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Funky City

Funky City is the largest of the Mega Cities which dominate the sprawling urban landscape and as such is also the capital of planet Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. The city skyline is a combination of grand skyscrapers of either inspired or tacky design. The landscape is made up of high class luxurious neighborhoods and decimated slums. Where the police have control there is peace and where they do not is subject to the whims of various gangs. Sometimes it isn't the police that keep the peace but private security firms or even corporation provided security for their employees. Otherwise security is maintained by the criminal elite. Somewhere in the middle of it all is where the police and criminals clash in violent street wars. It is a place where people of many mindsets converge and seek their own fortune on the rough and tumble streets. Some succeed, others barely get by, while many wind up dead.


New Detroit was the original name of point where the colonists of Damasica (Neo Kohana) first made land fall. It was used as the capital of Nepleslia and has been a heavily contested area for hundreds of years. After many centuries of warfare the city was renamed Funky City.


Funky City is a massive Ecumenopolis on the Planet Nepleslia, and has been the capital of several nations throughout history, and most recently the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It covers the entire of continent of New Detroit, and spills over onto the shores of Northern Nepleslia. The city is easily one of, if not the largest in the sector, with a significant portion of the Imperium’s overall population residing there.

The city has numerous sections, all devoted to just about anything an observer could imagine. Breweries, factories, department stores, restaurants, and office buildings cover the landscape for hundreds of miles, serving any number of causes. Thanks to its size and location (the middle of the galactic sector), Funky City, and Planet Nepleslia in general, is one of the largest civilian trading hubs around, with almost any conceivable ware available through some legitimate or illegitimate means. Thanks to the natural love of weaponry inherent in the Nepleslian populace, the city is also a hot spot in the traffic and sale of weaponry.

City street scene
The dark and dirty streets of Funky City are host to taverns, shops, and heavily armed Nepleslians. Art by David Holland.

Districts of Funky City


If you can foot a couple bills, Downtown Funky City is the place to be.

Art by PenUser. Used with permission.

The Seedy Underbelly

In a city as large and diverse as Funky City, crime is bound to pop up under any culture or government. Under the corrupt administration of Emperors and governors before the establishment of the DIoN, and coupled with a populace with a predilection for bloodshed and violence, criminals have gained massive amounts of territory and power in the Nepleslian capitol. Although the current government is doing an adept job at controlling street violence, there’s still much work to be done in regards to “cleaning up crime”. The worst areas in regards to Crime are the Southern Shores, which are literally controlled by street gangs and black marketeers. Police compounds in the area look more like military firebases than precinct buildings, and most “law enforcement” is undertaken by vigilante militia or private, for-profit security firms.

Notable Bars
  • The Green Ocean: Military-oriented bar with history-inspired offerings
  • Admiral Davis's House of Love is a somewhat classy brick building known for its great Coffee and secret pleasure-slave auctions. Inside you are likely to encounter a sly pimp.
  • The Rainbow Room is an average-size shiny secret basement level of a hotel known for its wide mixed drink selection and scantily-class waitresses. Inside there are salvage sales brochures on each table.
  • Luca's Disaster Area is an average-size concrete bunker known for its great Coffee and hibachi grill shows. Inside deer heads are mounted all over the walls and you are likely to encounter a saucy tart.

The Tee

Long ago, when the Tymian empire was a controlling force in the sector, the leader of the era began an ambitious program to construct a massive compound for his personal enjoyment in the middle of Funky City. Shaped like a four mile long letter T, a vast mark of pride for his dynasty, located in the mid-southern portion of the continent. Unfortunately, the citizens there, unpacified by the regimes military presence, offered no small resistance. Months after construction began, it finally halted in the face of intense civil unrest in the vicinity of the construction site, and the Tymian construction firms left, although a sizable (and very oppressive) military force remained. For years, the area was barely inhabitated, until the fall of the Tymian regime.

Over the next several dozen years, the area, with the removal of an authoritarian force, and ravaged by war, the area was converted to dozens of shantytowns who oftentimes warred with one another. Not long after the Reds were pushed back to Kennewes by the Uesureyan Greens, a business magnate arrived at the area, then generally known as The Grinder due to the brutal battles fought there over the years, and found it to be a wartorn hell inhabitated by little more than blasted machinery, wretched tribal scavengers, and the ghosts of millions. However, under the blasted surface, he found the great infrastructure left by the old Tymians, and miraculously left in tact through years of brutal warfare.

Over the next three decades, the business man undertook an ambitious construction project, turning the brutal landscape into a massive cultural center for the area, replacing mostly empty land and scorched concrete with towering skycrapers and very upclass shopping venues. Although it quickly outgrew its original size and shape, advertisments gave it its current name, which remains to this day.The Tee is one of the safer places for the upper classes to show their wealth, due to a thriving and very powerful private security industry in place.

Argent Towers

A large district, interesting in the dozens of massive, monolithic towers connected by large walkways suspended hundreds of meters from the ground. The area is almost self-sufficient, with a select few individuals who have lived their entire lives within the structures, never venturing outside. Hydroponic gardens and manufacturies provide food and goods to the buildings themselves, each containing large shopping centers. The buildings are mostly segregated by class, with more upscale ones affording spacious apartments, private security, easy access to maintenance, private landing pads, and convenient navigation to major transportation arteries for private vehicles and other, more public means of transportation. Poorer buildings can sometimes be lucky to have enough food to make it through a week, and some pieces of property have not seen repairs since their initial construction, which no one can seem to pin down an actual benefactor or date. The area is administered by a massive construct in the dead center, a building quite larger than those surrounding it, and whose staff is rarely, if ever, seen.

