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Second Draconian War

The Second Draconian War was a large-scale interstellar war in YE 24 between the Draconian League and the Jaaq'tah Alliance. The Star Army of Yamatai entered the war on the Draconian League's side in order to assist the Nerimian Galactic Confederation, a Draconian League member that had fought alongside Yamatai in the Ayenee Chaos/Hive War.

The war is notable for spilling into the SARP universe where it resulted in the near-destruction of the Ralfaris system, a Yamatai Star Empire member at the time, and because it pushed the Star Army to change doctrine to include heavy use of power armor. The Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor became the symbol of the Star Army in the form of the Star Army Hinomaru.

Original Introduction

The following content has been pulled from the archives of Star Army's previous forum.

Player's Introduction

Welcome players! The Second Draconian War™ is a science-fiction role-playing game set in a fictional universe where the powers of the Draconian League Alliance are embroiled in an all-out war against their nemesis, the Jaaq'tah Imperial Alliance. However, players are not limited to creating characters for these two galactic superpowers. There are numerous other factions in this game, including the Koqui Imperial Forces, the Yamatai Star Empire, and the Ayenee Defense Forces.

As our gracious host,, moves to spanking-new PHPBB boards, we here have decided to create a brand-new military campaign for new players to jump into the game with complete ease. This new campaign is simply titled The Northern Campaign, as it is set in the Galactic North where the forces of the Draconian League and Jaaq'tah Alliance clash for control of the Cirios star system.

Players will choose their roles with the Draconian League, Jaaq'tah, or any other faction in the game and try to influence game events in favor of their own side through direct action and subterfuge in-character.

Unlike the previous campaigns in this storyline, the Northern Campaign will be limited to a single theater of operations. That means that all in-character actions will revolve around the actions inside the Cirios star system. This major change has been done to limit the scope of the RP so that it becomes more playable to the average player. The focus has been shifted from the mammoth fleets of the Nerimian Defense Initiative and Jaaq'tah to operations involving individual military units. This allows players to more easily develop a particular character instead of trying to build the most dominating fleet. Character interaction is encouraged.

The Northern Campaign is a role-play scenario set in the year 2080 in the Cirios system, where the Nerimian Defense Initiative's 607th Carrier Battle Group has been dispatched to take control of the system because it holds an ancient Draconian Empire scientific relic that may hold the key to victory in the war. Of course, the Jaaq'tah Alliance wants to get their hands on this relic and has deployed elements of their Amethyst Fleet in order to interdict the NDI's forces and take Cirios' treasure for their own.

In addition to the space battles that are inevitable, there will also be conflicts between each side's respective ground forces, usually units no larger than platoon-strength. Because Cirios is a jungle-class world, it has dense vegetation that makes combat environments similar to Vietnam. Stealth, cunning, and luck are the primary determinant in who winds up living and dying on this world.

Welcome to the Second Draconian War, ladies and gentlemen. The Northern Campaign has begun and this time it's for keeps.

The Factions: Draconian League and Jaaq'tah Alliance

The Second Draconian War is a sci-fi based universe where two major galactic superpowers, the Draconian League Alliance and the Jaaq'tah Imperial Alliance, are fighting for supremacy in a war that has cost billions of lives and spent untold amounts of resources. However, to better understand this war, one must understand each side of the conflict.

The Draconian League Alliance can best described as a hybrid of the 20th century's NATO and United Nations, as the members of the Draconian League are sovereign nations unto themselves. The Draconian League Alliance is composed of six member states:

1) The Altaran Federation : An avian race of intelligent beings who are considered to be the best astronavigators in the galaxy. Despite their exceptional military skills, they are considered to be the most diplomatic race in the League.

2) The Gr'andal Empire : A race of gargantuan beings who are the most physically dominant race ever encountered. Their ground forces have no parallel in the Draconian League or Jaaq'tah.

3) The Hushain Republic : A feral race of warriors who have established a warrior code that leads each warrior to fight the enemy to his death. They are considered to be among the most tenacious warriors in the galaxy. Like the Gr'andal, the Hushain are very aggressive and forsake diplomacy for more aggressive negotiations.

4) The Nerimian Confederation : The Nerimian Confederation is Humanity's governing body in the age of interstellar travel. Under the tutelage of the Confederation, Humanity has begun to develop its psionic prowess to become even more powerful. They are the premiere economic power in the Draconian League, which gives them exceptional influence.

5) The Pozarid Collective : The Pozarid are a race of insects that have an extremely ordered society where the hive's queen has undisputed authority over all matters of policy. Diplomatically and militarily, the Pozarid are considered rather docile but their control over the massive production centers that produce Alliance warships gives them exceptional power.

