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BYE 01

BYE 01, also called YE -1, is the year preceding the foundation of the Yamatai Star Empire and the Yamataian Calendar.


In BYE 01, with the support of the United Empire Forces, Ketsurui Saito prepared to form a new nation to slowly replace the ailing Uesureyan Star Empire. It would be named after a legendary ancient kingdom: Yamatai.

Products Released

These are some products released in BYE 01. This list is automatic. To update it edit the release year in struct fields on the product page.

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These characters were born in BYE 01. To update this list edit the struct data on character pages.

OOC Notes

Wes created this article on 2021/12/26 17:37.

Timeline: Years
Neshaten EoRER 759
ElysianAD 3971
HSC (Poku)709 CY
Abwehran252 AF - Second Quarter

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