Despite an uneasy current to the air here, the Argent Towers district remains a major housing provider to Funky City denizens.

The Fun Spot

This is an Embassy of Koga Akemi's Kingdom. It is connected to the Argent Towers in several connecting walkways. There is concert hall with a park-like stadium below and between several towers, making it a hub of activity at most times. The Northern area is the stage and the central and most of the Southern area is dedicated to the standing and seating areas. More South of that area is a multi-tier Akemi's that has a transparent Durandium Alloy elevator in the Northern section near the outdoor entrance and patio area. There is another entrance at every other level on the other side of the Akemi's restaurant's business. The base level is where the main food aspect of the business is while the top and basement levels are not family friendly. The tope level is a fully fledged brothel while the second to top is a classy bar and the level below that is the ground level. Below the ground level is a basement bar of burgeoning infamous repute. Below that is an expansive shooting range.1)

The Docks

Beaten by time and the changing tide of finance, The Docks are a surprisingly calm and quiet area due to its comparatively low permanent population density compared with the rest of Funky City. A silent respect seems to resound with people for what once was.


A shell of relics, the Quais Area is one of the few landmarks of Funky City to speak with echoes of its past in its voice. Her earliest fossils stand from her two century old fishing industry. Fisheries, processing houses, warehouses all stand, beaten by the test of time - abandoned and surplanted by the massive shipping industry which dug crescent into the edge of the city, enlarging her borders out over the water by nearly fifteen miles. Even so, the boats which once fed these shipping bays have bee replaced now, by starships - sleeping in massive scaffolds of modular dry-docks glittering dully against the water: partially submerged to effect rapid repairs with vessels either suspended high off the ground or even under-water for convenience in massive vertical rails. Rails which once fed fromt the boats are now building sized maglev tracks or air-trucks, zipping like insects on the horizon dark.

While the docks were once used to comission ships - new ships - in massive numbers for war, the bays now play the part of maintanance alone - new ships born in orbit over the world. Many companies fight for the rights of the bays closest to the rails which once delivered components: now a cheap way to disembark goods. Others errect cheap dry-docks, relying on cheapness of a stay, with quantity being a quality of its own and air-trucks quickly becoming cheaper than the massive fourty yearold maglev systems.

Those that once made their way to the stars to retrieve goods now only move to the orbital docks and back in quick brief laps, retrieving colossal volumes of shipped cargo brought by interstellar vessels far too large to re-enter an atmosphere who simply dump their cargo in way-stations in orbit over the planet. A lions share of these aging vessels are mostly automated - owned by companies in small fleets: Their previous owners who once captained them to do the work of interstellar shipping now out of a job as their former workhorses - their pride and joy were sold off - now shimmying to orbital stations to bring the cargo back down to the planet unmanned and unassisted. Even with the interstellar vessels, their crews too, are smaller than they've ever been - automation doing the work of many crew.

Inspite of massive redundancies, the common man is finding his place once again: With fishing largely done elsewhere on ocean worlds or specialist nations, local stock is recovering quickly: augmented by fish-farms aimed at undercutting the competition. Energy revolutions mean the meat is now cleaner, stronger and more numerous than it has ever been. Most importantly, the fish is Nepleslian.

With this, the Quais Area is quickly building a reputation as THE go-to place for seafood on all of Nepleslia: a slow empire of fisheries bubbling beneath the surface, snow-balling to breathe life into the once desolate bay - feeding from Nepleslian national pride.

Notable Locations
  • The Shattered Shell - A modest but comparatively classy wooden building converted from an old fisheries. It is known to appeal especially to Nepleslian nostalgia and is run by brother and sister siblings often confused as a married couple. The Shattered shell has a broad menu and a refusal to accept compromise.
  • Trade-Central - a massive tall thin mushroom shaped structure covered in communications equipment looming out of the water - Trade Central - central trading post of Funky City - contains most of the trading software infrastructure of the Quais area and is often used to bid on goods or charter a flight. Usually very quiet, mid-day auctions are ironically very loud: since those present who work in person receive a substantial discount. The top of the mushroom assembly contains a number of air-truck docks for exchanging cargo or parking overnight.
  • Cwain Components - A small manufacturing startup created by Ikkiki Ichirou who specializes in the creation of specialist high precision computer components - which are then shipped to his headquarters on Kyoto, Yamatai. Expected to become a wholesale manufacture in the next year or so.
  • AgroChem - A refinery further inland at the Quais' area's border - used to refine and create chemicals for agricultural purposes - including the farming and distribution of genetically engineered plants for farming purposes to other nations.
  • GranSteel - One of many refineries for ores and metals and other materials, producing the base components which are smelted into common alloys and exotic materials used throughout known space. Products include Iron, Bismuth, Thorium, Hafnium, Uranium, pure carbon in a variety of allotropes, oxygen, helium and hydrogen.

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Local Gangs

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