6) The Vaishan Protectorate - A race of Psionically-empowered beings who precede all other races (with the exception of the ancient Draconians) and have taken a warden role over the rest of the Draconian Successor States. They currently hold the leadership of the Draconian Senate and wield exceptional military and political strength.

All together, the Draconian League Alliance represents a wide and diverse set of attributes, which is its main strength. In this regard, the League's military forces are considered to be the most capable in the galaxy because of their versatility. The League's experience during the First Draconian War and the Chaos and Hive Wars has brought each member state's individual military forces closer together to fight as a cohesive unit.

In contrast, the Jaaq'tah Imperial Alliance is a single race of beings that originate from the world of Sssla. However, as the Jaaq'tah expanded outward into space, they began to mutate their own genome to allow them to more easily adapt to the worlds they encountered. The end result was several ‘clans' representing each of the major mutations. As the Jaaq'tah encountered alien races, these clans banded together as an alliance that pledged allegiance to an emperor of the original Jaaq'tah clan.

The Jaaq'tah clans are:

1) Ner'zgul (Dragon): The original Jaaq'tah race that is considered the elite of the elites. The Ner'zgul resembles dragons that are slightly larger than the average human male. They have iridescent green-yellow scales that are as strong as titanium, which means that they are exceptionally hard to kill.

2) El'izon (Alligator): Clan El'izon are an enhanced version of the Ner'zgul clan in that they are larger, faster, and inherently more physically adept. They are considered to be the front-line warriors of the Jaaq'tah, with their scales taking on a brownish-red hue.

3) Qaat'aah (Chameleon): The Qaat'aah are a slimmer, more physically agile clan that has the ability of shape-shifting into any biological creature they make physical contact with. Because of this ability, they are the Jaaq'tah's elite spy and covert operations soldiers.

4) Xyelee (Salamander): The Xyleee clan is known for its cunning and intelligence but not so much for their physical strength. They are the scientists and researchers of the Jaaq'tah, developing the extensive weapons of war that power the Jaaq'tah war machine. Recent genetic modifications to the Xyelee genome have begun to create a sub-clan that possesses psionic abilities to combat the Vaishan and Human forces of the Draconian League.

The Jaaq'tah's clans have a specific role in Jaaq'tah society and in their military. The Ner'zgul are often seen commanding legions of El'izon troops, while the Qaat'aah use stealth to bring the fight to the enemy. Xyelee typically avoid combat, but special legions of elite Xyelee exist as psionic warriors to fight the Draconian League on their own terms.

Characters & Gameplay

In the Northern Campaign, you will be taking the role of a relatively low-level soldier as the NDI's First Fleet and the Jaaq'tah's Amethyst Fleet clash in the Cirios system to gain control of that planet's scientific artifacts. While initial play will occur in space, the focus will quickly shift to planetside operations as away teams of marines and ground troops move to seize the artifacts on the planet before the other side does.

Before every role-play session, I will give each side their available assets outside of what weapons their character has at his/her disposal. Assets can include air strikes, artillery, or reinforcements. These assets, however, will be under my control if and when your character decides to use them.

Conflicts will be resolved using turn-based combat. As always, no automatic hits are permitted. Given the technological nature of this RP, there's not many ways one can cheat because a weapon does what it does. A gun will always shoot a bullet; a rocket launcher will always fire a rocket.

Any out-of-character arguments will be resolved in a private medium such as AIM or YIM. Each side will present his or her arguments to me in an intelligent manner and my decision is final. Above all, use logic and common sense and there should be no problems. I want this to be an enjoyable game for all those involved, so anyone that is detrimental to the gaming experience will find themselves removed.

The Second Draconian War The Northern Campaign™ Draconian League Alliance™ Jaaq''tah Alliance™ Cirios™ and Nerimian Defense Initiative™ are trademarks of Black Ocean Studios, LLC (website coming soon!). The Yamatai Star Empireâ„¢ is the trademark of Wes Davis and 2004 All rights reserved.'),

Star Army Fleets Frozen in Time

The following fleets were missing in action until found by the YSS Miharu:

  • Star Army 6th War Fleet, under command of Taisho Noriko Naga
  • Star Army 7th War Fleet
  • Star Army 8th War Fleet
  • Star Army 9th War Fleet
  • Star Army 10th War Fleet
  • Star Army 12th War Fleet
  • Star Army 14th War Fleet
  • Star Army 15th War Fleet
  • Star Army 18th War Fleet
  • Star Army 19th War Fleet
  • Star Army 20th War Fleet

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