiced ballroom dancer. Her grace and form learned from other aspects of her life contribute heavily to her steps, and although she will not openly admit it, she enjoys dancing a great deal and wishes she could pursue the art more.


Through training in both Star Military of Nepleslia schools at the Steelwood Military Academy, Violetta is well versed in leading subordinates through several different scenarios. Her leadership skills stem from her strict adherence to military protocols which, in some ways, inspires respect. On the other hand, her strict adherence to military protocols leaves NO room for deviation; this can lead to some very heated situations with her peers and subordinates, being hassled or reprimanded for even the smallest of errors. Despite this misgiving, Violetta is truly a skilled commander and leader who uses her personal knowledge and knows (and often utilizes) the strengths of her crew.

Starship Operations

Steelwood held no courses for the operation of Starships, so in order to learn more about how to truly command a vessel Violetta had to turn to the Star Military training courses. Before long, Violetta received basic knowledge about most of the important star ship systems. As a result, she can perform most bridge positions adequately…although even she admits it would be much more desirable if one fully trained and skilled at the position were there to take over for her. As such, she reserves most of these skills for emergencies only, but does not regret the extra time she spent learning them.

Knowledge (Military, Tactical Training, Proper Etiquette)

The day she was born, Violetta was taught to hold her burps. The De Luca family always believed that a lady of their family should always act like a lady. From an early age, Violetta was taught the ways of proper lady-like etiquette, from perfect, intelligent speech, fine dining procedures and ballroom dancing to the hidden complexity of tea-drinking. All of this becomes quite evident from simply speaking to Violetta; in this age of Nepleslia, a woman of lady-like regard is a rare find…one with a standing military position even rarer.

Plenty of dedication is needed to truly understand the Star Military training courses in military tactics and protocol. This came naturally to Violetta, able to easily pick up on her studies via her transfer from Steelwood. Through diligent training, Violetta became well versed in military history and common tactics, enough so that she began to formulate her own plans and tactical scenarios that were not outlined in her documents and texts. She prides her mind above all else, doing her best to utilize her extensive knowledge to lead her ship and fleet to a flawless victory.

Humanities (Diplomacy)

Before becoming a captain and, eventually, a fleet commander, Violetta was originally trained for foreign diplomacy. Her supervisors, wary of her personality, seemed dead-set on placing her in a diplomatic role to fully make use of her respectful attitude, high marks in etiquette despite standing and, although nobody will admit it, her innate attractiveness in addition to her proper upbringing. However, this path was not what Violetta herself wished to pursue. Driven by her ambition, she surpassed her peers in the fields of diplomacy and, instead of accepting the Diplomat positions she was offered, continued her lessons in the fields of ship command and fleet protocol. Her superiors had little choice; she would not settle for a simple diplomat…the De Luca thirsted for more.

OOC Notes

Made by Moon Man, played by Ametheliana.

Adoptable only with permission from Wes after a year of the last player being gone.

Character Data
Character NameVioletta De Luca
Character OwnerMoon Man
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty
RankGrand Admiral

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